20 Best-Selling Products On Amazon

Amazon is one of the most used ecommerce

companies in the world no wonder its

founder Jeff Bezos is one of the

wealthiest guys on the planet Amazon

sells millions of products but what are

the ones with sales that do the best

keep watching to find out 20 best

selling products on Amazon 20 Amazon

echo most people more commonly referred

to this smart speaker as Alexa or just

echo Amazon first released the echo in

2014 at the time Syria was the reigning

virtual assistant but over the years

Alexa has slowly become popular too the

Amazon echo responds to either

echo or Alexa its features include

playing music voice interaction creating

to-do lists weather reports streaming

podcasts and many more the newest

generation sells for $9.99 on Amazon and

of course it's one of their best selling

products similarly the sales for the

echo dot are doing well too the dot is a

shorter version of the regular echo and

debuted in 2018 it has most of the

capabilities of the echo and is sold at

half the price 19 Beckham hotel

collection gel pillows on Amazon a pair

of these luxury pillows sell for $35.99

and it's one of the best selling items

on the site what's so great about them

the Beckham hotel collection pillows are

gel fill like memory foam the gel shapes

to your head to ensure your head stays

in place while you sleep the Beckham

collection claims their gel pillows are

also resistant to mold dust mites and

mildew so if you're prone to allergies

or asthma these are ideal pillows for

you plus their stain resistant so no one

will know you brought your soda into

your room and accidentally spilled it on

the sheets 18 instant pot pressure

cooker were you expecting a pressure

cooker to be on this list it must be a

great product the instant pot seven and

one pressure cooker six quart is 99.99

cents while the 8 quart pot seven in one

sells for $139.95 and combines the

functions of a slow cooker pressure

cooker rice cooker steamer yogurt maker

and warmer and it can saute it is the

number one selling multi cooker and has

4.5 stars on amazon with nearly 30,000

customer reviews 17 amazon music on

membership material things aren't the

only things you can purchase on Amazon

one of the most popular deals on the

website is their unlimited music service

for $7.99 per month or $79 per year you

can access unlimited music on Amazon

compare that to the regular $9.99 with

competitors like Spotify this is a deal

for eligible Amazon Prime members you

already qualify access to millions of

songs at no additional cost 16 poopourri

throw away that spray can of a breeze

our Glade if you want to keep the

bathroom smelling as fresh as before you

went number two then try poopourri

instead a two ounce bottle of this

toilet spray cost ten dollars and fifty

two cents on Amazon for this size

poopourri promises their product has 100

uses the company calls it the original

toilet spray created with a

scientifically tested formula consisting

of natural compounds and essential oils

to avoid spray products with harsh

chemicals parabens formaldehyde and

aerosol puffery is your best bet

15 HD fire tablets there's a new HD fire

tablet in town it's connected to a LexA

meaning you can access it hands-free

with a new total of 2 million pixels the

screen of the fire HD 10 offers Full HD

video and images watching YouTube

reading articles and playing games on

such a small screen never looked so

clear the 32 gigabyte tablet is priced

at $149.90 with the 64 gigabyte tablet

that includes a show mode charging dock

is $229 and 29 cents 14 by Gale packing

cubes it doesn't seem like adding more

things to your luggage will help you

pack more efficiently and save room but

maybe you've never tried packing cubes

among the most popular are the packing

cubes brother brand by Gale a set of 4

packing cubes of various sizes just cost

$19.99 ask any of your frequent traveler

friends most of them probably swear by

packing cubes the gale claims you can

avoid overweight charges at the airport

even with these cubes because they're so

lightweight 13 anchor power core

external battery sometimes you don't

have the time to charge your phone or

tablet to keep your check powered on

while on the go a favorite device is the


for 10,000 battery pack typically this

portable charger cost $29.99 to $31.99

but on prime day you can snag this

battery for just $19.99 it's a regular

bestseller on Amazon for its light

weight its ability to charge fast and

overall good quality when you search for

portable chargers the anchor power core

is listed under Amazon's choice 12

squatty potty the squatty potty was one

of the most interestingly marketed

products ever watch their famous

commercial on YouTube and you'll

understand the video showed a man

dressed up in a renaissance outfit he

explains the correct way to defecate in

a toilet and how you need to elevate

your legs so that you can poop easier he

does all this with the help of a puppet

unicorn that poops rainbows all of that

may sound ridiculous but many customers

who bought the squatty potty say they do

go to the bathroom easier now on Amazon

you can purchase this toilet stool for

just $24.99 11's pee socks compression

socks sometimes it's not enough to just

run and deal with the soreness to assist

in improving your blood circulation and

reducing the lactic acid buildup in your

muscles SB socks offers their

compression socks these socks come in 11

different colors and allow your feet and

legs to breathe through the fabric the

socks wick moisture away so that you

don't have sweaty socks and it also uses

anti odor technology so that your socks

don't smell SP socks is knee-high

compression socks or $12.95 on Amazon if

you want their sock sleeves that relieve

heel pain it's an additional four

dollars 10 Bose quiet comfort 25

