hey guys simeon panda here and we on the

second part of my nutrition series very

glad that you guys enjoyed the first

part i've had some positive feedback and

you guys like the way I presented it and

I'm very pleased about that tell your

friends bring them over so they can come

see some more stuff okay today we are

talking about healthy snacks now one of

the biggest hindrances into you know

maintaining a healthy diet and one thing

I want to get clear quickly is the

distinction between diet and like

healthy healthy eating because one thing

you're going to notice with my nutrition

series is I'm not big on specific diets

that are temporary I am big on

sustainable long term healthy intense

and again like I said one of the biggest

hindrances with that is being able to

have healthy snacks in between your

meals it's one thing to get your meals

correct you know the first video that we

did was breakfast so we've managed to

discover the pointers that you should be

going for with your breakfast

however we will do other meals but then

what happens in between those meals

because those are the important you know

they can change the game in regards to

you maintaining a healthy diet and by

that I mean you could have a certain

amount of calories that you've

calculated for your meals and your

snacks could blow them out the water you

know so it's important that we get

healthy snacks in our diet okay so um

before I do that I do I just want to you

know share something with you guys so

you guys know where I'm coming from

because obviously in the industry that

I'm in and seeing you know my physique

etc you're going to assume that well a

lot of you that don't know me will

assume that everything is stripped down

in the middle now I will say it is

stripped in regards to the healthy

eating plan but the healthy eating plan

is balanced you know so I stick to that

balance and the balance includes a whole

array of foods now I'm just going to

show you a few things I have in my house

and now I'm gonna give you a little

explanation behind so for example one of

the biggest things are going to

is do I drink alcohol here we have a

bottle of Cabernet a cheat bowl but this

is a fantastic bowl so if you guys have

ever tasted this Woodbridge Cabernet

it's cheap but it's not one of my best

we have a Pinot Noir here that is a new

bottle there me and Shannon discovered

very nice you know we have like a glass

of wine every other night with our meal

so dance is that question for you more

details and a sip show you some more

stuff that you're not typically gonna

expect to see ah it's actually makes a

change that there's only two flavors in

there because we like to have you know a

big collection of flavors of Ben &

Jerry's ice cream it's a reason why I'm

showing you this stuff and I'm going to

explain in a second got some popcorn

here and watch some pop-tarts why am i

showing you all this bad stuff or

technically bad stuff again it's because

I talked about balance and what I mean

by that is everything that we do you

know like there's no this is not

necessarily such thing as a bad food you

know so it's difficult when when talking

about these things and you put you

categorize something is bad if

everything's balanced and in moderation

it's not bad it's a part of a balanced

diet you know there are foods that

literally have no well have poor

nutrition so poor nutritional value but

give you taste you know and you know we

love taste you know we love things that

taste good so then and they could

technically fit fit into bad food but

it's all about balance so the reason I'm

showing you these things is because yes

I may look the way I do and I may be in

the industry etc but I do with these

things in moderation

now the motivation I'm talking about

might be a bit stripped for you some of

you guys for example pop-tarts how often

do I have a pop-tart it's not often but

when I feel like one I have it and I

enjoy it you know so that could be once

a week or once a once a fortnight

you know popcorn you know and I like to

watch movies in the evening

we go to the movies a lot and if we're

watching a movie at home on the weekend

well have popcorn

why not you know the ice cream that's

one of our favorites we love ice cream

so we we ice cream you know weekend's

most of these things occur on the

weekends now what I want to get through

to you guys which is

very important is when I disseminate

this information to you I need you guys

to not just follow what I do direct

reason being is because I can have these

things in my house and be disciplined to

only eat them as and when if you know

that having these foods in your house is

going to be a struggle for you to to not

to resist eating them often don't have

them in the house you know so that's one

thing I always what try and make sure

people understand I know that I'm

disciplined with this stuff and I have

my strategy but you have to have find a

strategy that works for you so that

strategy might be not having these

things in the house you know so like I

said got a glass of wine every other day

we can do that and we can literally have

one glass and that's enough you know

some people can't do that so maybe you

only have the wine in the house when you

know you're gonna drink it I don't know

but just try and find something that

works for you so yeah just wanted to let

you guys know I'm human and I'm not a

