Top 10 BEST SELLING Books In History

the top 10 best-selling books in history


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ranking the best-selling books in

history and give you guys some of the

best titles and authors that should be

on your reading list if they aren't

already we also know that most of you

don't like to waste time reading bad

books so if you want to try the all-time

bestsellers here's your chance we did

our homework and put together ten of the

best-selling books that were ever

written and our classic books and

all-time favorites

unlike most religious writings and

medieval manuscripts that only depicted

life at the castle and the daily

struggles of ordinary people more recent

books especially after printers were

invented are fictional masterpieces that

managed to stay relevant for years and

to multiple generations reading is still

viewed as one of the most relaxing and

beneficial hobbies or habits that people

can easily pick up reading books can

significantly improve vocabulary

imagination and communication with

others you constantly learn something

new while you unwind and most

importantly you don't do any damage to

your eyes or your brain there's nothing

more sad than seeing people waste time

and refuse to hook up was a good book

that could possibly change their life or

at least the way they think and did we

mention that this is the best pick-up

line and conversation starter yes books

are amazing and we can't stop preaching

about reading since it's also a habit of

rich and successful people if you're new

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without further adieu let's see which

authors made it into the Hall of Fame

list of the best-selling books in

history we have both women and men and

different genres but all in all only the

best books number 10 Dan Brown DaVinci


80 million copies starting was a

best-seller from 15 years and the book

that made Dan Brown a best-selling

author The Da Vinci Code yes you've

definitely heard about this famous book

that was released back in 2003 it's been

15 years since then and the book is

still making people doubt the church and

Jesus Christ the subject is indeed

highly sensitive and Dan Brown has

conducted years of studies to get his

facts checked and write the whole story

although it's full of information cleric

mentions and plot twists it's a semi

fiction story because most characters

are not real Dan Brown has a few other

books that kind of tackle this subject

and with the same character Robert

Langdon but this one was a hugely

controversial story for months TV shows

and lots of people criticized the book

and began taking sides because the way

he wrote the book and the facts that

were presented are simply making you

doubt everything you already know we're

not giving away any spoilers don't worry

guys we're not that kind of people since

it's huge release the book has been

trending and ranking like crazy it sold

over 80 million copies it's been made

into a successful film adaptation some

parodies and of course lawsuits at 54

years old Dan Brown still writes books

about controversial subjects and has a

net worth between 20 to 100 million

dollars depending on which source you

read and since he released another

robert langdon book last year

origins it looks like we're about to

hear more and more about him and his

famous professor number 9 H rider

Haggard Shi a history of adventure

83 million copies moving on we changed

the theme a little since we're now

talking about a different book xi the

history of adventure is the kind of book

that keeps you glued to the pages for

hours and hours

the story is about Horace Holley and his


Leo Vincey wandering in a lost kingdom

in the African interior there they meet

an indigenous tribe and their white

queen aisha who reigns as the

all-powerful she or she who must be

obeyed as they call her sometimes the

story is inspired by two major themes

the lost world sub-genre and the British

colonialism in Africa since its

publication in 1887 the book has been a

massive influence for future English

novelists and a worldwide success so far

over 83 million copies have been sold

and it's now available in print audio

book and ebook options for those who

want to read it what makes the book so

great is that the author H rider Haggard

was inspired by a lot of personal

travels and childhood memories while

writing the story it's a story about

romance adventure fantasy and gothic

elements which makes it so much more

relevant and unique some great writers

such as Henry Miller or j.r.r tolkien

admitted to have being inspired by it

and that's why it's on our exclusive


there's also around eleven screen

adaptations of the story so feel free to

watch any of those as well number eight

CS Lewis The Lion the Witch and the

Wardrobe eighty-five million copies

because we like a little fantasy

sprinkled here and there and a damn good

story we have the best childhood story

by CS Lewis The Lion the Witch and the

Wardrobe the book is a part of The

Chronicles of Narnia and is by far one

of the most famous and best selling out

of all seven books it follows the story

of children that are staying in an old

countryside home and discovers a land of

Narnia from that moment on they embark

on a journey of self-discovery fighting

the Evil Queen and the mythical

creatures that help them along the way

it's a beautiful story that keeps that

young fantasy spirit alive some books

have beautifully made illustrations that

help depict all the craziness that

happens in Narnia and even though the

movies made after the book are really

good the book is still better

we will always go with the book and

encourage you guys to read and then

watch the movie some say the book

depicts a strong allegory to Jesus

Christ's crucifixion and connections to

other stories such as Snow White

altogether this book that means so much

to so many kids has sold over 85 million

copies so far and is still one of the

most kept books in libraries and

bookstores if you're not so much into

fantasy books then we strongly advise

you to see the movie instead because

they follow the story quite accurately

and have advanced CGI graphics number

seven ouch ooch in the dream of the red

chamber 100 million copies heading to

China we find one of the greatest novels

to ever come from the country this book

is one of the four greatest classical

novels even though the book is published

with many titles such as dream of the

red chamber the story of the stone red

