Best Router for a Router Table - Make your Woodworking Task Easy


hello guys today I will be introducing

to you the best router for the router

table to give you precision molding and

cuts on wood

gone are the days of hand-held routers

that are not very convenient to use

today table mounted routers are the in

thing and so are the tables these are

easy to handle especially when dealing

with rounding off the edges of mortises

or getting the large bits to get the

dovetail or other such detailing we are

now going to check out the best find

routers for the router tables the last

product is porter-cable 892 2 to 1/4 of

a horsepower router the 12 amp motor is

helpful in maintaining consistent speed

and in ensuring that the router

functions through tough applications to

the variable speed control feature can

manage anything between 10,000 and

23,000 revolutions per minute the router

holds onto the table with a firm plan

the fourth on the list is the hitachi km

12 vc fixed plunge base router kit the

router gets 11 amp motor with 214

horsepower and two stage motor release

clamps for superior comfortable wood

work the electronic speed controls help

in maintaining a constant speed even as

the load varies the motor works quietly

in the clamp has perfect height

adjustments the third product is the

bosch 16 17 epic plunge and fixed base

variable speed router the router gets

2.25 horsepower and runs on 12 amp the

product gets a variable speed dial to

help in controlling the speed the grip

is perfect with self-releasing colet's

and superior base materials to help in

long term use the bosch control monitor

helps in consistent performance

the second on the list is the Porter

Cable 690 LR fixed base router the

router has 11 amp motor producing 1 and

3/4 horsepower and runs on the single

speed of 27 500 rpm the aluminum housing

for the motor and the base makes for a

strong support the precision is

unmistakable the router gets lock lever

to fit the final and the best product is

the bosch 16 17 Epps plunge router kit

the router from Bosch gets the soft

start and it gets 2 different sized cuts

of 1/2 inch and 1/4 inches the router

gets variable speed control and the

quick to fix clamp is ideal for keeping

and adjusting the height of the base to

the router after a lot of considerations

I have found the bosch 12 amp to 1/4

combination horsepower plunge router kit

16 17 X to be the most perfect the

product is convenient to handle and fix

on the router table for working on wood

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us thank you