TOP 10 Best Side by Side and Sport UTVs For The Money


it's no surprise that side-by-side UTV's

are really taking off as they are safe

easy to handle and great for cruising

with friends focusing on the off-road

segment and having already covered ATVs

today I will address their bigger

brothers known as either you TVs or

side-by-sides the UTV industry is on


with new models hitting the ground at a

seemingly unending pace manufacturers

are paying close attention to their

customers and how they ultimately use

their products and are using what they

learn in current and future production

but choosing the right side by side that

offers the best quality versatility and

overall fun to be overwhelming because

there are so many great options that are

currently available and it will

ultimately be based on the primary use

of the vehicle and the experience of the

driver we've compiled a list of the

industry leaders each with their own

unique idea of what's best for the UTV

trail crowd for those in the market for

a machine that can not only negotiate

the toughest trails but it will do so

with the entire family along for the


these are the UTV's you'll want to give

a solid look


while can't double X has arrived the

most incredible ride you've ever felt

with a suspension system inspired by

off-road racing for unmatched stability

and control

18 inches of front and rear travel Fox

2.5 podium EQs three shocks with bottom

al control ball built to put you in

command of a 125 horsepower EFI engine

with a vibe that feels like a walk in

the damn Park

it handles boldly corners ruthlessly and

put sly over everything

there's more to a great ride than

suspension shocks and precision

engineering we left no stone unturned so

you could conquer any Brock rut or

ravine this is inside the ride

the Wildcat double x driver experience

wildcat double X is the biggest thing to

hit off-roading in years but it takes a

lot of little things to create an

unbeatable ride which is why every inch

of Wildcat double X is built to be more

durable and more comfortable than any of

our competitors start with how it's

built a race inspired caged and insanely

tough components like double sheer

joints aluminum front knuckles and an

hsla tubular frame let wildcat double x

take any punishment you can dish out

even the engine is top mounted to avoid

taking a beating very bottom outs but an

ultra tough ride shouldn't be tough on

the rider double X features a driver

first design that's more comfortable and

convenient for you from the largest

calves in the industry to ergonomic

seating from a bed that can fit a

full-size spare tire to an engine you

can access through the bed for easy

service throw in a 300 pound capacity

cargo box a four gallon glovebox and in

arsenal of purpose-built OAM designed

accessories and you've got the ultimate

driver experience a new renaissance has

been unleashed in the side-by-side world

Pan Am's

2018 maverick x3 and maverick x3 max

have soared to the top with a design so

bold everyone is taken notice

and this year with an additional power

increase and lower price point

these machines are turning even more



defiant precise and powerful the 2018

maverick x3 rules the roost right

out-of-the-box these machines have

everything you need and more the

industry-leading turbocharged Rotax

engine launches you across the desert at

speeds that will lead others Ostra and

eating dust with its top-notch torque a

defiant attitude is all that's needed to

conquer the tallest hills and most

brutal trails

so put the pedal to the metal and

dominate those dues in order to master

your playground you need a solid

foundation with the best-in-class TTX

rear suspension and Fox shocks you get

24 inches of suspension travel so you

can ride with precision through whoops

rocks sand and dirt because of your

spirit can't be contained why should

your boundaries with the shiftless

transmission you can drive it hard or

cruise the biggest bulls with zero

torque interruption

these winning features give you a smooth

ride that will keep the family and

friends coming back for more

when your inner beast beckons don't back


saddle up with the class-leading 2018

maverick x3 and maverick x3 max the

all-new Polaris general xB 1000 and

general XP for 1000 the ultimate

off-road wreck utility vehicles an

uncompromising combination of

performance versatility and capability

taking general to the next level general

XP 1000 delivers unstoppable performance

with a wider stance and a stronger

chassis for the confidence to push

harder and tackle the unknown

class-leading power for faster

acceleration and unrelenting capability

the biggest stock tires in its class for

superior traction and control and high

clearance a arms to deliver ground

clearance without evil so you can rise

above obstacles

when it comes to versatility the general

XP 1000 is in a class of its own with

premium Walker Evans shocks for optimum

control industry-leading suspension

travel to tame ugly terrain and new high

intensity long-distance LED lights to

push beyond the darkness the general XP

1000 delivers a ride experience like no

other bring everything you need and more

with 600 pounds of cargo capacity a 23

litre tilting rear box integrated cab

storage and 1,500 pounds of towing

capability updated ride command group

ride allows you to track and connect

with others in premium Rockford Fosgate

audio delivers unrivaled sound offroad

the all-new general XP 1000


when developing the Carrick's Carrick's

1000 we wanted to offer class-leading

ride comfort but also the high

performance required to tackle tough

terrain wheels positioned as far as

possible result in an aggressive overall

stance along 99 inch wheelbase combined

with long wheel travel contributes to

both performance and ride comfort easy

comfortable handling also comes thanks

to speed sensitive electric power

steering speed and torque sensors help

determine the level of assistance needed

from the system's electric motor

assistance is greatest at slow speed or

when stopped and is reduced as your

speed increases for more responsive


the system also helps significantly

reduce kickback to the steering wheel

when it comes to stopping power large

hydraulic disc brakes on all four wheels

deliver incredible stopping power and

control we design the front brakes to

engage just before the rear so you get

smooth linear brake field for more

precise brake control and to help keep

the mud at bay

we added scrapers on the insides of the

rear brake discs the chassis dimensions

combined with speed sensitive electric

power steering and precise brake control

helped achieve high performance yet

comfortable handling characteristics so

when the trail gets slick the mud so

thick you can feel it taking hold of you

each pit deeper and rougher than the

last some might turn around but your

crew you dive right in because you've

got each other's backs and so does the

all-new defender XMR

when you're up to your eyes in mud the

defender XMR snorkel cbt engine it takes

will get your crew in out and back again

all day long

select between a 4x4 pulley lock front

differential or the two smart lock modes

dedicated to delivering optimal traction

and mud mode for deep mud riding or the

trail mode while traveling to and back

from your favorite mud spot whichever

mode you select you can change it while

riding without the need to stop slow

down or straighten the wheels and the

arched a-arm suspension will keep you

and your buds cruising comfortably while

crushing the pits and ripping through

the slides


when your crew gets together we know

things can get wild that's why we threw

on a front bumper Rock sliders mud

guards and a relocated winch with

synthetic rope that will guarantee to

get you moving when you get into trouble

so yeah don't hold that and did we

mention the defender XMR is fitted with

30 inch ITP cryptid tires and 14-inch

cast aluminum wheels so you can tear up

any terrain and come out on top so when

that trail gets wet and the mud gets

thick gather the crew pop open the

cooler and bring it on because this

defender XMR is ready to dive in