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of the top kitchen sinks on the market

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your budget range at number one we have

the Kraus khf 233 standard Pro stainless

steel sink dimensions of this product

are thirty two point eight seven by

twenty point seven five by ten inches

and it weighs thirty seven point seven

pounds Kraus stainless steel sink design

combines fashion with function to fit

any contemporary look of the kitchen its

clean lines and apron front design

compliment any decor from traditional to

transitional to modern it's hand crafted

from premium 16 gauge t30 for a

stainless steel for maximum durability

the extra deep basins accommodate large

dishes with ease the crow sink is

designed with top level soundproofing

including thick rubber dampening pads

additionally it's treated with

protective stone guard coating which

reduces condensation and further dampen

sound each bottom grid is cushioned by

soft protective bumpers to prevent

scratching the corrosion resistant

surface is protected from rust and

oxidation by a meticulous finishing

process commercial grade satin finish

and gently rounded corners provide easy

cleaning it's enough to wipe the surface

with a damp cloth at number 2 we have

the Revati 16 gauge zero radius

stainless steel kitchen sink dimensions

of this product are 22 by 30 3 by 10

inches and it weighs 50 pounds this sync

features commercial grade brushed

finished durable and easy to clean

unlike satin finish the brushed finish

doesn't reveal scratches it matches well

with your kitchen appliances and any

kitchen interior design and it fits into

most existing drop-in sink cutouts it's

heavy duty sound guard under coating and

thick rubber padding minimized noise and

reduced condensation the sloped bottom

allows fast and complete water drainage

the zero radius sharp inside corners add

to its resolutely modern look this thing

comes pre-drilled with four holes for

faucet and optional accessories

installation three matching stainless

steel hole covers are included for the

additional holes if you decide to not

use them for faucet or soap dispenser

installation the package includes one

sink a bottom rinse grid a basket

strainer drain assembly one cutout

template mounting clips and installation


at number three we have the Blanco

diamond silgranit super single sink

dimensions of this product are thirty

two point five by twenty two by nine

point five inches and it weighs 45


the blanco silgranit sink comes in a

variety of shapes sizes and features

combined to bring the best of diamond

collection every detail is designed with

care from the large bowl capacity to the

easy to clean

durable silgranit surface it's made to

provide an expression of your individual

style with high quality materials and

exceptional craftsmanship the Blanco

diamond dual mount super single kitchen

sink offers plenty of room for rinsing

washing soaking spring and straining

operations the rock-hard silgranit

patented surface features a smooth

finish resistant to chips scratches and

heating up to 536 degrees Fahrenheit

silgranit sinks can't be damaged with

knives forks or hot pants the colorful

non-porous surface also makes the bowl

resistant from all stains household

acids and alkalis solutions as well as

easy to clean at number four we have the

Krause khu 130 stainless steel kitchen

sink dimensions of this product are

thirty by eighteen by ten inches and it

weighs 33 pounds this sink is made from

extra tough t30 for stainless steel for

exceptional resistance to corrosion and

rust featuring resilient dent resistant

TR u16 construction TR you 16 reel 16

gauge is exceptionally sturdy 1.5

millimeters thick for a sink that is

highly durable and long-lasting the khu

100 is engineered to secure complete

drainage with a gently sloped bottom

that prevents standing water inside the

ball optimized angle keeps glassware

from falling when placed in the sink

gently rounded corners maximize work

space in the sink bowl and offer a sleek

contemporary look that is still easy to

clean cross exclusive noise defense

soundproofing technology absorbs

vibration and minimizes noise extra

thick sound absorbing pads cover 80% of

the sink base to absorb noise from both

dishwashing and waste disposal

at number five we have the zooms small

kitchen mobile home camper compact sink

dimensions of this product are 15 by 17

by 10 inches and it weighs 22 pounds

this modern sink set features large deep

basin tight radius corners X fast drain

garbage disposal compatible and

functional accessories one of the

quietest sinks in the market cancels

noise and vibration from daily use with

its superior insulation this sink is

made of ultra durable solid 16 gauge

surgical grade stainless top-to-bottom

it's the same brushed stainless as used

for premium kitchen appliances rust and

corrosion proof dent and scratch

resistant it drains boiling water

flushes ice or defrost without the risk

of damage scratch marks blend in with

the sink rains and toned down naturally

over time optionally you may choose to

fast fade these marks by buffing along

the direction of the grains so that sums

up the top kitchen sinks we hope you

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