killjoy this these things do exist in my

house so you know okay so again we're

discussing coffee snack so let's get

back on the board

so it was a bit of a troubling one for

me when I was thinking about doing this

video whether to say healthy snacks or

healthier snacks reason being is I don't

want to denote a specific food item as

healthy they know give it that give it

that title but I do want to help you

guys make the healthier option you know

take the healthier option in comparison

you know because again it's very

difficult when you're thinking about

what's healthy in regards to balance you

know because like I said it's hard to

categorize a food as bad if your whole

diet is balanced you know but we will go

with healthy snacks for now so the main

thing that you need to consider with a

healthy snack is it needs to provide

adequate satiation

between meals what that means is you

want it to fill a gap but you don't want

it to be so high in calories that it

then becomes a mint you know and the

qualities that you should look for in a

healthy snack are it should be high in

fiber and high in protein those the

fiber specifically will give you that

feeling of not

being full bar having a piece your

appetite you know so let's put that down

another thing that you should remember

is listen to your body

hunger is not a bad thing if you are

hungry you should be you know it's just

making the right choices when this

occurs avoiding or ignoring that feeling

is not healthy you know you know knowing

that you're hungry and thinking that

you're aiding your diet by ignoring that

hunger and wait until lunch no there's a

reason you're hungry you know maybe you

didn't watch my first video and you

didn't have the right breakfast and you

know that that gap is making you really

hungry so you know listen to your body

that's that's one point you know but

yeah so the main things we're going to

look for is a high fiber and high

protein health and snack things that

we're gonna avoid high sugar bit of an

obvious one don't want a higher insulin

spike with your snap you know we're

trying to keep everything running smooth

but we don't want a high fat or high

salt snap Eva you know that these are

the things that we're going to try and

avoid you know so let's put that down

hold on I'm gonna put an asterisk there

and I'll explain why the reason I put

the Astrix by the side high fat is

because there are good fats some of the

snacks that I'm gonna show you today are

high in good fats you know like mono

mono saturated and pulling saturated

fats they I'm glad to do a video on fast

or so you guys have a complete

understanding of the facts but there are

good fats out there and things like

avocados and some nuts have these you

know so it that one I have to put the

attributes there just so you know we're

pretty much talking about high saturated

fat and even then you know there's some

distinctive things to consider like the

difference in fact insane dark chocolate

which is high in saturated fat but there

is you know there's different fats in

there so we'll explain but yeah these

are the see the these are the things the

pointers and these are the things that

we are gonna blame so what I'm gonna do

right now is I'm going to show you a

selection of snacks some that you might

already have them some might we'll use

and some that you should maybe think

about changing to you know and try and

little quick appointments and tips on

why they are healthy snacks or healthier

snacks then some of the alternatives

okay so we're going to do a quick

analysis of

a few snacks that I've got on the table

you're going to be familiar with all of

them maybe one thing you're going to be

familiar with okay so starting with with

the nuts nuts are like perfect in terms

of providing what we spoke about which

was the high fiber and high protein and

also high fat as well you know and they

taste amazing the only thing is you've

got to be careful because because of the

great taste of nuts they can be

addictive and you end up sometimes eaten

more than you should because you should

be mindful that even with healthy snacks

moderation is key you know so I will say

this portion here which is just you know

maybe a handful is a adequate for two to

it to reach that gap so as a snack so we

have cashews we have almonds but there

are plenty of other nuts available there

are you know walnuts etc you find

whatever you like the most you know and

use that as your little filler between

meals okay and one of the next little

snaps we have our sweets or as you guys

call them in the States candy they taste

amazing you know as kids we all ate and

you know put most only sweets added I

don't eat them now at all you know to be

honest they have very little to zero

nutritional value so it's all about that

balance or finding something so even

though we didn't put it on the board

it's also good for your snacks to have

higher light and a good amount of

nutrients and vitamins etc good stuff

you know like why not go for the good

stuff that actually helps your body even

if it is just a snack and sweets you

know I'm just putting much sugar sugar

sugar sugar

first ingredient sugar second ingredient

corn syrup third ingredient corn stalks

it's just it's not great for your body

you know although they taste amazing but

again like I said in regards to the

balance I'm sure if you wanted to have a

