How to Choose a Kitchen Sink? #HomeTips 1 Granite or Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink.

so the kitchen sink is one of the most

expensive purchases of your kitchen now

this is an area where a lot of

manufacturers and dealers are looking to

loo - straight up Lu - so in today's

video we will discuss how you can buy a

good kitchen sink and make sure you

don't get looted by all these

manufacturers and dealers let's get



hey guys Nick alia from home by now

welcome to home tips in this video I'm

gonna tell you how to choose a kitchen

sink what are the parameters to consider

and why you have to be careful when

you're going about this decision let's

get started

so from washing dishes to rinsing dishes

to washing vegetables all these things

mean it may not be a very you know crazy

technology it may not be smart and all

that but it's one of the most important

aspects of your kitchen you will be

using this every single day multiple

times a day so what are the parameters

to consider when you're buying a kitchen

sink now the parameters to consider are


configuration when I say configuration

up capisco rocking a how you're going to

place it around the kitchen what sort of

different aspects are possible how many

kitchen sinks to have the styles of

kitchen sink and finally the faucet

styles you should consider when you're

going about this purchase the first

thing I'm going to talk about is the

material to use now typically if you

have a granade sort of kitchen counter

then one of the best materials to use is

simple stainless steel it's a very

popular material to use it can be easily

upgraded improved it's gonna last you

for a very long time it's not noisy it's

not pervious it does not rust and it has

a beautiful

you know chromium sort of finish if you

buy the right one now the best part is

because it's completely corrosion

resistant you can be ensured that you

know your kitchen sink is going to last

you for a very very long time now the

second thing is it's very easy to clean

because stainless steel pretty much no

material sticks to stainless steel the

issue however is stainless steel can say

I can scratch very easily so I mean over

time right it looks very shabby and when

you drop items and I tried it makes a

lot of noise so that is

to consider the next material to think

about is a cast-iron kitchen sink

now this particular kitchen sink looks

absolutely beautiful the advantage it

has over a stainless steel kitchen sink

is that it makes very little noise the

vibration and the noise is very less

when you compare to a stainless steel

the added advantage is that you can buy

this car siren kitchen sink in a lot of

different colors next let's talk about

composite kitchen sinks which are you

know sort of polymers and materials

which have been developed by man now

these are basically combinations of

quartz granite and different materials

like that the main advantage of this is

how easy it is to maintain and how

scratch-resistant it is and another

advantage is that you can do it in any

sort of color you know you can do it in

speckled color you can give a very

single solid color I mean you have lots

of varieties and this

so--that's composite kitchen sink for

you finally for a premium sort of look

you can go with virtuous China so now

this is basically a ceramic coated sort

of kitchen things typically this

material is used in bathrooms

however glazed clay material can also be

used in the kitchen these days now the

advantage with this is how beautiful it


how maintenance-free it is and how

scratch-free it is the issue however is

that you'll have to just be careful when

you are dropping you know very heavy

items on this and finally let's get into

solid surfacing now solid surfacing is

pretty much converting the existing

kitchen countertop and the kitchen sink

into a single element this can be done

with materials like Korean acrylic base

and different polyesters now this is a

bit hard to do but it can the only issue

you're going to face with this you have

color options you have flexibility in

terms of configurations and things like

that but the only issue you're going to

face with this is when you have hot

objects because it's a polymer they

might be chances that it you know melts

or deforms and when you have very sharp

objects it can start dinging so you have

to be careful when you go with a sort of

formed kitchen sink so now let's get

into the styles of kitchen things which

are possible the first style is an

undermount kitchen sink now these are

installed beneath the sort of countertop

now they don't provide any transition

from the countertop and the sink the

advantages they don't so you don't have

you don't collect any debris you don't

collect any sort of materials in between

and things like that the problem however

is installing this under mounted kitchen

sink is a bit expensive so this type of

kitchen sink works best if you get the

solid surfacing done along with granite

because the edge you know it's it's like

it's almost like a seamless thing next

let's talk about the drop in kitchen

sink these are very simple low cost

options basically you can just drop in a

kitchen sink right there where you have

created a cavity on the countertop now

the advantage of this is is very easy to

replace however over time right that

place where you drop it in may develop

some amount of debris and things like

that and the disadvantage with this is

it it lacks a sleek profile so it

doesn't look that sexy or that elegant

next we have a farmhouse kitchen sink

now this is a this I'm calling this a

farmers witch and think it's commonly

also known as a window kitchen sink now

the installation requires slightly

special considerations because you'll be

installing it right beneath the kitchen

window it's not possible in every house

but in houses which is possible it looks

absolutely beautiful now you may need a

specific type of base cabinet in place

