Best Mini Laptops in 2020 - Find the Best Small Form Laptop Right Now?

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opinion and tons of research and I've

listed them based on quality durability

price and more I've included options for

every type of consumer so if you're

looking for an entry-level option or the

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further ado this is our pick of the best

mini laptops on the market right now

coming in at number 8 Dell XPS 13 93 80

the XPS 13 by Dell is a high end of

Windows 10 laptop with an eye-popping

13.3 inch nearly bezel list display a

sleek aluminum body at a battery that

can last up to 11 hours on a single

charge PC Mag calls it the best ultra

portable laptop you can buy thanks to

the tiny bezels around its display the

XPS 13 looks much more compact then it's

screen size suggests its base model has

just 4 gigabytes of RAM and a 128

gigabyte SSD but for around $300 extra

you can double the RAM and storage space

you can even get it configured with a

touchscreen coming and number 7 Apple

MacBook Air the latest MacBook Air

sports an all new and updated design

that's thinner and lighter than its

predecessor more importantly it's packed

with apples beautiful Retina display and

it's powered by the latest eighth

generation Intel processors the laptops

13 inch screen is sharp colorful and

outshines the previous air in every way


it's bezels artisan as those found on

some Windows laptops but you'll love its

larger trackpad and smaller footprint as

you'd expect from an Apple laptop the

MacBook Air offers a premium build

quality and surprisingly enough the

computer is made up of 100% recycled

aluminum it would make an excellent

laptop for a college student or someone

who travels frequently but if you build

graphics or edit 4k videos we recommend

opting for the more powerful MacBook Pro

instead during our tests we found that

the air could still handle more than 15

tabs on our browser and some light photo

editing but it started to slow down when

editing large files especially since its

base model is only configured with 8

gigabytes of RAM regardless we think the

MacBook Air is a nice upgrade especially

for college students you get better

speakers touch ID 2 USB C ports and 10

hours of battery life all in a small


number 6 Asus Zenbook ux301 the Aizu

Zenbook has an attractive design an

all-metal body with gold finish and a

13.3 inch full HD display a wire cutter

topic for college students the laptop

has up to 14 hours of battery life but

it supports fast charging meaning you

can increase its charging a whopping 60

percent in just 45 minutes other key

features in the notebook include various

Intel processor options 8 gigabytes of

RAM a 256 gigabyte solid state drive and

unique dual function touchpad that works

for controlling your mouse or as a

numeric keypad

the Zenbook weighs 2.6 pounds it's

packed with all the ports you need and

features an IR camera for quickly

logging in using your face

coming in at number five Lenovo

Chromebook c3 3:02 in wine convertible

the affordability priced Lenovo Chu and

wine Chromebook is a good pick for

students on a budget it has a

lightweight body a comfortable full-size

keyboard and up to 10 hours of battery

life the notebooks processor isn't the

fastest around but it's more than

sufficient for basic tasks and it's

equipped with all the ports you need or

as an editor at 9:00 to 5:00 Google put

it the c-33 zero literally gives more

expensive models a run for their money

the 11.6 inch touch display it won't wow

you with its HD resolution either but

it's 360 degree hinge allows you to lay

it flat on a table to share content with

friends or classmates and it stands up

like a tent the laptop packs a 720p HD

webcam for video chats a micro SD card

slot to expand up to 64 gigabytes of

storage and an HDMI port for hooking it

up to a larger display coming at number

four a zoo svevo book l20 3ma the a

zoo's vivo book is an affordable mini

laptop that's great for younger kids

it's equipped with a dual USB type a

ports a USB C port a micro SD card slot

and an HDMI out port it's 11.6 inch

display is bright with a 1080p

resolution since the screen is on a 180

degree hinge you can lay a flat on the

table to share content with friends

classmates or colleagues with up to 4

gigabytes of RAM and Intel Celeron and

4000 processor add a 64 gigabyte of

storage the computer might not be the

most powerful on the block but away is

only 2 pounds and is more than capable

of handling most tasks from editing

photos to watching HD videos plus it has

an all-day battery that should last well

over 10 hours on a single charge

number three lenovo flex 11 to inline

for those in search of a versatile

chewin one that's more affordable and

portable than competitors the Flex 11 is

worth your consideration it provides an

impressive 9 hours of battery life a

sleek design and speedy performance

given its sub $300 price while it's 4

gigabytes of RAM usually means it

suffers the occasional hiccup when you

have lots of tabs open the Lenovo flex

runs most apps fine just as long as

you're not doing any serious video

editing it only weighs 2.75 pounds packs

plenty of ports has 64 gigabytes of

storage space enough for apps gaming and

a handful of videos and has an 11 inch

high-resolution touchscreen display

early complaint is that its speakers

sound weak and distorted so we

definitely recommend opting for a pair

of headphones instead coming at number 2

HP stream 11 inch the HP stream is a

bright little laptop that's colorful and

comfortable to use it runs Windows 10 s

and is powered by a basic Intel CPU with

4 gigabytes of RAM and 32 gigabytes of

storage you should be able to get around

8 hours of battery life which is a

little below average in comparison to

other mini laptops

rest assured though the HP stream has a

solid design and provides everything you

need to accomplish basic tasks like

quick photo editing and internet

browsing for a fair price of just under

$200 number 1 Microsoft Surface go the

latest member of the Microsoft Surface

product family is an ultra compact 10

inch tablet

that's a capable Windows 10 PC a budget

of $500 will get you the entry level

surface go with 64 gigabytes of storage

and 4 gigabytes of RAM during our tests

with the surface go we found that is

powerful enough to handle a steady

stream of apps without slowing down

microsoft claims that the surface go is

capable of delivering up to nine hours

of video playback between charges

we average between 6 & 7 hours of screen

on time with the device before needing

to recharge it the surface go is a

compact and versatile laptop that's

perfect for work or play if you're

looking for a practical affordable and

stylish mini laptop you won't be

disappointed that brings us to the end

of our review and buyer's guide for the

best mini laptops hope to see you in the

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