couple of sweets every now and then you

know that

be bad but we're talking about a diet

that is like daily you know so I

wouldn't want you to have this daily you

know this little pack here like I would

say that's probably one seven and I

would say I think it's about 29 grams of

sugar per per serving that that is huge

you know especially when you're not

getting anything else you know all the

other good stuff a trail mix now a trail

mix is a balance between the sweets and

the nuts reason being is because we have

the raisins in there which are you know

high in sugar but we also have the high

fiber from the nuts so that would be a

good good mix but then again you would

still want to have moderation in how

much you consume one thing I would say

to avoid when you're buying your nuts is

always go for the war option as opposed

to the salted because that sodium really

adds up I I personally don't understand

why they have to add salt to these


I understand obviously that sort is a

flavor enhancer but you know when you

start to appreciate the taste of food

without salt it's a good thing trust me

you know that these things have their

own distinct flavor that do not need to

be masked or increased should I say with

salt you know so I'll definitely go for

the war option because eating these

snacks with high salt will just build up

your salt intake for the day over what

is healthy what we would have Nick's

we'd have these this is a green pea

snack that is a great alternative to

crisps crisps in the UK is what we call

chips for you us guys so you guys call

it chips we call chips price well that's

a whole different you know dole

different a little discussion that we

can have but yeah well accordin crisps

and I'm from the UK so we'll talk about

crisps and that this is a great

alternative to Chris reason being they

still have that crunchy flavor they

still have different flavors this is a

wasabi flavor they are lower in fat than

crisps they are also there are high

fiber so we hit our target with the high

fiber you know and they're just

generally healthier than the potato

chips you know so it's definitely

something I would consider

you know if they taste good they really

do taste good I love them but you do

to remember that they may look like

green peas but they do not hold the same

value as green peas that are fresh you

know so do not make that that confusion

this is an alternative to crisps it is

not an alternative to eating the fresh

vegetable you know so keep that in mind

cookies is the obvious one and the again

with the whole British and American

terminology these are actually cookies

like in the UK this is what we would

call a cookie and this is what you guys

call a cookie however if these were any

plain biscuits we wouldn't call that

cookie you guys still do but again

that's another home thing to do with

terminology but yeah eating cookies big

in the US Embassy in the UK as a snack

villa and great for our diet reason

being is the high sugar high fat you

know and the probably the amount that

will end up consuming as our snap you

know again what we spoke about in

regards to it needing to be a filler but

not to be too high in calories that it

messes up your whole diet and I'm

telling you I doubt you guys would stop

it like two or three you'd go out you

would keep going and then the calories

just build up etc chocolate isn't that

you know chocolate is not bad the and

right here I have dark chocolate two

pieces of dark chocolate now dark

chocolate is something most of these

things obviously apart from these sweets

when these cookies are in my diet

especially this now when I say

especially this I would every now and

we'll maybe every other day if I feel

like I need that taste cuz I lost the

main thing to consider as well with

snacks as they need to taste good you

know otherwise doesn't really constitute

as a snack it doesn't taste good so

chocolate we love chocolate so why not

have some dark chocolate where it's full

of flavor knows it's a powerful

antioxidants and the more cocoa in

chocolate the better for you so we've

come to a percentage of eighty five

percent where we can agree that it's not

too strong and still you know gives us

everything that we're after in terms of

the benefits you can go for seventy

percent but just remember the more cocoa

in the chocolate the better it is for

you you know so why why this chocolate

have such a bad rep because when when

you're behind like to try

bah there are so many other things in it

you know you've got sugar you've got fat

you know I'm not good fat you know

there's so many other things packed into

the chocolate that you know wings its

quality down but when you're eating dark

chocolate you're pretty much getting the

best of the best so yeah

dark chocolate okay so these are some

items to consider you know and what I'm

gonna now show you the most important

part is the snacks that I regularly eat

you know so I do you know like I said

have a piece of dark chocolate

every now and then but these are the

snacks that I'm gonna make next that are

a part of my diet and a lot of you guys

have probably seen them on Instagram

already so let's go okay guys so I'm

gonna make one of my favorite snacks and

you guys that follow me on Instagram

will know that I make this often so

check out what we're having is let's

just get through the ingredients we have

rice cakes here now if you're gonna get

