CV vs Resume: What is the Difference and Why You Need Both?

what is the difference between a CV and

a resume why do you need to have both of

these and when do you have to use each

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jumping in straight ahead a CV is put

very simply a comprehensive document of

everything anything you have ever done

in your professional life ever since

high school

all the presentations you've given all

the publications you have written all

the degrees educational degrees you have

earned all the work you've performed the

requirements the responsibilities the

achievements you've had literally you

list everything out there ok now this

document is a standard document it's a

one size fits all document you don't

personalize it in any ways so you keep

your CV and if somebody asks for your

comprehensive CV that's what you send

them now as you can imagine this

document can get quite long right now if

you're in high school can be student

just a one-pager which is totally fine

right you get to enjoy other benefits if

you're in that stage in your life but if

you have counted already a few more

years like I have then yours your CV

gets long like my for example is about

three and a half pages already and yours

can get as long as two three four five

six pages so as long as like depending

on how many years you have counted

already and how much stuff you have done

over those years right so this is your

CV now on the other hand your resume is

a short as short as possible description

that is personalized presentation of you

for specific occasion so ideally your

resume is a one-page and in your resume

you don't list everything

you pick the most relevant things from

your CV representing the best possible

life for a specific position you're

applying or for the specific case you

can even tailor the way you write those

postings and you should tailor the way

you're right and you present yourself so

that the person the reader of your

resume understands why you really the

best fit for the particular position

that you're applying for so you you

always if you're writing your resume do

your best to get to make it a one-page

my resume is the wrong picture

and most people's resumes are one

pictures if you are a complete beast and

you have so much experience that is

distinct and relevant for a particular

position your resume can get up to two

pages that is that is okay I think the

vast majority of cases with 99% of all

my clients with whom we work 101 they

usually come up with two pages with me

and then for example if they're applying

for let's say a senior marketing job we

decide that the fact that they have done

a junior marketing internship five years

ago it's not really relevant to this

point anymore so we would move that the

fact that they've been a waiter five

years ago or six seven years ago doesn't

really adds too much value to their

current application we remove this

things that we can say instead of three

words with one word explanations which

take two three sentences we say in one

sentence and we always manage to get a

resume down to one page if you need help

with this if you cannot manage this yeah

feel free to reach out directly to me on

george marcom now there to help you in

101 capacity that's what you need now

when do you use each of those so a CV

the comprehensive one you use almost

exclusively in academia and research and

so if you are applying for PhD masters

you are always expected to be sending

your comprehensive CV document right but

in almost

all other occasions you people might ask

for you even if they say a Seabee like

you shouldn't be confused because

sometimes people use these words

interchangeably even though I in my

trainings because people use them as

synonyms I'll sometimes use both words

as synonyms as well but this shouldn't

confuse you the way you should think

about this is more about the context if

it's academia in research or explicitly

somebody asks you for your long-term

form CV then you send this but in almost

every other case you're expected to send

your resume your your your your tailored

presentation of yourself for the

specific occasion now at this point you

may say well then I don't really need a

CV right I just need to have my resume I

haven't actually strongly advise you to

keep a read CV as well and the reason

why I have a CD although I'm not a

macademian research it's because I get

tend to forget a lot and we we tend to

forget a lot to be honest I tend to

forget the presentations I've given the

stuff I've done three years from now

five years from now a year from now

sometimes I forget oh I actually did

this you know that's why I have my

comprehensive record because every time

I write send my resume I don't just copy

paste it I always tailor it for the

recipient and so I always browse quickly

to my casual resume to my casual CV and

and I think that things which make me

most relevant for the particular

application are filling and all the

things which can also apply in my my

help things which can show that I have

common some commonality with the

recipient so for example if I'm sending

my application to somebody who I know

has done beekeeping I would include the

fact that I spent a month beekeeping in

in one of my Somerset during like in

university you may say the traditional

thing this is a rather irrelevant

experience to what I'm doing now but if

the other guy is doing it I'll point

this out so he says hey we like each


we share some commonalities so we have

something on which we can start building

off our conversation and our

relationship so keep your casual CV and

every time you write your resume go

through it you'll be surprised how many

times you picked things which you've

forgotten but will present you in a

better light for specific position

you're applying for hope that was

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