chamber dream and a dream of red

mansions as you'd expect all writers are

inspired by their families and the times

in which they live this one is also semi

autobiographical where the action

follows house family the Ching dynasty

from the 18th century marvellous details

of daily life the Chinese culture and

psychology are depicted in this book

some of the first manuscripts were

handwritten and passed down for a good

period of time so a few edits might have

sneaked in

but since the modern printers were

invented the book sold in over 100

million copies worldwide making it

available in multiple languages and

audiobook versions if you plan on

reading this book which we strongly

advise you to do get ready for a complex

story with over 40 main characters a lot

of Chinese names and beautiful ancient

Chinese legends and since it won't give

away too much about the story we'll

leave you with this quote from the

opening chapter so you get a little

taste truth becomes fiction when the

fictions true real becomes not real

where the unreal real

number six JK Rowling Harry Potter and

the Sorcerer's Stone 120 million copies

we couldn't have done this ranking

without mentioning this contemporary

female writer JK Rowling is the kind of

girl boss that makes other females be

more confident and follow their dreams

she's the first author to become a

billionaire and one of the greatest

philanthropists our world has her famous

series Harry Potter brought her

international recognition and plenty of

opportunities out of all of the seven

books Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's

Stone is the one that made it to our

list since it sold over 120 million

copies the whole series has over 520

million copies sold worldwide and is of

course one of the best-selling series of

all time there's a lot of Records around

this famous series as well and the

author so we're not even going to bother

telling you the plot since you guys 100%

know it already we would even bet that

at least half of our subscribers are

Harry Potter fans and have seen the

movies The Sorcerer's Stone is the first

book in the series and it can be found

under two different names Harry Potter

and the Sorcerer's Stone in the US

version and Harry Potter and the

Philosopher's Stone in the UK version

with this first book and the first movie

all the world fell in love with the

magical characters and let's be honest

this series was a major career breaker

for Daniel Radcliffe or Emma Watson

since the series was released a lot of

people visited the places mentioned in

the book such as the platform 9 and 3/4

sign on London's Kings Cross railway

station or Gringotts wizarding in London

and a Luxor since we're talking about

Harry Potter and JK Rowling we can't

stretch it too far since we have five

other best-selling books on our list but

if you're interested we have a video all

about JK Rowling and the book that made

her famous click in the top right corner

to check it out

number five Antoine de saint-exupéry the

little prince 100 or 40 million copies

getting closer to number one we stumble

upon another cute children's book the

little prince or La Petite France as so

many call it by its original French name

even though it's mostly a children's

story in some critics opinions since

it's pretty short only 96 pages the book

is a magical story and has been

translated into 250 languages and

dialects so everyone can enjoy it the

book has surpassed the 100 million

copies sold milestone and is now at 140

million copies and still counting after

the 2015 cinematic adaptation of the

book which had major Hollywood names

like Rachel McAdams James Franco or

Marion cottilard and a box office of

97.5 million dollars the story came back

again into the public eye with their

cute and symbolic characters the story

of the little prince is now so famous

that all over the world museums and

statues are attributed to it the

original manuscript of the story written

by Antoine de saint-exupery can be found

in Morgan Museum and Library in New York

as well as other personal objects of the

author and a signed edition of the book

since this prince is so famous you might

wonder who ellis trated him and how he

always looked the same in all of the

books and movies well when the author

wrote the book he also illustrated the

characters and the main sets up to this

day 75 years after its first publication

the original drawings are still used to

depict the little prince number 4 j.r.r

tolkien the Lord of the Rings series 150

million copies we all remember the 2003

Oscar Awards ceremony when the Lord of

the Rings The Return of the King took

home no more than 11 Oscars therefore

holding the record for the biggest Oscar

sweep of all time the same movie also

passed the 1 billion dollar milestone in

box offices and is now among the 10 best

movies of all time among classics like

Titanic or Ben Hur but what about the

books inspired Peter Jackson to move to

New Zealand for a few years to film this

masterpiece the Lord of the Rings series

written by JRR tolkien are the best

fantasy books of all time even better

than Harry Potter as sales show they've

sold over 150 million copies worldwide

translated in multiple languages and are

offed by millions of fans the movies the

comics the books and the memes are

simply more reasons why this story is so

epic we can all relate to Gandalf and

the hobbits in our lives and we have to

admit that for a movie marathon the Lord

of the Rings extended version is the

best option it's the kind of trilogy

that can be watched over and over again

until you know all the lines and still

get to sob or hesitate at some scenes

but one doesn't simply watch the trilogy

right getting back to our books they are

simply more detailed and elaborate than

the movies Tolkien has created this

incredible universe from scratch and it

would be a pity not to fully understand

the story and the universe and on top of

all of that the books are also packed

with maps songs and elvish dictionary

just read the books they'll be amazing

even if you've seen the movies already

number three Charles Dickens A Tale of

Two Cities two hundred million copies

classics like Charles Dickens will

always have a special place in

everyone's heart and The Tale of Two

Cities is certainly that one book that

defined the English literature and gave

us one of the best characters ever it

begins with the famous line it was the

best of times it was the worst of times

and it's about one of the two most

beautiful cities London and Paris the

