The HEALTHIEST Snack Foods At The Grocery Store - Chips, Popcorn, & More

labor family what is up it is art and

Bobby back in the grocery store in the

snack food aisle actually because just

because it's January and you're eating

clean you have to have a snack once in a

while the key is that it's a healthy ish

snack if you deprive yourself of popcorn

chips tortilla chips salsa you're gonna

go crazy man you can't do it and plus

the new season a home line is starting

like next month you need a good bent or

these snack because what's Carrie

Mathison gonna get into this month all

of this season you never know right so

let's start with popcorn right popcorn

is actually something I do eat once in a

while but it's got to be the right

popcorn so what do I mean by that first

we look at what kind of oil it's fried

in so we've talked about this brand

before here

skinny pop right and this is not one of

my favorite brands because if I show you

number one it's non-gmo which is good

but it's three simple ingredients its

popcorn sunflower oil and salt

does anyone see the word expeller press

there no and we talked about this so

much I feel like all y'all know but in

case you're new to my channel if you see

something like sunflower safflower corn

oil peanut oil canola oil veggie oil

it's got to say expeller pressed

otherwise it's highly processed highly

refined with a super high heat so much

to the matter that it actually alters

the fatty acid to something your body

can't recognize muy muy Malo we don't

want that right so I put that down but

check this out our something that is

brand new guys are putting collagen in a

popcorn you know what something is

getting really bougie and popular when

they're doing that but to be honest if

they would just sub out expel their

press sunflower older or better yet put

avocado or coconut coconut oil it would

be a snack I would eat because you know

I love my collagen right it has those

restorative benefits of reduce replacing

the collagen as you get older and

helping your skin your teeth your nails

your joint health so cool but not quite

there so what is quite there it is this

right here this is lesser evil I love

these names right and I love Buddha

right there and it's organic popcorn in

pink salt let's back up a second Organic

versus non-gmo we talked about this in

another short last week non-gmo does not


ganic but organic does mean non-gmo by

default right so non-gmo just means it

doesn't come from a genetically modified

organism like corn or soy that's been

ruined by Monsanto right so ideally you

want to see organic because it's also

sprayed with less pesticides but non GMO

still isn't bad well what makes this

even better as we get organic GMO

non-gmo popcorn organic extra virgin

coconut oil and a Himalayan pink salt so

I'm excited by the oil but I'm also

excited by that salt because even when

you say sea salt on a product doesn't

mean it's unrefined sea salt that means

it's processed most likely bleached and

refined but pink salt is from the

Pakistani mountain ranges Himalayan pink

salt has over seventy trace minerals and

actually it's a good for you salt that

doesn't spike your blood pressure so

this is one of the best in class

another best in class is this company

from the Midwest called tiny but mighty

popcorn the only knock against this is

that it's non-gmo but it's not organic

so it does get sprayed a little more

than the organic variety look at this

non-gmo popcorn organic extra virgin

coconut oil and sea salt

so not pink salt but still this is

really nice the cool thing about this is

this word right hair heirloom what does

that mean is it a marketing gimmick it's

actually not heirloom popcorn is good

for two reasons number one it doesn't

get stuck in your teeth and number two

it's easier for your tummy to digest so

really cool so what I might do instead

because I don't mind making my own

popcorn is I would reach down here the

whole foods heirloom popcorn kernels I

would take this home myself I would pop

it in avvocato oil or extra virgin

coconut oil and then use pink salt or

actually lava Celtic salt or Redmond

real salt it's way cheaper than buying

the bag but this is convenient here so

that's what I would look for when it

comes to popcorn and this brand for me

is the best but other brands out there

like Aldi I think might have an organic

popcorn that has expelled they're

pressed oil but none that I've seen that

have avocado oil or coconut oil like

that so really cool let's come over here

this is crazy this is actually wild here

because art and I were here the other


and we're like wait

what what what what is this dude have

you guys ever seen this they're making

it chicken breast chips so this is

actually a chicken breast and it's

something close to being Bobby approved

so we see the word natural chicken

breast here that means nothing right and

then we see the seasonings are actually

using expeller pressed high oleic

sunflower high oleic refers to the fatty

acid profile it's hard healthier except

other press is what we want to see

unfortunately they're using multi

dextran here and they're using natural

flavours but natural chicken that means

nothing you guys these come from a hen

house chickens that never go outside and

eat a GMO feed because you don't see non

GMO there do you so close

not quite it is a ketose snack but if

this was gonna be a Flav Cydia snack

that I made in 2020 it'd be with organic

non-gmo chicken cooked in avocado oil

with no multi dextran or anything like

that and I feel we're gonna get that so

