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what is up YouTube welcome back to my

channel as you can see I went shopping

today and I picked up a wide variety of

foods that I like to employ in my diet

arsenal one my goal is to get shredded

and getting lean that really helped me

stay on my diet and stay on point now if

you're a longtime subscriber you're

probably going to see some of my

favorite foods in here that you guys

watch me employ my blogs and in my diet

videos so if you're a new subscriber

there is going to be a ton of

information here that I promise you do

not want to miss and even if you're a

returning subscriber there are some new

stuff here as well that you probably

have not seen so if you guys ready to

see the exact foods that I employ in my

diet arsenal to help me stay on track

not binge and not cheat on my diets and

I am ready to show yet there's a lot to

go over here guys what hope you're ready

let's do it


alright guys there's a lot to cover here

I'm just going to fly this camera like

this and go over everything one by one

hopefully not forgetting anything try to

make this quick with brief little

descriptions of just about everything

and how I implement it and why I find it

effective so starting off my favorite

stuff in the world is almond butter and

peanut butter right so I always keep a

few different options of flavored nut

butters around this is not some more

white chocolate flavor this is

absolutely incredible a little bit of

this really gives you that sweet fix and

some healthy fats to satisfy your

cravings while almost making you feel

like you're cheating on your diet I'm

telling you guys flavored peanut butters

are great currently using this I have

fluff butter in a s'mores flavor as well

as fluff butter in a vanilla flavor and

I wish I still had it but nothing more

how's the birthday cake almond butter

which is probably the best almond butter

I have ever had so if you have an option

to get that go ahead and give that a try

next up I have some high protein pancake

mix now this stuff is great if you're

craving some pancakes or some waffles

because you literally just add water and

mix them up has a decent amount of

protein per serving here at a total of

14 grams only 22 grams of carbs so I

love myself some waffles guys this mixes

with some zero calorie Walden farm syrup

actually I almost forgot to grab that

Shaboom here we go world famous Walden

Farms zero calorie pancake syrup now

this stuff can be a little hard to find

in your grocery store I find in the

pharmacy section but this paired with

this are really this paired with almost

anything gives you a really sweet flavor

with zero calories guys this is a diet

lifesaver because when you're dieting

you really crave sweets and stuff like

that at least I do personally and this

really calm telling you really OC staple

in my diet so I love this stuff I always

keep a few bottles up in my cupboard in

case you couldn't tell and then moving

on we have ourselves some butterscotch

instant sugar-free pudding mix now I

don't personally use this to make

pudding but this is sugar-free and

fat-free very low carb a little bit of


it makes us with your oatmeal and stuff

like that to add an awesome rich flavor

without getting all those calories so I

love this stuff as well guys I have

multiple recipe videos that include this

stuff it's great then an old-time

favorite all subscribers will know what

this is sugar-free jell-o packs only

five calories per serving and if serving

is one cup 20 calories in this entire

thing for granted

carbs guys so this is orange and

strawberry flavor and in this snack pack

is cherry flavor which is really good

keep in mind similes have aspartame

included in them the snack pack brand

does not you're looking out for that

pickles attention to that now maple and

brown sugar instant oatmeal packs Quaker

has on this is a knockoff brand I'm

using right now these are great only a

hundred and twenty calories per packet I

think 130 but not too bad one of these

individual packets gives you some nice

complex carbohydrates that brown sugar

really adds flavor to it if you're the

type it doesn't like regular oatmeal

give these a shot I'm telling you guys

they are great add this in with a little

bit of this or some Walden farm syrup or

even all three a great little snack meal

for sure now I just recently got turned

on to this stuff but fat-free mozzarella

cheese is amazing no fatness at all only

two grams of carbohydrates and nine

grams of protein per serving so if

you're having trouble it in your protein

backers you want some cheesiness

cheesiness did you go and add the same

of your eggs add this and really just

about anything no little hop your

chicken whatever you want to do guys

love this stuff

my other go searching for it a little

harder than you might think but it's out

there I promise you guys it's like

Bigfoot it's rare to find but once you

find it it's super friendly we got

ourselves some eighty calories Light &

Fit Greek yogurt now this is toasted

coconut vanilla they have a bunch of

other flavors I just grabbed one out of

the fridge right now but 480 calories

you really can't beat this flavor and

the sweetness so check this stuff out so

you'll oh my gosh some Greek yogurt nice

protein here only like 7 grams of carbs

or so no fat not bad at all

we also got unsweetened silk almond milk

I absolutely love this stuff too it's

amazing guys so much better for you than

regular milk making sure your buy it on

sweetened versions I think it still

tastes really good mixes really well

protein shakes with your oatmeal

whatever you want to do it also

substitute for milk and a lot of

different recipes without all those

calories and nastiness so good stuff

here now something that I'm leaning more

towards here recently in my macros is

berries natural sugar your guys you're

