Hulu Live VS Sling TV, Which One Is the Best Fit For You?

okay link TV Hulu there's a lot between

the two of them so I kind of want to do

a quick overall or high level view of

comparing the two and sling TVs been

around for a while all the card options

and then Hulu's been around with their

on-demand but now they offer live TV so

I kind of want to touch on both help you

decide which works for you because if

you have cable TV now and you're paying

for all those channels you're paying way

too much it's time to cut back on that

save some money I cut the cord almost 10

years ago and saving money ever since so

first off the links down below area 10

is very important whether you do an

exterior interior I'll put a link down

use both what it works for me I'll put

down their good price obviously and then

that way you kind of always have a

backup if you need to watch local

channels and you don't have any internet

you can access that so away from that

sling TV Hulu you'll get your local

channels but you also get many TV

channel options in addition to just your

basic four or five whatever local ones

you'll get it's just like having cable

vision but you're streaming it now so

you have all your TV channels in this

case when you use the link below for

sling you do get an additional 40

percent off I do want to throw that out

there besides the 7 day free trial but

these are your channels for example you

get your ESPN one two three

USA Discovery I mean you get tons and

tons of channels with orange you get 30

with blue you get 45 and a whole nother

set of channels some kind of bleed into

each other but depending on what you

watch you want to kind of figure out

might what may work best for you now if

you find something down both of them you

can get an orange and blue additional

package here and then it combines all

the channels and then you'll be able to

watch pretty much anything between the

they do offer additional all the cart

stuff if you want to have a DVR in the

cloud so it saves everything on a server

instead of a local box inside your home

so you don't use you know you get zapped

or anything could happen and you can

lose all that stuff you've been been

saving so you'll watch later later on

and so they do have a DVR option it's

five bucks and here it is so cloud DVR

five dollars you can save I leave it's

50 hours worth of TV and then mam news

kids stuff lifestyle different things

you can add on movie channels of course

you can add all that on here the 40%

down below gives you a discount first

first couple months I believe so you

just save quite a bit of money just by

doing that just see if you like it you

get that 7-day trial the interface to me

on sling is really really good I like it

a lot

I'm using it now for sports because it's

football season but with that link below

if you if you don't have anything really

download sling - for your TV in your

home they have options for example like

ruku maybe even just if you need an area

antenna they have options I don't

necessarily recommend it because I been

there done that I found what works at

the link below but hey if they're giving

it to you free may as well give it a

shot right but you can't get the ruku

plug into your TV download sling and try

it out so definitely if you have it you

sling hit that link below give it a shot

because if 40% off right now is is

really really really good deal for a

couple months you really know if you

like sling or not now as far as

comparing to Hulu I'll do a quick

overview Hulu and then we'll talk kind

of comparison Hulu if you if you know

Hulu or somebody that may have it now

maybe even have the on-demand now they

offer the live TV we're

is really really nice in addition to

what they already offer you have tons of

channels you have 58 almost 60 channels

available with Hulu its $45 I don't have

a discount just yet but obviously if I

if I find one I'm gonna put it down

below but it gets your free trial with

that link below take you to this page

you can check out all the channels

available see what you like don't like

Hulu offers a lot a lot of channels so

definitely check it out

DVR it does include 50 hours and then if

you want additional it's 15 bucks for

200 hours so if you're super busy have a

large family and everybody's always DVR

and it might be worth that upgrade but

you will get 50 right out of the the box

and then you get out of the box initial

signup you'll get two users and then you

can upgrade that also to an unlimited

for 10 dollars so there's a lot of

options between the two so income

actually I want to touch on a couple

other things I'm going to kind of speed

scroll through this you can get movie

channels obviously you're gonna pay

extra just like Hulu or any of the

others actually it's under pricing I'm

gonna click there and then so I could

have kept scrolling so you get your your

60 channels plus or minus but the nice

thing is is you get all the on the man

that you had before or maybe don't even

know about or you've heard somebody talk

about you can watch TV series shows you

have usually a limited time to watch him

but I mean pretty much once they air you

have quite a while to watch those again

so it's almost like a having a DVR but

you don't have to worry about recording

anything there's tons and tons of

on-demand options

so with this $45 package you'll get the

on-demand and you get the live TV so

there in itself is is a really really

really good deal other than that like I

mentioned you have your two screens you

have your DVR and then your

compatibility tablets phones TVs

you're not really limited at all so now

let's compare that to what works saline

cheaper it's not as expensive as Hulu

especially if for example the orange

package works for you you only watch

four or five channels maybe 20 channels

and they're all on the orange package

then oranges way to go before the

discount is $25 a month you can't beat

that you know it's a heck of a lot

cheaper than cable and then that's the

same with blue two for example orange or

up a little bit twenty-five dollars if

you combine the two then before

discounting you're at $40 so you're

starting to creep up there close to Hulu

but I want to stress that if you don't

only watch certain channels and you find

them all on the orange package then

you're set but there is a discount right

now and I have that with the link below

and then you can try it out for yourself

you'll get DVR you get 50 hours but you

have to pay five dollars so with Hulu

you get 50 hours included so $25 before

discount plus $5 now you're at 30 bucks

again still pretty darn good deal now

the other thing I do want to mention is

users Hulu you get one user per package

if you do the orange and blue you get

four so that's nice Hulu when you

initially signup you only get two so if

you need the orange in the blue package

you get 50 hours for an additional $5

but you do get four users which is

really nice so I don't really found many

that go over for users in their

household so that is nice now the bonus

I kind of touched on this before

Hulu with live TV you get the on-demand

the automated does have ads so I'm gonna

give you a heads up there if you're not

an ad fan like this guy you just got to

kind of have to get over it but you will

get on-demand and you will get live TV

for $45 you get two users and you get

free $50 DVR so if you're looking at

sling and you see

this channel is on blue this channel is

on orange and you're going to combine

them and you need DVR you're already

creeped up to forty five dollars you may

want to look at Hulu as an option and

now link below if there's a discount

like I said I'll have it on there but

that link below will get you that

seven-day free trial so you can try out

I guarantee you're gonna like either or

the interfaces are great I like both of

them I've used sling a lot cuz it's been

around a little longer and that's what

I'm using for sports right now but Hulu

by far if you watch a lot of TV and you

you know you have a decent amount of DVR

that you need then who who's gonna be

the way to go but if you want to save

some money sling is absolutely gonna be

the best option I like to hear what you

guys think if you've used it how it

works out for you thanks