acoustic you can buy these headphones

for two hundred and four dollars and 11

cents on Amazon while it may cost nearly

$300 from other vendors the Bose quiet

comfort 25 acoustic headphones are one

of the most popular noise cancelling


the quiet comfort 25 are comfortable and

fit around your ear instead of pressing

down on it making it perfect

travelers who want to block out the

outside world and relax on a flight

they're compatible with Apple products

such as iPhone 3GS and iPad iPod Touch

as well as a few other iPods nine oral-b

white crow 1000 pink you ever paid $40

for toothbrush if you don't think much

about your oral health you probably buy

cheaper toothbrushes initially the

oral-b Y Pro 1000 power rechargeable

electric toothbrush was $65.99 now it

sells for $39.95 on Amazon which is a

deal considering it's a highly rated

toothbrush the bristles of the brush

oscillate rotate and pulsate which

breaks down the plaque around your teeth

for a similar effect with a regular

toothbrush you have to brush fast other

electric brushes of similar quality will

cost nearly double what the oral-b brush

does eight turtle pillow whether you

travel via car plane or train you've

noticed that people like to bring their

u-shaped pillows to place around their

neck as they sleep in a sitting position

if these pillows never work for you you

might want to try a turtle pillow

yes--that's turtle but without all the

vowels the turtle travel pillow looks

more like a scarf and fits like one too

it wraps around your neck for the best

kind of support people also Eve about

how soft it is thanks to the fleece it

won't add too much to your luggage

weight as it weighs just half a pound

one of these pillows cost $29.99 7

SanDisk Ultra 32 gigabyte memory card

photography has never been so massively

popular until now nowadays everyone can

see your photos if you post them and

people do want to post pictures it makes

sense that a small item like a SanDisk

Ultra 32 gigabyte memory card sells fast

online they're inexpensive as well

selling as $9.33 each with free shipping

on Amazon 6 23andme DNA test

there are similar companies such as and my heritage calm that

provide DNA testing services Amazon's

answer to that is selling the 23andme

DNA test for $199 how it works is you

take a sample of your saliva and send it

to the 23andme lab when you purchase the

kit online you receive results about 6

to 8 weeks later from the results you

learn about your ancestry and a general

health report you're guaranteed fast

shipping because it's listed as one of

Amazon's top choices 5 magnetic toys

Amazon is also home to the coolest


gadgets there's no practical reason for

having a toy ball or plant pot

levitating in your house other than pure

fun first off is the floating globe sold

by xaj Chow priced at $68 and 49 cents

it's pretty self-explanatory it's a

globe of the earth that floats between

its base the globe rotates to for

decoration people like to purchase

magnetic balls like this one except

sometimes they look like basketballs or

footballs and are priced starting from

$35 and upwards

a levitating light bulb or plant pot may

cost you closer to $130 for iRobot

Roomba Roombas are like little pets that

clean up after you not only is the

Roomba more subtle than a large loud

vacuum but the newer iRobot Roomba can

pick up anything from chunky crumbs to

small dust particles this feature is

called their property three-stage system

which enables for a more thorough

cleaning we can schedule these robots to

clean up to seven times a week

automatically or you can press the clean

button for when you need it no need to

worry about remembering to recharge it

because the iRobot Roomba

automatically will dock and charge

itself it's also made to fit under it

furniture and other small spaces only

measuring three point six inches or nine

point one centimeters tall it cleans all

four types rutile to carpet wood and

more three amazon firetv stick utilizing

streaming services such as Hulu Netflix

or HBO might feel like a hassle when it

comes to viewing things on your TV with

Amazon fire TV stick you use a little

remote which looks a lot simpler than TV

remotes and a small USB like tool that's

called the fire TV stick what's more is

that the new fire TV stick comes with

Alexis voice meaning you can verbally

control the remote it's easy to take it

with you on vacation and plug into the

hotel or Airbnb TV because of its small

size to LifeStraw this thing will come

in handy in a post-apocalyptic world for

now it's useful for times we are in the

wilderness and need some clean water to

drink it may not look like much but the

LifeStraw allows you to drink water in

the wild the LifeStraw filters out

99.999% of waterborne bacteria and

waterborne protozoan parasite if you're

worried has more to do with viruses the

LifeStraw family 1.0 removes 99.999% of

viruses from the water source it sounds

like a huge miracle and for those living

in conditions where water is in fact

clean it is before we tell you number

one we have a quest

for you when it comes to online services

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video games streaming let us know in the

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one Kindle unlimited membership lastly

the top seller in Amazon isn't

necessarily a gadget but a contract for

three months of Kindle unlimited you may

access over 1 million books for $9.99

unless you regularly go to the Library

of Congress or the boat alayan in Oxford

then your local library probably doesn't

have as big as a selection libraries are

free but if you don't have the time

where that means to reach a library then

paying $9.99 instead of spending over a

dollar for every ebook is gonna save you

a lot of money in the long run thank you

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