Scotch Whisky: The Definitive Beginner Buying Guide

hello everybody and welcome to the

whisky dictionary where I do the

research to try to teach you a little

something about what you're drinking

tonight I'm going to be talking to you

about starter scotches so whether you're

brand new to whiskey or even if you're a

bourbon aficionado just kind of looking

to dive more into scotch I've made a

list of readily available and great

whiskey's that will help you to learn

everything that Scotch has to offer

so stick around


this list is made up of both blended and

single malt scotches that I feel are a

great place to go now you may disagree

with some of the stuff that I'm about to

say but more importantly you're probably

gonna feel like I just left some stuff

out so if something comes to your mind

that does not show up in my list leave

it in the comments and what I'll do is

I'll pin one to the top and I'll curate

that list of some of the more requested

ones that way somebody a year from now

will be able to see what the comments

basically think is the right place to

start with scotch but let me do one more

quick thing before I get started I want

to just define something because some of

you are going to be brand new to whisky

a blend versus a single malt so a single

malt scotch is basically a single

distillery that creates a scotch and

usually they're doing this to achieve a

very specific flavor profile or nose

whereas a blend is exactly what it

sounds like they take multiple single

malts and blend them together to also

achieve a very specific flavor so now

that we've gotten through all of that

let's get on with the list the first

whiskey I want to suggest to you is the

Glenlivet 12 now you've probably seen

this bottle at whatever bar you've been

at and that's one of the benefits of

this it's extremely common in any bar

any shop you'll be able to find this

bottle so one of the cool things about

it is the flavor profile you're gonna

taste some pineapple in there which is

kind of unique in and I like that and

also one thing you're gonna notice about

scotch a lot of scotches are very heavy

on fruit and until we get to the eyelids

anyway but we'll get to those so I

suggest you try this one go to a bar

order it and see what you think it's a

great place to start moving along

we're gonna go to Johnnie Walker Black

now I've done a video on this before and

personally this was where I started into

scotch you know my first whiskey was a

bourbon but this is where I started in

scotch and it's extremely smooth it's

very approachable and you can find it


so Johnnie Walker Black is a great

Scotch to order neat and see what you

think next let's go on to Shiva Sri Gold

12 now this is the first Scotch that I

would consider to be complex especially

on this list and I think this would be a

good one for you to purchase and a

couple of reasons number one is that

because of its complexity

you're gonna learn a lot and number two

you're gonna find out real quick if

scotch is really your thing there is a

lot going on on this and if you really

take your time to get to know it and try

to pick out the different flavor of

profiles and those then I think you're

gonna learn a lot so let's move on from

Shiva so on to Glenmorangie original

also known as Glenmorangie ten-year so

Glenmorangie is it's very Airy it's kind

of like fruity and light and it's it's

extremely approachable actually just had

one a few nights ago because I didn't

know what to order and I wanted

something easy so one thing to know is

if you try the Glenmorangie and you

don't really love it try one of their

their cask finishes especially like the

sherry oak cask now that's a pretty good

whiskey but don't give up on

Glenmorangie if you don't love the 10

year try something else next we're gonna

move on to I don't have a bottle of it I

normally do

Glenfiddich 12 so Glenfiddich 12 is

often remembered by people as being the

green one with the stag on it

so it's basically it's very common

you'll find it almost every bar and it's

it's got a great flavor too it's very

fruity and it's a great introduction to

scotch for somebody who's more used to

drinking bourbon because there's a bit

of oak there kind of like right behind

the Scotch it also happens to be the

number one choice of the Baratheon's

drink I'm not thirsty drink you King

commands it

all right sorry about that I just

couldn't resist

so up next we've got monkey shoulder

which is a great example of a blend and

if you spend any time over on reddit

you'll see that they often suggest this

to newcomers to scotch so this is really

good because not only is it tasty but it

also is a good mixer for cocktails so if

you maybe can't get through the whole

bottle for whatever reason or if you

want to share it with somebody then it

mixes really well so anyway I think

that's a really good one and I'll be

doing a review on this one up coming

pretty soon so up next I want to talk

about the McKellen twelve year sherry

cask finish now I specifically picked

this one because I think it's a good

introduction to what sherry can do for a

whiskey and specifically a scotch so I

think that if you want go back watch my

previous review on it it was like my

fourth episodes I apologize for all the

bad lighting and terrible microphone and

whatnot but if you want more information

on it go watch that video that being

said this is a pretty good one and they

also have other types of finishes so if

you don't like the sherry you know maybe

you won't like sherry in your scotch but

either way try a couple of them up next

we've got Highland Park 12 now the

reason I suggested Highland Park 12 I

also did a video on 18 is that I

personally felt like I did myself a

disservice by having the 18 before the

twelve because the 18 is a phenomenal

whiskey but the 12 is also really good

and it's a great starter scotch so I

think that you will enjoy this

well-rounded scotch and you could really

learn a lot from it similar to the Shiva

Sri goal all right let's move on to the

next one so we've got our big 10 now our

big 10 I think is a awesome whiskey now

this is where you start kind of getting

a little complex and part of the reason

for that is because this is one of the

first to really introduce Pete now Pete

gives whiskey a very smoky nose and

sometimes flavor depending on how much

peat there is and our bag does it in a

very good way it's very well rounded

it's not gonna just totally destroy your

your nose or your taste buds but it will

give you a good introduction to what

appeared with

you can taste like and that brings me to

my next suggestion Laphroaig 10 now

those of you that have tried this before

will know why I'm laughing

so Laphroaig 10 and any of the other

ones I happen to have a bottle of

quarter cask and my bar back there but

it is like it's like waking up the

morning after camping and going over the

fire pit and just licking one of the

logs it's that's what it tastes like

it's just so smoky that the reason I'm

suggesting it now a lot of people

probably wouldn't agree that this is a

starter scotch

but the reason I'm suggesting it is

because Scotch has many different

regions and each one is kind of known

for different things now where Laphroaig

comes from is known for heavily peated

whiskies and if you're gonna enjoy

Scotch you probably have to kind of get

on the pee train so that's why I would

suggest Laphroaig 10 as the final

whiskey in my list now you may as I said

not have heard a whisky that you

particularly think is a great starter

Scotch in this list and if that is the

case please suggest in the comments

below but for any of you watching who

are trying to learn from this video

anything that I suggested here is gonna

be a good starter there's probably 20

more that I could have named in fact I

did have to pair this list down I

actually I wanted to puts paper and ten

on this list because a very fruity

whisky but didn't quite make the cut as

far as I was kind of considering for

this list so go ahead go out try some

scotches let me know what you think in

the comments tell me if this list helped

you or if you think that this is

complete crap

but whatever you know it won't be anyway

thank you very much for joining me here

on the whisky dictionary I hope you've

had a awesome time and I hope you really

really enjoy scotch and get to love it

so thank you for joining me I'll see you

next time