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shingles otherwise known as herpes

zoster is a reactivation of the virus

that causes chickenpox starting in the

1990s most children had been routinely

immunized for chickenpox with a vaccine

prior to this the majority of people

acquire the actual chickenpox virus and

for those that experience chickenpox

there is a risk of the virus coming back

in the form of shingles and that's what

we're talking about today the major

updates and shingles are with regards to

vaccines in 2006 a shingles vaccine

called zoster vaccine goals and it's

complications and is what's known as a

live attenuated vaccine meeting it's not

completely dead and therefore there is a

theoretical risk of getting the

infection from the vaccine itself so

since it's been out since 2006 for the

past 10 years or so there was this

concern for patients who had a rheumatic

disease on high doses of immune

suppressing medications that they could

get the infection however recently at

the 2019 American College of

Rheumatology annual meeting researchers

reported zoster backs is safe for people

who are currently receiving a class of

medications known as tumor necrosis

factor inhibitors or TNF inhibitors and

this study was a big deal these

medications are biologic therapies used

to treat a whole host of different

rheumatic diseases such as rheumatoid

arthritis psoriatic arthritis and many

others there are five different TNF

inhibitors approved by the FDA these are

at a limit mad and flix amad meet enter

Sept go luma mad and Sirte Lizaveta the

name of the study was called the verve

trial and this was a randomized control

trial of more than 600 individuals in

the United States receiving TNF

inhibitor therapies now the goal of the

study was to evaluate how safe and

effective zoster FEX was in these

patients who might have a not normal

immune system due to their TNF inhibitor

treatment the majority of these patients

either had rheumatoid arthritis or in

psoriatic arthritis and what the

researchers did is they gave zoster


patience and watch them over a period of

six weeks and at the end of that six

weeks period they said okay well who

developed shingles during that time and

at the end of the day zero patience

developed confirmed shingles

thus this provided evidence that zoster

backs is safe at least in this

particular patient population now that

being said in 2017 a new different

vaccine called Shing ryx was released

that is more than 90% effective in

preventing shingles and his complication

post herpetic neuralgia and at this

point is to prefer vaccine recommended

by the Centers for Disease Control or

CDC adults over the age of 50 are

approved for the vaccine and it is given

in a two shot series administered two to

six months apart now Shane Brooks is

different from zoster vaccine that is a

dead virus and thus there is no risk of

getting the infection from the vaccine

however in order to make the vaccine

effective it contains what is called a

strong adjuvant think of that as a

immune stimulator and the purpose of

this adjuvant is so that your immune

system will better recognize the vaccine

and thus provide long lasting protection

but because of this cynics can produce a

strong response from your immune system

so it may produce short term side

effects that are a little more intense

than you're used to from other vaccines

these side effects can be uncomfortable

but they are expected and typically go

away on their own in about two to three

days of note even if you've had the

original shingles vaccine exhaustive

acts you can still get shingles and if

you had shingles before you should still

get vaccinated

jinguk's is covered by most health care

providers and most healthcare insurers

but you should still call your insurance

company just to make sure you don't have

a lot of out of pocket expense lastly

although approved for those over the age

of 50 there are some individuals that

are younger than 50 who are at high risk

due to their specific disease or the

treatments they receive so they should

speak with their rheumatologist on the

utility of receiving either Zostavax or

Sheng Greeks that's all for now thanks

for watching