What are the "BEST ROLLER SKATES" for "BEGINNERS" in 2019?!

hey everybody this is a chad hawk

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got a lot of inbox questions on Facebook

Instagram from a lot of people that have

been watching the videos and wanting to

learn how to do same hula stylus game

won't be smooth on skates doing

everything like that so this is actually

to show you what are the what the best

skates to buy arm the best wheels and

the best bearings so hope thank you for

watching tagging along

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hey everybody we are back so I brought

you to the ride their roller skates

websites cuz yes these are the skates

that I do recommend if you are starting

out so we are artistic skaters so you

can find them under the artistic skate

sets right here you'll see the Rydell

Angel roller skate set they are $129 and

they also do come in juniors and you can

get them in black and white these are

what I'm gonna recommend if you are a

beginner roller skater yes please these

are the ones now also they have some

different ones down here for a little

bit you know a little bit more expensive

but I don't recommend you going out

spending that money until you basically

learn the basics of the of everything

that you're trying to learn now you do

have another option as well if you say

that 129 might be you know a little too

high and you know you want to spend a

little bit cheaper you can also try out

a Chicago skate now with Chicago skates

you have the deluxe these are $100 you

can get them in white or black and the

mids or women's now if you got to spend

$100 I just recommend going ahead and

getting a ride Dale escape why because

of Chicago skates I have from what I

have seen do not last a very long time

I've had my bridal skates for over 10

years now never had an issue with it you

know the leather braking or anything

like that whereas these yeah yeah I've

seen the soles come out you know come

off the come off and everything like

that so I definitely would say just be

careful with that but if you just want

to spend something cheaper you got them

right here for $69.99 that's probably as

low you're gonna get you can try like

Amazon and some other ones you may be

able to find them a little bit cheaper

but Jim these are the ones I'm gonna

recommend they also have some kid sizes

as well these are $50 for kids so

obviously if you do you know you just

have a kid you're casually you know what

it takes game two things like that I do

recommend E so definitely have a cago or

ride down with the top choice meeting

right now they do have some new ones out

that I've heard of

sure grip and things like that but I'm

not too familiar haven't heard many

things about those which yet these are

definitely the way to go right here

now everyone has been asking about

wheels and bearings and things like that

well here we have some China rid of

bones bearings these run at $18.95 so

when you do buy your pair of skates I do

recommend buying a pair of bearings and

wheels to go along with their cousin

ones they're gonna give you aren't very

good if you want that smooth roll you

want to be able to pick up a little bit

speed without working as hard yeah you

do China red bags I do have some phone

Swiss as well not even gonna talk about

those just just just get your sea legs

together first people and let's work on

that now with the roller bones I'm also

gonna recommend a roller ball wheel so

I'm just gonna Google here rolling bones

wheels and they'll pop up right here

same website I just didn't really want

to yeah we use here in st. Louis either

a 57-millimeter or a 62 millimeter with

either a 101 a or 103 a hard wheel so we

you know we use wood we roll on wood

here we have some concrete but we want

let me like a smoother roll so when you

want a hard wheel either a 62 or 57 now

if you're starting out you can actually

spend a little bit cheaper than a

hundred dollars you can spend about $50

to get your first pair of wheels with

the roller balls team so if you're

starting out these are the ones I

recommend now as you can see you can get

them in black white lime green pink you

can get it in purple a few others here

so these are what I'm gonna recommend

for you starting out get you a pair of

these either a 101 either in a Dre 101

or 103 it doesn't really matter when

you're starting out so I'm just gonna

say get you a 57-millimeter and a 101

here so going ahead and just rock with

that on the wheels and then later on

when you upgrade to spend a hundred

dollars you get the roller balls at

least where you can do that now if you

want to say you don't have to do it

later but yeah roller balls will

definitely get you

keep you smooth keep rolling good and

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