Diet Pill Horror Story

have a friend or family member who's so

obsessed with losing weight that they've

resorted to using shady diet pills just

to push their bodies to the furthest

limit well you might want to pay

attention or mention this story and it's

photos that went viral recently this is

a 25 year old father in the UK look

closely all he did he overdosed

accidentally we took 8 just a

controversial diet pills called D and P

took him in one day trying to lose a

little extra fat jump start hoping he

could add more muscle he ended up losing

muscle through all this Doc's had to cut

part of his leg off that had literally

after he took these pills part of his

leg you see there died because of

apparently the chemicals in this but I

don't fully understand what is in this

medicine but it raised his body

temperature to a hundred and seven

degrees he had to be put into a

medically induced coma after eight pills

think twice before you take these things

and again I'm not sitting here implying

that every diet pill but this one in

particular died nitro phenol DNP and

this apparently is highly toxic it

causes your body temperature to

artificially rise we do know that when

you do that you're gonna burn calories

have being sick with the flu burns

calories doesn't mean you're gonna I

want the flu and that's what worries me

about some of these diet pills is they

create an untoward set of circumstances

in your body that they burn calories but

not in a good way we've never been big

believers in diet pills but diet pills

if they are being you should only be

used under the direction there you can't

just do an additive effect say okay well

this medicine is gonna help me do a so

I'm just gonna take eight of them and

maybe I'll get to it be quicker it just

really doesn't work like that so it's

really sad to see some horrible just

I'll tell you right now if eight of them

did that I'll guarantee you even one or

two would do something pretty negative

haribol shocker he says he'll never

touch diet pills again let us all learn

something from this