rice cakes triangle for the whole-grain

option rice cakes are awesome because

they're sort of like an alternative to

bread you know they're low in calories

and just think of it like it's puffed

rice talking a bit like popcorn rice

puffs together and squash together in a

cake and yeah and and the great thing

about rice cakes if they give you the

sensation that you're eating something

substantial even though you pretty much

eat in air yes you know so ask it's

awesome for that reason it is rice so

they can give you like an insulin spike

however like I said go for the whole

grain option which would be better for

you we then have some quite cheese here

cottage cheese is very high in protein

you're talking about was it 15 grams per

hundred I would say and it's low in fat

the only thing I would look out for with

cottage cheese is the sodium content

which can be quite high but again it's

all about moderation but quite cheese is

an awesome addition to a snack we also

have tuna here this ball right here has

isn't olive oil I often get it in water

but this where it tastes very good tuna

is high in protein about 24 grams per

hundred also has very little fat but the

fat that's in it is good fat so it's

Omega threes and it's a good a good

protein source I wouldn't say to eat too


Treena there are obviously visit

information regarding mercury

consumption and that is if you eat into

excess but there are there is a healthy

balance of or healthy amount of tuna

that you can consume and last but not

least the wonderful avocado which is

going to be your last piece de

resistance on top of our west kick that

is gonna bring the fact that good fat I

think I can have a card or medium sized

can have like up to 21 or yes 21 grams

of fat but the good fat like the fact

that's good for you again I said we're

gonna do a video on fats so that you

guys understand I have done a previous

video if you guys want to check it out

it's quite old called the 5/5 healthy

greens my five healthy greens for games

and I spoke about the avocado in depth

in that video and yeah the avocados good

for so many reasons

another thing that adds to this meal is

texture you know aside from the grape

flavor it adds a nice texture where you

get a combination of the crunchy rice

cakes and the soft texture of the

avocado so ya gonna combine all these

things into some tasty rice cakes


if this is quite funny actually

whenever I make these rice cakes I put a

substantial amount of quite cheese on


when Shannon licks them for me she's

very like I'll joke around and say

stingy we have the cottage cheese and

doesn't put enough and I'm like you know

oh come on that cover its mother

you've gotta cheese that's that's how I

like it bye it's up to you completely

how you want it me I like it thick thick

layer of cottage cheese on it so that's

the cottage cheese part this might get

messy but hey I'm not Jamie Oliver so

only gonna use half half an avocado the

other half you can just wrap in some

foil and put back in the fridge he is

next time so little technique squash

some lines in the avocado grab yourself

a spoon and you can scoop it out in the

slices that you've done

now this is the little finisher that I

always add to my rice cakes a generous

help him on black cracked black pepper

now guys I want you to make this and I

want you to come back and comment on how

delicious it is because I love it takes

my intestine now if you want to add it

like spice up a bit there's something

else that I do

so aside from adding a little bit of

black pepper you can also do this and a

little bit of hot sauce but that's only

for the brave there you have it my

healthy snack that I have you know quite

often and this is my savory healthy

snack now for the sweet tooth's

have something else ok so you've seen

the savory snack and this is the sweet

snack that I also make again we are

working with West cakes so nice serving

of - West kicks here and we've already

spoken about the benefits of eating you


nuts and this is a nut butter almond

butter to be precise which I prefer -

peanut bar you can you can all if you

like peanut but I use peanut butter but

I love almond bar and actually get the

crunchy break cuz it's gonna add like a

texture to this snack


very simple so quick and easy and we're

gonna add some slices of banana to our

rice cakes quick fact for you did you

know that an avocado has more potassium

than a banana but you're not


and I'm not even gonna clean that up

because this is real life and it's messy

so well yeah this is my sweet snack that

I have so I have the last cake to the

tuner if I'm feeling savory or I have

West cakes with almond butter and

bananas if I'm feeling like on something

sweet so I'm trials out do love them

both that's the show especially if you

won with the tuna oh yeah and for you

guys that are gonna Chris criticize how

I say tuna I am fully aware I do not say

it correctly I'm supposed to say tuna

right well you know it's just the way I

speak yeah man I hope you enjoyed the

video and more nutrition stuff coming

I've taken your are taking your comments

you know on board of what you'd like to

see and I'm working on it all so don't

worry either you know you don't have to

bombard me it's coming all the stuff

that you've requested is already coming

I'm working on it

well I appreciate you guys keep

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