to be able to put this kitchen sink but

you have to this looks absolutely

beautiful it's durable and you know it's

a separate element in itself to the

kitchen design now let's get into the

next parameter you have to consider

which is installation options now the

way you install your kitchen sink can

vary you can get a simple Basin

configuration which is just the sink in

itself and nothing else you can also get

a double Basin compare configuration so

what this means is they will essentially

be two sinks next to each other

equal sizes the advantage with this is

you can you know scrub or clean your

vegetables in one place and maybe a

wrench in another place and things like

that these are two equal sort of sink

configurations now commonly of course

you go with a single basin kitchen sink

the thing you have to keep in mind over

here is that you know it's because you

have a single basin you tend to go with

a bigger sink and because of that you

can use bigger pans bigger

what's to be cleaned very easily the

disadvantage however is because it's

just a single sort of basin I mean

multitasking and all becomes a bit more

challenge so these are the two options

you can go with finally let's look into

where you're going to place your kitchen

sink one is a standard kitchen sink

where you place anywhere in your

countertop you just have to make sure

that the plumbing lines are properly

allocated and your jobs done now say you

want something different one of the

areas where you can actually place a

kitchen sink is me is in the corner now

this is a very efficient use of space

because when you keep a kitchen sink in

the corner you know it's accessible in

multiple directions it's right on the

corner so it doesn't take too much space

and it gives you a lot more workspace in

your kitchen and your countertop and

things like that the challenge however

is the plumbing lines and all ensuring

that they work perfectly is a bit hard

so you need a experienced plumber to be

able to pull it off now finally this is

one really cool option in terms of the

configuration or installation of the

kitchen sink can you have two kitchen

sinks so this is I'm not talking about a

double basin kitchen sink I'm talking

about two separate kitchen sinks

altogether so depending on the size of

your kitchen if you have an eyeline type

kitchen meaning you have a separate

countertop right in between in the

center of the kitchen you can have a

very small sink there this is for quick

washes and things like that and of

course if you will have a separate sink

all together in the kitchen now finally

let's look at the last factor which

we'll have to consider which is the sink


now the sink faucet also has seen a lot

of innovation you have showers you have

these sort of pipes and tubes and you

know a single faucet which can be moved

around and all so let's look at what all

options you have the first thing you

have to keep in mind is the finish of

the kitchen sink so these days of course

chrome option is common you know the

stay shiny polished sort of chrome

option how are you also get brass you

also get brushed metal options do look

at them because some of them look really

sexy really sexy

now next let's look at the height of the

faucet which you want now you can have a

very tall faucet the advantage with this

will be there when you have a high

for said you can put you know larger

pans or higher sort of you know

containers to be washed and the second

thing about this is that because it's

impacting because of water is coming

from a height you know washing becomes a

bit more easier because there's more

impact created you have to keep in mind

though it can spill elsewhere so you

give sufficient space the next thing is

do you want to spray so a lot of faucet

these days come with a you know

accessory mix like your shower spray it

comes in the faucet itself so this

allows you to do proper cleaning and

proper xing of the kitchen sink itself

of the different pots or things like

that which you have in mind so you know

you spray is a very good option which

you should consider now finally do you

want hot and cold controls or just want

cold control so I think that it's good

to go with both controls if you have the

budget because I mean think about it

right say you wanna quickly watch

something in hot water or you wanna

rinse something in hot water you don't

have to think too much you can just turn

on a kitchen heater maybe in a couple of

minutes get some hot water so this is

one advantage to keep in mind if you do

decide to go with cold and hot option

make sure you inform your plumber well

beforehand inform your architect well

beforehand so that they include you know

the pre-drilled holes and you know pipe

connections beforehand itself and

finally while choosing the faucet just

make sure that you choose the right

material or the faucet because

maintenance of a faucet can be a

challenge it tends to get water water

and stain marks hopefully I mean

corrosion is very very rare this time

but the corrosion is in terms of you

know salt marks and water marks and

things like that so by a very nice

material faucet which you can clean very

easily so this is all the factors you

need to consider when you're purchasing

a kitchen sink for your dream home now

again you can go in detail and as more

comprehensive as possible but basically

when you are speaking to your architects

speaking to your dealers do consider

these factors do ask them these

questions so that they keep you informed

and they tell you about all these

details because I mean I have seen a lot

of times that people just don't ask the

question so you should ask some

questions you should ask some details

and ask them these questions try to

answer these questions even before you

go into the discussion so you make an

informed decision and no one takes you

for a ride thanks a lot for watching

guys see you guys in the next video