story takes place before the French

Revolution and it's divided into forty

five chapters the first edition was in

fact published in thirty-one weekly

installments in Dickens new literary

periodical titled all the year round and

then later put together as a Tale of Two

Cities although there are some

controversies that follow this great

masterpiece of English literature like

people criticizing Dickens of writing a

tale about the French Revolution while

he was a resident of London meaning he

had little knowledge about what actually

happened in France or that the book

didn't do so well in sales multiple

sources say that a Tale of Two Cities

was sold in more than two hundred

million copies and we stand by that

affirmation the book is epic by all

means and it actually served as the

inspiration for the character of Bane

from Batman The Dark Knight Rises not to

mention that the next novel Dickens

wrote after the success was Great


which is another great book sorry haters

you can't bring down this classic writer

number two Miguel de Cervantes Don

Quixote 500 million copies has always

the second to last story and author is

one that will never die if you've never

heard about this book then maybe you do

live under a rock or simply don't read

Don Quixote is the story of a nobleman

or Hidalgo as they're called in Spain

and his journey to bring back chivalry

the story is cited by many people and

fellow writers as a stepping stone to

Western literature and the best ever

written book Don Quixote also inspired a

lot of movie characters and cartoons

even though the book was released in

1605 by Miguel de Cervantes his book is

viewed as the most influential work of

literature from the Spanish Golden Age

and possibly the entire country a lot of

statues with Don Quixote are placed

throughout Spain and all over the world

this famous character will never die

because he represents hope and the lost

faith in humanity we all look for he's

timeless and just like Arthur

Schopenhauer said it's one of the four

greatest novels ever you would think 500

million copies sold would give you a

bigger image number one the Bible over

five billion copies we hope you don't

think that this list of best-selling

books would go down without the Holy

Bible out of all the books in the world

that have been written the Bible is by

far the most popular but that might be

because for a long time it was the only

thing being printed with a printing

press it's been translated in all

languages and dialects I can be found in

most households the Quran is also very

popular and widely distributed but the

Bible and Christianity reached more

people there are Christians in China and

African countries so it's safe to say

that it's the most popular religion in

the world since the Holy Bible has been

around for so many years and the fact

the church distributes plenty of copies

to people it makes it hard to count all

of the Bibles that have been distributed

so far the Guinness world record book

said that over five billion copies have

been sold but there are chances that the

numbers are much higher certainly the

Bible was all of its versions and edits

his one book that has power influence

and can change a man's thinking process

there have been Wars and mass killings

made in the name of God and the Bible

but we're curious to see how it will

survive in the years to come given that

people are less religious these days on

the flip side the Quran is also

massively distributed across the world

among Muslims and libraries but again

the problem of unreported copies from

multiple publishers or synagogues does

exist since there are no official

numbers it's safe to say that more than

1 billion copies of the Quran have been

sold or distributed across the world to


another important book is the Vedas the

holy book of Hinduism and one of the

oldest scriptures in the world

the Vedas is a collection of four books

and can be originally found at the bank

at our Oriental research institute in

prune India there now a UNESCO memory of

the world heritage since these

scriptures have been transmitted for

over hundreds of years verbally and a

lot of them burned during the religious

wars and it's complicated to estimate

how many copies have been distributed

most sources assume that around 1

billion of them exist even though they

are hard to read or understand due to

the old Sanskrit language and the lack

of gurus available to interpret them now

a Luxor's

this is the end this was our

best-selling books list along with some

of the greatest authors of all time and

it kind of got us wanting to read some

more and discover other authors but

until we need other great books to read

we realize we mentioned two world-famous

series in this top list

Harry Potter and the Lord of the Rings

and we're curious to find out which

one's your favorite are you guys Harry

Potter fans or Lord of the Rings fans

let's see which one wins leave us your

answers in the comment section below and

as always for sticking with us all the

way to the end for being a true a lexer

you get a bonus book now this next book

is definitely a great mystery story with

thrilling kills and

ders and if you're a fan of the writer

you know what we're talking about this

one is definitely a best-seller to

Agatha Christie and then there were none

100 million copies for our bonus book we

took a lot of good books into

consideration and it was quite a tough

choice it was a tie between The Hobbit

Harry Potter or Lolita some really good

classic books in the end a fourth option

came in and outnumbered them and that

was a book most of you probably read or

at least heard about and then there were

none by Agatha Christie the book follows

her signature style of writing where

mystery is kept until the very end of

the book and often the killer or the

suspect is not the one you thought it

would be it's similar to Sherlock Holmes

or her signature detective Hercule

Poirot the short story is about ten

people that are lured to an island

apparently was nothing in common and

then one by one they're killed off by a

mysterious killer that doesn't seem to

be present in the end everything becomes

clear but the thrilling way she keeps

people hanging on to every page is

amazing and that's why it sold over 100

million copies worldwide and it's one of

the best-selling mystery books of all

time variations of the book can be found

for as little as two dollars on Amazon

or originally titled versions 10 little

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