the second half of this video actually

we're gonna go to the side over by the

diamond court and try some of these

chips and do a taste test and art I'm

gonna try this or what all right so

we're gonna get the chicken and waffle

wild chips here so we're gonna get that

go ahead yeah don't let us hold you by

so let's check this out here and put

these down for a second actually let's

put it on my cart we talked about potato

chips on the healthy junk food video

with Thomas but I just want to reiterate

I would rather have a higher quality oil

than a higher quality potato case in


when you have petal organic salt and

pepper tater chips organics great

because potatoes are a dirty dozen

member but when they're using non expel

their press safflower or sunflower I

don't like that so I'd rather you trade

to the conventional Himalayan pink salt

kettle chips that are frightened heart

healthy unknown processed avocado oil

it's it's relatively expelled or pressed

ripe avocado oil are never really gonna

find cold-pressed version it's either

expeller pressed or centrifuge expressed

but it's way better than this highly

processed kettle chip that has the

safflower oil and let's come down here

what else we talked about this this is

another great brand its heirloom purple

potato chips

by Jackson's honest slow-cooked and

organic coconut oil not virgin but I'm

okay with that very very tasty and then

this is my all-time favorite salsa right

we live in Chicago we love Rick Bayless

restaurants he sold this company to

ConAgra years ago but it still has the

same high quality Frontera salsas are

great but art which one of my favorite

one by far there we go exactly double

roasted tomato salsa art and I are

trying to figure this out maybe you can

help us how did they get the second

roast on there because I imagined in my

mind they put tomatoes and onions in the

oven to roast them but how do you get a

second roast on a salsa even if you put

it back into the oven afterwards like

blend it into a salsa it's not a roast

it's kind of reduction so next time I go

to show Co I'm gonna ask a Rick Bayless

but hello to ninety-nine on sale Prime

members get 10% off so I'm actually

gonna take two of these home with me and

my cart right here and we need something

to dip into the tortillas and we

actually have a tortilla video from a

while ago and while I love tortilla or

salsa from Frontera I actually wouldn't

get the chips because even though

they're non-gmo which is lovely look

what kind of oil they're using corn oil

so even if that is non-gmo corn oil

which I don't think it is

it's a highly processed highly refined

oil and the weird thing is even premium

brands like late-july

they don't use the best quality oil and

in my opinion even late July for these

chi-chu chi-chu chi-chu and quinoa chips

are using the organic sunflower oil see

people see organic and they get happy

and warm and fuzzy but you really have

to see that expeller pressed but much to

my surprise the best quality chips here

are the 365 because number one the

organic so they're automatically non-gmo

but look at the oil or using they always

use expeller pressed oil whereas the

other ones aren't and these are cheaper

these are 23 cents an ounce and these

are 36 cents an ounce that's a big

difference so let's grab a few of those

snacks and go around the corner and do a

taste test and see if they're the real

deal or not and then we'll finish the


all right everyone Rose has joined us

for the tasting portion of the video we

got Dessie man in the camera all right

let's go straight to the chicken or

waffle chips chicken waffle time this

just seems so wrong but we're gonna do

it so it looks like a potato chip right

but it's just pure chicken breast which

is goofier ah crispy is from beer it's

pretty accurate for chicken waffles

every chicken waffles are sweet

yeah so you taste the sweet before you

taste the chicken it's only one gram of

sugar it's actually not that bad it's

the aftertaste that's what the chicken

comes from yeah yeah I may use better


it's a ketose snack which is really cool

but not quite Bobby your proof so I'm

glad we got him though right dark oh

yeah hi this is go check this out these

are the purple heirloom potato chips

fried in that virgin coconut oil love

the color so it's kind of fun and the

cool thing is because it's fried and

refined coconut oil and not virgin it

has no coconut flavor which I like those

extra version has a very coconut flavor

but refined or expeller pressed Rose

feels left out to be honest they're


and then are you never tried this

popcorn but we have this is just a

really tasty popcorn and we talked about

they're good and then last but not least

we have our favorite salsa here crack

that open art and I'm going to talk

about in the video but if we eat

tortilla chips at home they're corn free

grain free and siete makes amazing paleo

tortilla chips that's what I want

oh well not too spicy that's so smoky

I'd love it you guys

I miss gone stale when you see this

video crush it so that's it for chips

you guys um leave some more comments

down below if you have other healthy

snacks and that ship out you know about

but like subscribe share right we're

gonna keep growing all through 2020

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I have two more videos going below us

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dusty from rose we say into like we

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love and peace now mommy

gimme some milk cuz I'm hungry