not going at the exact same insulin

response you get out of simple

carbohydrates in the form of regular

sugar because fructose is metabolized a

little differently a man a handful of

berries is very low-calorie it can do a

lot to help you with those cravings

clutters load with micronutrients and

fiber to really does help your entire

digestive process and metabolism overall

so love myself some berries you can buy

them frozen as well I bought these fresh

at the store today and I'll probably

eating some of these here in a little

bit but making sure we don't forget


down here to some beef jerkey pay

attention to the brand you buy cuz I'll

be trophies created equal but I found

that this original smokehouse jerky the

Kroger actually had pretty good mattress

we flipped this guy over only 6 grams of

carbs and 10 grams of protein per

serving pizzas entire pack you get a

whopping 30 grams of protein and only 18

grams of carbs so not too bad especially

if your goal is to get your protein hi

guys protein being the most thermogenic

of the macronutrients fear weight

training you're trying to lose weight

you want to get that protein in there

and these make a great travel snack as

well now I got too bad the frozen

veggies here I won't talk too much about

these right now other than that if

you're having a massive craving pair

your protein with an entire bag of these

I'm telling you if you want to feel full

quick you didn't I bagged a Brussels

sprout I've done it a ton when I'm

literally starving and this close your

stomach up and you're literally stuck so

at that point if you're eating it's out

of pure gluttony which I've done before

but frozen veggies are a go-to for me as

well 5 minutes the microwave boom good

to go

moving on the protein bars these power

Crunch Bars I love they're a little

higher in fat this is a whopping 12

grams of fat here but only 10 grams of

carbohydrates and 13 grams of protein

and these taste really good they're very

similar to kick-ass this peanut butter

fudge flavor is excellent so I grab some

of these a little bit of Fatima macros

but I need to stay under all my

carbohydrates these are a great option

guys also a good travel and go snack you

guys already know salsas play a huge

role in keeping your food from not being

too bland and making it very palatable I

love this chili garlic sauce here zero

calories I put this stuff on everything

I'm making a pizza later and you'd best

believe it's going to go on that pizza

we also have here some strawberry

preserves now this is sugar-free with

added fiber tastes just like jelly guys

put it into your oatmeal or really put

it on some whole wheat toast whatever

you want to do but per serving this only

has 5 grams of carbs and 3 of that is

fiber so a really awful choice you're

guys and it tastes incredible I love

this stuff so set a regular Jam do you

want something sweet this stuff works

very well now I'm working here with some

protease our protein potato chips 15

grams of protein in here only 4 grams of

fat and 7 grams of carbs per serving

another nice travel snack really helps

get that protein up I'll keep it overall

macro slow really good to lean on these

guys when you want to snack love this

stuff guys the best flavor house toasted

coconut for sure you have an opportunity

to try these stop by a sub Zilla grab

yourself a bag or order online whatever

you got to do a skinny pop I'm not a

huge fan of potato chips or anything

like that just because they're so bad

for you but these are

these old peppers a good flavor one cup

of this is only 39 calories 15 grams of

carbs 2 grams of protein and 10 grams of

fat per 4 cups of this they're not bad

at all a lot of volume here guys and if

you get an A if you're seeing a trend

here it's volume filling your stomach up

the most amount of food with the least

amount of caloric impact so let myself

some skinny pop you just keep a bag of

that around for like movie nights or

something like that'll crack or open and

we'll go to town now back to soft is

reduced sugar ketchup I normally don't

like ketchup because it's so high in

sugar but this stuff here only one gram

of carb per servings if you're going to

do catch-up find this reduced sugar

ketchup god game-changer now I'm going

to pass over some of this stuff real

quick to talk about drinks I always keep

zero calorie drinks on hand right now I

have some Diet Pepsi caffeine free and

aspartame free pesty right here guys if

you're also on the lookout for aspartame

I try to avoid it as much as I can

Diet Pepsi makes both of their versions

being aspartame free so you can't really

go wrong with that love that and then

moving on over here Powerade 0 also

aspartame free I love these they're huge

especially if you drink it down like

here and put a scoop of aminos in it

especially pure meanness in the morning

these are super good zero calorie and

then we also have here these sparkling

ice waters are amazing as well I need to

my local Kroger now while we're here

we'll go ahead and go over this you're

going to buy bread this is the best

caloric brand I found only 16 grams of

carbs per two slices of this so you can

still enjoy your bread and eat it too

Mel but seriously really easy to

incorporate into a diet really low carb

maker some toast wherever you want to do

with it then also these have been a game

changer for me these mission card

ballots flour tortillas 19 grams of

carbs per but 13 grams of that is fiber

to grab trouble get your fiber up these

are essential guys I love these

breakfast burritos their eggs and their

chicken in there whatever these are

great guys absolutely great now moving

into some of these dessert options here

popsicles sugar free popsicles these are

amazing only 15 calories per popsicle

multiple flavors and each one of 0 grams

of fat no protein and only 4 grams of

carbohydrates good option here people

