Happy Light Therapy For Depression SAD Guide (Best Happy Lamp Reviews) Verilux Vs Sun Touch Plus


hey everybody just wanted to come at you

with a video about happy lights as you

can see I have a few different options

right here that I will get to later on

in the video but this but just to give

you a little background about my story

so I've struggled with depression for

quite a quite a long time I also have

OCD I also have insomnia and I've also I

would say have felt plagued by that

early morning fog you know where it's

like I wake up and it takes so long for

me to feel like I'm finally awake

and ready to start my day so yes I've

struggled with a lot of these things and

yeah I want to talk to you about happy

lights also just want to put out there I

am totally not a doctor so you know the

information that I'm gonna be telling

you in this video is more from my

personal experience using happy lights

so some of you out there may have

already searched extensively online

about happy lights and you may have

discovered claims that these lights can

boost mood or improve your focus or

improve your sleep among other things

light therapy can be used to treat a

number of conditions out there some of

those conditions include seasonal

affective disorder different types of

depression sleep disorders jet lag or

let's say you're trying to change to a

different work time schedule dementia so

yeah so there's there's a lot of

different conditions or disorders out

there that these kind of lights can help

with now when it comes to the type of

light that you should get the

recommendations that I've come across in

my research online are that you want to

get a light that provides an exposure up

to 10,000 Lux and emits as little as

possible UV light when it comes to

actually using your light box the

recommendations out there are to use

your light box within the first hour of

waking up and you want to have your

light therapy box on for about 20 to 30

minutes and you want to keep your face

about 16 to 24 inches away from that

light and you want to make sure that

your eyes are wide open but you don't

want to stare directly into the light

now before you even go out and you

research about happy lights you might

want to ask yourself some important

questions first such as why are you

getting this happy light in the first

place so if you're trying to let's say

treat a certain condition like seasonal

affective disorder you might want to ask

the question does this particular light

treat seasonal affective disorder is it

designed to treat that that condition

also you want to ask the question how

bright is the light you know how bright

does this light get because depending on

the type of condition that you're trying

to treat you know you may need a certain

brightness level and there's some lights

out there that may not be bright enough

to treat the the condition that you're

wanting to treat so I would definitely

ask the question how bright does the

light get another important question to

ask is will this damage my eyes will

this light hurt my eyes so you

definitely want to check up on that you

know will the light emit harmful UV

light so that's it that's another great

question to ask another question to ask

would be what style of light should you

get as you can see there's many

different styles of lights

just the way that they stand up when you

put them on a table you know there's

smaller lights there's bigger lights do

you want your light to let's say hang on

a wall so the style of light you know

asking what style of light you want may

also be another important question as


so I think the big question out there

that a lot of people might be wondering

is do these happy lights actually work

you know if I you know let's say turn on

these lights am I just all of a sudden

gonna feel happy happy happy happy you

know am I just gonna be healed of all my

disorders and conditions and mental

illness and you know everything that I

got going on you know is this does this

really boost my mood does it really

improve my focus and take away all that

mental fog and you know all those other

things that I might be having problems

with to answer that question simply I'm

gonna say yes and no so I'm kind of

in-between on it because here's the

thing my experience my personal

experience using happy lights if you

like let's say just go ahead and turn on

a light and you're like oh wow you know

I want to feel happy right now I have

found that inconsistent usage of happy

lights really doesn't do anything for me

you know so just turning it on like one

time and only using it one time and I'm

like oh nothing happened

you know I would say not does it doesn't

really help much or doesn't really make

a difference however where I would say

yes yes it does make an impact is if you

you know put this into your daily

routine and you use it every day and you

wake up you know first thing in the

morning and you turn on these happy

lights and you know you follow the

directions on how to use them then I

would say yes yes yes yes

definitely these lights can have a huge

impact or have had a huge impact at


my well-being in terms of boosting mood

and focus and an improved sleep I would

say yes yes these happy lights have

definitely helped me in those areas I've

also done cognitive behavioral therapy

for sleep and was using the happy lights

during those times

and yes I would say it definitely helped

me to get back to I would say those

circadian rhythms those natural sort of

like sleep rhythms where it's like you

know I feel tired at the time that I

want to feel tired what I want to go to

bed and then you know wake up and then

use these lights so yes I would

definitely say it helped with sleep and

yeah boost boosted mood

along with sort of getting rid of that

that early morning fog that I would

experience in the morning sometimes

going to work and it feels like I'm not

present and I'm just kind of checked out

and it really takes a long time for me

to get into the day and I feel like

these lights for me during that time

when I was using them consistently

really jump-started my day and was a

really great practice so I would say

that yes definitely these lights are

amazing and great especially if they're

combined with other healthy practices

now here's the thing about happy lights

is that you know if you're just doing

like unhealthy things in your life you

know other unhealthy practices like just

eating really poorly horrible diet you

know not getting exercise you know

really not taking care of yourself as

much as you use these lights every day I

feel like you're not gonna get the best

result it's kind of like you know if you

go out and you're just eating all this

