Top 5 Best FREE SCREEN RECORDING Software (2020)

if you're looking for a free screen

recorder you have many choices whether

it's creating a presentation for your

business or recording your latest gaming

session for YouTube or twitch there's a

free program for you coming up I will

count down the top five best free screen

recorders to capture high quality video

of what is happening on your computer

let's get started

starting off our countdown at number

five is screen rack this program is

packed full of tools that are useful for

businesses while intended for business

use you could also use this program for

other purposes in addition to the screen

recorder you can capture screenshots

with annotation tools included to point

out important information your

recordings are saved to a dedicated

encrypted cloud account which is useful

to easily manage company training videos

and other presentations one downside is

that the free cloud storage has a limit

of two gigabytes if you want more you'll

need to upgrade in addition to the cloud

storage your recordings and screenshots

can also be saved to your computer

recording so saved as an mp4 and

screenshots are saved as a PNG file at

this time screen rec is only available

for Windows with support for Mac and

Linux coming soon if you'd like for us

to do a tutorial for this program or any

of the others mentioned in this video

let us know in the comments we've

already done tutorials for a couple of

the programs in this countdown I'll let

you know about those when we get to them

unit number 4 is share X thus free and

open source program is only available

for Windows as many of you know it's one

of the best for taking screenshots and

includes an excellent screen recorder

with no time limits or watermarks it's

also light on system resources so if you

have an older computer or have low

memory this one might be perfect for you

in addition to the numerous screen

capturing options and the standard

screen recording method it also allows

you to save your recordings as a gift to

be shared on social media sites if you

want to share your videos or screen

captures they can be uploaded directly

to dozens of websites including YouTube

and made your con for gamers is that

share X does not support full screen

captures or recordings from video games

I'll point this out real quickly share X

does not have a start or stop recording

button the keyboard shortcuts are listed

here in the main window to start or stop

a recording you can use the keyboard

hotkeys Shift + print screen or you

could go to the left pane select capture

then screen recording from the menu

in the number-three spot will cover two

programs nvidia shadowplay which is also

known as nvidia share is for people that

own a computer with a GeForce GTX or

artax class graphics card it lets you

record almost anything on your computer

or broadcast live to twitch Facebook and


if you need help getting started using

shadowplay the link to our beginner's

guide tutorial can be found in the

description also coming in at number

three is AMD re live if your PC has an

AMD Radeon graphics card the read live

software may already be installed the

features are similar to shadowplay for

recording and broadcasting live but

unlike shadowplay Reliv does not support

OpenGL games at this time before we get

to our top 2 here's a couple of

honorable mentions that you may want to

consider tiny take isn't easy to use

screen recorder and capture program that

lets you save files to your computer and

offers 2 gigabytes of cloud storage to

save your work a note ation tools are

also included to mark up your videos and

screenshots in the free basic plan for

tiny take they don't have watermarks

which is a positive but the reporting

limit is 5 minutes

with premium features locked behind a

paywall another screen recording option

many people use is ice cream screen

recorder it's very similar to tiny tank

and that it's simple to use with various

annotation tools in the free version of

ice cream screen recorder the time limit

for recordings is 5 minutes the output

options are limited and they slap their

watermark on recordings unless you

upgrade due to the restrictions most of

you will probably be better off choosing

one from our top 5 then using tiny take

or ice cream screen recorder so let's

move on to the top 2 and coming in at

number two is flashback Express this is

a Windows only program I highly

recommend for those people just starting

out learning how to use the screen

recording software not only is it easy

to use it lets you adjust the frames per

second capture any part of your screen

and uploading directly to YouTube is a

breeze what's nice about flashback

Express is that there are no nasty

watermarks added and no time limits on

your recordings if you upgrade to

flashback Pro they give you additional

features including the ability to edit

your own videos but if you already have

a video editor that you use there should

be no need to upgrade they also have

another program designed for gamers

called FBX in a prior video on this

channel a couple years back at that time

FBX was completely free with no

restrictions while they still have a

free plan with most of the features

included you now must upgrade to the pro

plan to remove the FBX watermark if

you're a serious gamer you may want to

consider upgrading especially if you

plan to stream to twitch mixer or

YouTube taking the top spot OBS studio

once again takes the crown as the best

free screen recorder it's what I use for

more than 90% of the videos on this

channel not only is it open source and

completely free it's available for the

three major platforms Windows Mac and

Linux there are no forced watermarks

time limits or ads and includes a ton of

features for HD recording or streaming

it's especially great if you have

multiple monitors allowing you to switch

between different scenes with ease OBS

won't be for everyone it has a high

learning curve the interface can be

confusing and many become frustrated

just going through the process to set it

up if you're just getting started using

OBS we also created a beginner's guide

for this program as well that might be

able to help you out you should also be

aware that OBS is resource intensive so

it's not recommended on older or low

spec computers in addition to what is

listed on their system requirements page

I'd recommend a PC with a dual or quad

core processor and at least 4 gigabytes

of RAM so if your computer can handle it

and you can make it pass the setup

process you'll find that there is no

better screen recording software than

OBS studio thanks for watching links are

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