✅Smart TV: Best Smart TV 2020 (Buying Guide)

unlike smartphones or PCs a television

isn't something you have to constantly

keep up on replacing or upgrading and

when you finally do the latest jargon

like 4k 8 K smart LED OH LED q LED and

HDMI 2.1 can't present a whole new world

of confusion furthermore almost every TV

comes equipped with a smart platform

making it overwhelming for someone who

hasn't replaced theirs in five or ten

years so if you're shopping for a smart

TV stay tuned because we have a lineup

of the four best Smart TVs on the market

while we're at it we've also included

the links in the description box for all

of these products so check them out to

see which one suits your budget and

needs and now let's begin taking our

number one spot is the 65 inch Samsung Q

90 our flat-screen TV in typical Samsung

style the Smart TV is simple stylish and

sophisticated thanks to the thin matte

silver bezel finish running around the

screen and the sides it comes fitted

with the powerful universal guide that

centralizes streaming content and live

TV into a single platform

additionally the modest but functional

app ecosystem covers major streaming

services like Netflix Amazon Prime video

Amazon music Spotify Hulu Sirius XM and

Google Play movies for local OS X

devices and iOS local streaming the TV

also supports Apple's AirPlay 2 in terms

of its picture quality nothing comes

close to Samsung's q90 are this 4k TV

supports HD are 10 HD are 10 plus and

hlg content the q90 are also comes with

bixby which is samsung's version of

Amazon Alexa or Google assistant this

feature works perfectly in controlling

the TV itself as well as other Samsung


platform compatible smart home devices

you'll also love the peripheral

connectivity of the Smart TV instead of

plugging all the power cables and

devices directly into the TV the

separate one connect box works as the

auxiliary plug which is connected with

single thin wire at the back the TV

holds a single power connect part an

Ethernet port for HDMI ports a cable

connector and a three-and-a-half

millimeter IX link port for additional

connectivity we have three USB ports

located on the right side of the connect

box plus an HDMI video converter for

composite video sources if you're

looking for a smart TV with superior

picture quality and enhanced power the

Samsung q9 TR is an excellent choice

it's the true definition of value for

your money

tweaks like the connect box and Q LED

screen only pacify the pot at number two

is the LG o le d c---nine Smart TV LG

has taken the time to master and adopt

fresh designs that convey an exceptional

contemporary viewing experience by

leveraging on the unique properties of

the O LED technology the company has

been able to produce a remarkably thin

and elegant c9 Smart TV that strips down

the panel back to the layer of brushed

aluminum that oozes style under the hood

of this second generation alpha 9

processor together with the AI

technology automatically optimizes the

picture and sound quality depending on

the TV's location and the content being

played to make the device smarter the LG

c9 TV offers intelligent voice

interaction via thin q Amazon Alexa

Google assistant and apps usage the app

selection is one of the most

comprehensive on the market Amazon video

and Netflix are on board with Dolby

vision HDR and c9 also supports HDR 10

and HL gee thanks to rad q10 and Google

Play movies & TV you can also enjoy

pay-as-you-go movie streaming

tweak'd accordingly the LG o le dc9

Smart TV also produces crisp picture the

black depth is unmatched while the

individual pixel lighting and dimming

ability result in stunning contrasts

besides that the c9 s colors are lovely

and rich blending to more organic warmth

and charm to skin tones it's rare to

find a smart TV that sounds great

with completely hidden speakers the c9

is packed with a surprising amount of

audio hardware considering the slim

chassis the 240 watt speakers and 20

watt woofer produce ample volume and

bass transforming your TV into an

entertainment powerhouse the c9 sport

selection is a major upgrade considering

its outward design it comes with all the

basic connections such as three USB

ports RF connector antenna tuner

composite input and optical output port

but the real star in terms of

connections is the four HDMI 2.1 ports

which are only found on the latest

models lastly the improved return

channel technology reduces cable clutter

as it comes with a single cable running

between the sound bar and the TV if

you're looking for a smart TV that

measures on naturalism the LG o le dc9

smart TV is a solid Buy it has dynamic

color and contrast quality and the audio

is impressive too still haven't found

the Smart TV of your choice we'll keep

watching because we have more in store

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continue at number three is the sony