junk food and you eat junk food right

before you you go to bed you know you

wake up in the morning and you turn on

these light these happy lights it's not

really gonna you know counter the

effects of what you might experience

from you know eating a bunch of junk

food so I would definitely recommend

using your happy lights combined with

other healthy practices you know like

exercising you know eating right also

you know other therapies for you know if

you're getting this for like mental

illness or something so like cognitive

behavioral therapy for sleep so more

specifically on how I used my happy

light in the past

so so there was a time where I was

trying to wake up at the same time every

day I just get up out of bed turn on my

light stand in front of the light and

then I would also do some little

stretching routine and take my light and

put it on the floor you know when I

would have it on in the morning and yeah

it was very helpful for just getting me

up and it was great all right so let's

go ahead and look at the lights that I

have here displayed

so pretty much I have two different

brands I have the verilux the the happy

light brand so I have two of those and

then I also have a Sun touch plus so

looking at this light right here this is

the Sun touch plus from nature bright

this is a really nice light right here

10,000 Lux lights it has four different

timer settings so you can you know turn

this light on and have it on for 15 30

45 and 60 minute intervals so pretty

much after you know let's say if you

haven't set for 60 minutes it'll just

turn off on its own and has an on/off

switch and it also has an eye on therapy

feature which I actually don't know much

about if you know much about the eye on

feature and the Sun test touch plus

please feel free to report about it in

the comments below I've actually had

that feature on before while just using

the light in general and honestly I

don't I don't know if that had any

effect on me at all or I didn't really

notice anything in that realm you know

more or less I feel like I was just more

buying this light for the light itself

now I'm going to go ahead and turn this

light on so that's what it looks like in

the camera here but because I'm using my

camera you know it may look a little bit

different in video than in real life but

but yeah so that's what it looks like I

would say that it's it's a

very nice light I don't feel like it's a

too bright and my eyes you know I can

get my face very close to it and yeah it

feels very nice so yes so that's the Sun

touch plus by nature bright which you

can currently find online so the next

light I wanted to show you is buy

verilux it's a 7,500 Lux brightness

light very compact design this light

right here has an on/off switch unlike

the Sun touch plus lights this light you

can turn it on and just keep it on for a

long time then you know turn it off at

your choosing so it's not you know

limited by the timer feature so if I

just go ahead and turn this on I believe

this is the brightest setting on this

light because it has a couple different

settings on the front here so if I now

switch it into the other setting I

believe this is slightly dimmer though

if you actually look at it up close it

may be hard to tell the difference

between both of these settings the next

slide I wanted to show everybody out

there is this giant sized happy light so

this is the happy light deluxe buy

verilux it's a great light 10,000 Lux in

brightness UV free the on/off switch is

located on the top of the light and

let's just go ahead and turn it on so

that's what it looks like when this

light is turned on you know it has a

very nice feel to it I don't feel like

it's too intrusive with the light so

yeah so this is a great option right

here and this light what's cool about

this let me go ahead and turn that off

is that it has a stand so you'll notice

that there's a stand in the back what

you can do is if you want to you can

actually put that stand back in place

and then if you want you can actually go

ahead and then hang this light from a


when it comes to my honest opinion of

these lights right here pretty much I

would start out by saying this is the

light that I use the lease yeah I just

don't really have much usage for this

this this lights but yeah when I first

started using happy lights the Sun touch

Plus was my go-to this was actually my

first happy light that I ever got this

is a great light right here so I would I

would use this very frequently when I

started my routine with the cognitive

behavioral therapy for sleep so yeah so

the Sun touch plus light great light

really like this lights but ultimately

the light that I actually now like the

best out of all three DS Lite the three

of these lights is the happy light

deluxe yes yes I love this light this is

now my new favorite and the reason why I

like this is first of all it just emits

so much light you know there's so much

light that comes out of this I also like

that I can just hang it up on the wall

if you look at this it has such a flat

design it doesn't really protrude

outward from the wall very much

so it's a very great light to hang up

and I find honestly when that when the

light is hung on the wall that I'm that

I'm more likely to use it because I feel

like you know even with these lights you

know I may have to actually move the

light and get it out and so that

actually takes more work so I'm if I

have to do more work to turn on these

lights but I'm probably not gonna use

them as much

whereas this light I just hang up on the

wall it's really simple to turn on it

only just has one button to turn on and

I can turn it off when I want to turn it

off so ultimately this is my go-to light

now for for happy lights this is my

favorite the happy light deluxe

but I also like the

suntouch plus as well so I would say you

know yeah these are my two favorites but

right now this is my go-to I love this

light so there's my opinion about happy

lights please please feel free to share

your experience you know ask me

questions about happy lights in the

comments section below I would love to

hear it and also you know share about

your depression you know sure about your

seasonal affective disorder share about

you know whatever it is that you

struggle with that makes you want to get

a happy light to begin with so yeah so

please leave comments and thank you so

much for watching subscribe for more

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advocate for mental illness especially

the mental illnesses that I have so

please follow me to learn more about

that so go out there and get a happy

light as soon as you can make sure that

you're prepared for these dark winters

and I wish you the best