Boost Metabolism: Steamroom vs. Sauna - Which is Better? - Thomas DeLauer

hey guys it's Thomas de Lauer with

optimize CEO and one of the questions

that I get bombarded with a lot is what

is better a sauna or a steam room and

they're both great you know we all know

the benefits of them you can increase

your metabolism you get that increased

blood flow you get a little bit of an

increase in tissue repair yeah the

things are awesome but which one are we

really supposed to use which one is

going to get us more benefit make us

feel better and really help us get

through our day that much more than the

other but first let's take a look at

what the difference is between a sauna

and a steam room really our aside from

the obvious where a steam room is going

to be obviously higher humidity and a

sauna is going to be dry we have to look

at things like this a sauna is generally

much much hotter running at like 160 to

200 degrees Fahrenheit

whereas a steam room doesn't have to be

nearly as hot because it's sealed and

that humidity

creates the sensation of a lot more heat

they're usually only sitting between 100

and 120 degrees so although you may

sweat more in a steam room you're really

not getting as much heat as you are in a

sauna now steam rooms and saunas are

proven to have a lot of good metabolic

effects in fact they're really kind of

originated in Finland and the Finnish

population really advocates the use of

saunas and steam rooms and they claim

that that is what gives them their

longevity and the overall good health

now in my personal opinion I think a lot

of it is the omega-3 content that they

eat but that's for another video so

before I can tell you which one exactly

is better I want to go through some of

the benefits of both saunas and steam

rooms the first one we want to look at

is an increase in blood flow it's going

to be the number five reason and the

increase of blood flow does a lot of

things for you I talked about in a lot

of videos how an increase in blood flow

gets more nutrients to the muscle it

also gets more oxygen to the muscle

which means that it can recover a lot

better and when you're talking about

post-workout hopping in the sauna or the

steam room right after a workout that

increased blood flow can allow the

muscle to recover a lot better and allow

you to have a lot more muscle relaxation

throughout the day so you don't get

quite as stiff now that's kind of an

obvious one that's the main reason that

a lot of people go to sit in a sauna or

possibly a steamer now the number four

benefit of a sauna or a steam room is

going to be an increase in your

metabolism due to the thermic

you see when you have an increase in

that core body temperature your

metabolism increases at least for the

time being that you're in the sauna or

the steam room but more often than not

for another thirty to sixty minutes

afterwards as your body is trying to

regulate its body temperature again

so your heart rate will usually increase

you'll usually notice that your hearts

beating a little bit more you start

sweating you start getting a little bit

more exhausted even though you're just

sitting there there's even something

that's called hyperthermic conditioning

which is sitting in a sauna or steam

room for thirty minutes after your

workout to allow your body to acclimate

to a certain heat when your body is

already kicking into overdrive this can

really set you up for success if you're

getting into a hotter climate or you're

going to be traveling a lot where your

body needs to be able to acclimate a

little bit easier according to a study

in 2007 by the Journal of science and

medicine and sport participants that

used a sauna or steam room for 30

minutes two times per week saw a

dramatic increase in their endurance

threshold what they actually saw was a

32% that's almost a 1/3 increase in

their endurance output meaning they

could push themselves further and harder

in an endurance activity by over 30%

just by sitting in a sauna or steam room

and that leads me into the number three

benefit of sitting in a sauna or a steam

room which is topic that I talk about

all the time and that's inflammation

reduces inflammation it does this from a

hormonal standpoint you see when you get

into some extreme heats your body

temporarily releases noradrenaline

adrenaline and cortisol now I talked

about cortisol in a bad light a lot but

you have to remember cortisol is

important too

but when we're talking about short

little intervals of time where you'd be

sitting in a sauna or steam room for 15

to 20 minutes

those little bursts of cortisol

adrenaline and noradrenaline reduce

muscular inflammation but they also

reduce cellular inflammation as well

which means for the time being that

you're in the sauna and a short time

afterwards your body is able to recover

better not only at a muscular level but

at a cellular level for your organs as

well so it's a huge huge benefit

post-workout but just anytime as well

the number two benefit to a

or a steam room is kind of the obvious

one but I want to go in-depth a little

bit more and that's sweating that's why

we go in there it feels good to sweat

but I think we sort of have this

preconceived notion that by sweating

we're detoxing so we just think the more

we sweat the better but there's a little

bit more to it than that you see a lot

of things we feel good because we're

lowering our blood pressure when we do

this we're decreasing some of the salts

that are in the bloodstream or

decreasing that sodium content so the

blood volume is a little less extreme in

terms of what it's putting pressure on

the arterial walls this can allow you to

feel a little bit better possibly get

rid of a headache if you've got one but

let's talk about the detoxing factor it

definitely does detox you and I've got a

nice little study to tell you to prove

it according to the Journal of

environmental and public health it was

found that individuals that used a sauna

or a steam room regularly but also had

high blood levels of mercury started

seeing a reduction in mercury levels of

their blood just after a couple weeks of

increasing their sauna or steam room

usage what this tells us is that mercury

one of the most difficult toxins to

actually remove or detox from can be

removed from the bloodstream removed

from the body simply by sweating this

proves to us that sweating is in fact a

form of detox and the number one reason

that I think saunas and steam rooms are

absolutely imperative to the success of

the business person and to the success

of the athlete is because it increases

your mood and this isn't just because

you're sweating and detoxing there's

actually a portion of your brain called

the dorsal raphe nucleus now this

portion of the brain has heat sensitive

neurons that when are exposed to extreme

heat actually allow for excess

production of serotonin which is the

feel-good hormone and also the precursor

to many other great functions of mood

energy and focus so simply by sitting in

a sauna or a steam room you stimulate

your body to produce more serotonin

giving you that sense of well-being that

can give you the extra confidence that

you need to get through the day but also

stay on track with your diet or

your training regimen so now the main

question which one is better

asana or a steamer does kind of depend

on what your goal is but based on the

core benefits

it looks like sitting in a sauna is

going to be your best bet

simply because of the higher temperature

you see the higher temperature is going

to elicit a lot more positive effects

than just the sweating alone so a steam

room is great because you're going to

sweat a lot more which is great if your

sole purpose is detoxing but if your

purpose is elevating your mood reducing

muscle stiffness and reducing

inflammation and also detoxing then your

best bet is to get more bang for the

buck in a shorter amount of time in a

hotter environment by sitting in a sauna

so hopefully this helps you out and

solves a tough question for you so that

you can get the most out of your day the

most out of your business and the most

out of your workouts I'll see you in the

next video