all of Sony's o LED televisions keene

with a distinct easel design which meant

that the screen rested in a gentle

backward slope however the new a9 G

comes with a slim sleek design that

allows it to conveniently sit in upright

Center position the TV also supports the

HDR 10

HDR 10-plus hlg and dolby vision that is

the ability to automatically switch

between HDR and SDR without interfering

with the respective modes control


furthermore the OU led powered black and

white contrast of the a 9 G produces

plenty of shadow details resulting in

crisp clear photos just like many other

of Sony's TVs the sony xba-1 Android TV

OS at smart feature platform this

powerful system is packed with a host of

useful features and a wide array of

streaming services such as Netflix

Amazon Prime video Lulu sling TV YouTube

and Google Play movies & TV for music

there's Google Play Music Spotify

Pandora Sirius XM and title as an added

bonus a slew of other apps games and

services give you a wide selection of

activities to engage in without

necessarily plugging your TV to the

Internet sony has brought their a-game

when it comes to connectivity this Smart

TV comes with two USB 2.0 ports a single

HDMI port a three-and-a-half millimeter

composite video input a three-and-a-half

millimeter infrared receiver port a

three-and-a-half millimeter headphone

jack and a pair of speaker wire

connectors located on the TV's back

you'll also love the supplementary USB

3.0 port three HDMI ports an Ethernet

port rs-232 C port and an optical audio

output if you're looking for an LED

smart TV with a sleek design in

superlative contrast the sony xba-1

profile and minimalist design and the

Google assistant voice commands further

sweeten the deal finally at number four

is the TCL 65 inch eight series roku TV

this is TCL's flagship television in

their line of similar products and its

performance is impressive the color

quality is unmatched

when it comes to creating a

better-than-average TV TCL understands

that even the smallest things like poor

sound quality or lack of smart features

can be a deal-breaker the eighth series

has effectively covered all of these

bases but none of it would matter if it

didn't produce great picture and this is

one area where this model earns premium

designation by combining midi LED

backlighting and quantum dot enhancement

technology this TV is able to deliver a

faster video processing speed without

compromising on the quality of the

content being shown as you'd expect with

any 65 inch TV the TCL 8 series screen

is big this effectively gives you a

large viewing angle allowing you to have

an unmetered view of the screen from

different positions

additionally the Roku TV platform

interface effectively provides you

access to the most major video and audio

streaming services like Netflix Amazon

music Apple TV Amazon Prime video Google

Play movies & TV Hulu Spotify YouTube

and title thanks to the 4k resolution 60

Hertz refresh rate the HDR 10 and Dolby

vision you can enjoy playing games on

this Smart TV without having to worry

about buffering another thrilling game

related feature is the auto game mode to

enhance performance and processing

speeds it switches the TV to low latency

game mode once you connect the gaming

console this process is automatic so it

doesn't require you to use the remote

controller or go through the menus to

locate the picture settings even at high

volume the 8 series 15 watt dual speaker

produces premium quality sound even when

you dial the volume to maximum levels

it'll produce powerful sounds without

the clipping and reading is heard in

many competing models port selection on

the TCL 8 series cue led Roku features

four HDMI ports a single USB port an

Ethernet port and a cable connector

additionally the built-in 8:02 point 11

AC Wi-Fi allows for Wi-Fi connectivity

the head

phone jack provides and facilitates

audio out and the optical s/pdif

connector accommodates the older

surround sound systems that don't use

HDMI the TCL 65 inch 4k uhdtv

is a true testament that great TV perks

don't directly translate to a steep

price tag it comes with a host of

genuinely exciting features produces

clearer pictures and has excellent sound

quality and if you're into gaming the

full feature gaming Support Package will

spice up your gaming experience Smart

TVs are as common as smartphones

however most have been marked with

subpar performance missing software

updates and a sweeping lack of

manufacturer support as such you'll have

to hunt high and low just to find a

model with the smart capability and the

one that offers why proprietary service

if you're completely undecided we hope

that our list the four best Smart TVs

will help you make the decision we

always look forward to seeing your

suggestions and comments so if there's a

product you have in mind that you love

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