especially when you have no late-night

cravings suck on one of these bad boys

and hopefully since cravings will go

away and we also have here are some

fudge pops if you are wanting something

a little more chocolaty once again the

macros on these are pretty dang good

only 1 gram of fat

9 grams of carbs and 1 gram of protein

per with 2 grams of fiber if you want

something more ice cream based these

Arctic zero salted caramel bars are

excellent only 80 calories apiece 5

grams of fat 7 grams of carbs 3 grams of

protein cannot go wrong here I'm telling

you cannot go wrong great options here

then we also have high fiber brownies

these are basically knockoffs of fiber

one bars

if you've ever had a fiber one bar this

is basically just a knockoff version of

it but these are really nice if you're

craving something also sweet it's not

gonna have too much of a calorie impact

on you 3 grams of fat 18 grams of carbs

5 grams of fiber 1 gram of protein per

these are great as well now I have

peanuts now while these aren't the best

calorically kind of goes back to the

same thing with the almond butter not

butter stuff we talked about earlier is

that the facts in this and the sold and

this really helps satisfy cravings so

one serving at peanuts can leave you

feeling satisfied and full and they're

really good what I like to do with these

is kind of mix them in with my waffle

batter right there and make myself a

nice peanut waffle and you'd be

surprised at just how good that is now

we have ourselves some rice cakes these

are a classic everybody should know

about rice cakes but a lot of volume

here for minimal calories these ones are

white cheddar so they have a little few

more calories in the regular and

flavored versions but still only half a

gram of fat per nine grams of carbs one

gram of protein can't go wrong with

beads either and then what else do we

got here what are we missing oh you know

what I almost forgot one of the most

essential things and just what you

thought the dessert ideas were over

think again if you follow me long enough

you know I have a mad love for halo soft

240 calories in this point macros are

really good 2 grams of fat 13 grams of

carbs and 5 grams of protein per serving

this entire thing I literally one of

these every single day guys I'm not

launching it every single day I have one

and usually like I will just pop this

open put some almond farm syrup in here

with it and smash it I love these guys

these do wonders and help me stay on my

diet kind out every single day I get ice

cream and I love that do you want

something a little lower calorie

especially for your women out there

these are two gears are still really

good I think halo tops better but for

the further calorie macro difference

these will work just as well 150

calories on the pike with no fat at all

7 grams of carbs per serving 3 grams of

protein per serving only under 50

calories so I have to keep Arctic gyros

on deck as well and the keep in mind if

you're buying a new top I pulled this

out for an example this is probably the

worst one you can buy not flavor-wise

but macro wise if you look here

definitely has more

at 3 grams per serving 14 grams of carbs

per serving 6 grams of protein per

serving so the calories definitely jump

up in this a little more but still if

you can budget this in I'm telling you

guys incredible and then I picked these

up today and actually had one guinea cow

ice cream sandwiches cinnamon tastic

snickerdoodle flavor this was absolutely

incredible actually had one of these for

breakfast to break my fast I could not

hold off see there's the proof right

there these are incredible only 160

calories per Ice Cream Sandwich 3 grams

of fat 29 grams of carbs which is a

little higher and 4 grams of protein but

still low calorie can budget these in I

find it stuff like this just does

wonders for me and staying on my diet

overall now let's do a quick sweep

before did we forget anything I don't

think we did is there anything here

you're missing around before you wrap

this up you know what guys I think that

covers it well guys you just got a

first-hand look at how I stay on track

with my diet it is utilizing all of

these foods and specific quantities I'm

obviously not coming home and eating an

entire box of ice cream pops or anything

like that but in moderation this stuff

does wonders and controlling cravings

and keeping you on point with your diet

the thing that most people do they cause

them to film a diet is they go all out

they don't even allow a tiny bit of this

stuff into their diet may eat chicken

and broccoli for two weeks then they

eventually relapse binge and then it is

very hard for them to get on track after

that point I find implementing little

treats like this every single day on my

diet does wonders for me because I am a

bigger by all means I'm Avenger when I

eat food there's no such thing as one

slice one piece I want it all and having

these options here that way I'm not

having these cravings not intense desire

to just eat on my diet

I'm telling you game-changer for me for

sure my mindset has shifted a lot in

regards to fitness and nutrition I still

do try to get my micronutrients and in

the form of green vegetables lean

protein sources I still do come my best

before but I allow this stuff in

moderation it has helped me get through

my day of guys because that's what it's

all about what fun is this lifestyle if

you can't enjoy yourself even just a

little bit thank you guys as always for

watching I hope you got some value out

of this video like I said I wanted to

bring this to you guys because I figured

a lot of you could use this now that

it's summertime we're all trying to get

lean and Beachbody reddy's I feel like

this was a video that I needed to make

so thank you guys as always for watching

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