✅ TOP 5: Best Electric Toothbrush 2020

Are you looking for the best electric toothbrush?

In this video, we will breakdown the top electric toothbrushes on the market.

Before we get started with our video detailing the best electric toothbrushes on the market,

we have included links in the description for each product mentioned, so make sure you

check those out to see which one is in your budget range.

Starting off at number 1 we have the Oral-B Pro 1000 Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush.

A top pick by, The Wire Cutter, and Dental Dorks, the Oral-B Pro 1000 is currently

leading the market when it comes to electric toothbrushes.

Now don't get us wrong, by no means is this the most high tech electric toothbrush in

our video, but definitely a great option if you're looking for a reasonably priced electric

toothbrush effective at removing plaque.

In a nutshell, the Oral-B Pro 1000 electric toothbrush is the best of the best.

Oral-B owners express that it offers amazing results, similar to other products on the

market that are significantly more expensive.

The Oral-B Pro 1000 has earned the top spot in our video as the perfect for those looking

for a brush to fight plaque and remove stains at a low price point.

While not extremely rich in features, the Oral-B Pro 1000 series does have the patented

3D cleaning action (oscillating, pulsating, and vibrating), a functioning pressure sensor,

and a timer.

Although it only features one cleaning mode, we found that the battery life on this bad

boy far exceeds that of more expensive models.

Not only did it take less time to charge than the Oral-B 7000, it outlasted it by nearly

10 days.

Overall, the Oral-B Pro 1000 series is simple yet effective, but if you're looking for something

with all the bells and whistles maybe check out the Oral-B 7000, 8000, or 9000 series.

Priced right around $60, you'll often find this electric toothbrush as low as $35 to

$40 on Amazon--which is nearly 4 times cheaper than Oral-B’s high tech 7000, 8000 and 9000


For an effective toothbrush with a 2-year warranty we think that's a pretty great deal.

At number 2 we have the Philips Sonicare 2 Series Plaque Control Sonic Electric Rechargeable


The Philips Sonicare 2 is one of the least expensive electric toothbrushes Philips offers.

With over 5,000 positive reviews on Amazon and a 4.3 rating, this older model will not

be going anywhere anytime soon.

It features a two-minute timer, rechargeable battery, and less noise than any other pick

in our video, all for right around $50.

Need we say more?

Philips is a popular and trusted brand that consistently offers quality and value, and

the Philips Sonicare 2 Series is no exception.

In fact, given the superior sonic technology, you cannot buy a better sonic brush for this


Oh, and did we mention it comes in 5 different colors?

Like all of the brushes on our list, the Philips Sonicare 2 Series features a 2-minute timer

and 30-second quad pacer that alerts you when it's time to move from one quadrant to the


While this Philips model is slower than the DimondClean, with up to 31,000 brush strokes

per minute, the ultrasonic design more than makes up for what this brush lacks in power

and will remove plaque and eliminate destructive bacteria, leaving your mouth feeling cleaner

than you ever thought possible.

The Philips Sonicare 2 Series is much quieter than our top pick and also has about twice

the battery life.

However, the ultrasonic vibrations are a bit too vigorous for some, so if you've got very

sensitive teeth or a small mouth maybe consider looking elsewhere.

At just under $40 for a long-lasting, ultrasonic toothbrush (including a 2-year warranty) we

guarantee you will get your money's worth from this product.

At number 3 we have Goby.

Goby is a no-frills electric toothbrush that features a rotationally oscillating brush

head, timer, and rechargeable battery.

The thing we love most about Goby though is that you can purchase a subscription and automatically

receive a replacement brush head every one to three months.

While we really debated between Goby and Quip as our pick for the best electric toothbrush

subscription, we went with Goby for a few reasons.

While the Quip is very similar to the Goby in terms of price and features, we really

loved Goby's USB charging capabilities--as well as the 60 day trial offer.

Plus, the pricing structure for Goby was a bit more straight forward and easy to understand,

which is something everyone can appreciate.

The built-in timer ensures you brush for two minutes, with 30-second prompts to tell you

when it's time to switch quadrants.

Additionally, the rotationally oscillating brush head is proven to clean better than

other types of brushes, and the sleek, hygienic stand discreetly collects residue and has

a removable tray for convenient cleaning.

This high-tech brush allows you to easily switch between sensitive and standard modes

with the touch of a button, and the power button lights up when it's time to replace

the brush head.

Sign up for the subscription service and automatically receive a new brush head every one to three


Could it get any easier?

Finally, what we love most about this brush is the portable USB charging shell and converter,

which offers a convenient way to recharge your Goby's battery.

Seriously, this brush has it all!

Goby is only slightly more expensive than our top two picks and includes many of the

same features.

However, being able to subscribe to a service that automatically sends you new brush heads

every few months is a serious value added.

And, we think that lifetime warranty is pretty great as well.

At number 4 we have the Philips Sonicare DiamondClean Sonic Electric Rechargeable Toothbrush.

The Philips Sonicare DiamondClean ultrasonic electric toothbrush is another fan favorite.

This brush is safe on braces, effective at whitening, and comes highly recommended by

many dentists in the United States.

DiamondClean is the top ultrasonic electric toothbrush for braces as it is able to reach

areas that manual brushing simply cannot, and also includes a sensor that prevents aggressive

brushing and is completely safe on braces DiamondClean ultrasonic is equipped with ultrasonic

technology that provides users with five distinct cleaning modes including sensitive, massage,

whitening, cleaning, and polishing mode.

The brush is also very user friendly and easy to maneuver.

A unique feature of DiamondClean is that it’s equipped with a whitening option, noticeably

whitening teeth in less than one week.

Even further, DiamondClean ultrasonic is proven to improve and maintain the health of your


Although at $159.99, this ultrasonic product is the most expensive in our video, owners

agree that the whitening technology and variety of cleaning modes make this product well worth

the cost.

And for our final pick at number 5 we have the Foreo ISSA.

As advertised, this product is more than an electric toothbrush it's a complete oral care


Not only does it clean teeth effectively, but it's gentle on all levels of sensitive.

Plus, users cannot get enough of the vibrant colors and sleek design!

ISSA combines Sonic Pulse Technology and a revolutionary silicone design for a brushing

experience unlike any other.

Get a whiter, brighter smile while massaging your gums with silicone bristles that are

incredibly soft and ultra-hygienic.

Also, available in vivacious lavender, bright yellow, cobalt blue, dark blue and black colors,

this toothbrush will beautify any bathroom cabinet.

What we love most about ISSA is the long lasting battery.

Plus, the unique design of the soft silicone brush head makes ISSA gentle enough for even

the most sensitive teeth and gums.

It's also the most hygienic electric toothbrush available as it resists bacteria buildup while

comfortably massaging the gums.

Plus, it inhibits over brushing, preventing gum recession and damage to tooth enamel.

However, we must warn you.

When it comes to functionality and features, this is nowhere near the best electric toothbrush.

With 11,000 high-intensity pulsations per minute it falls short compared to both Philips

and Oral-B. But, it certainly wins At just under $150 this is by far the most

expensive toothbrush in our video.

However, we think its well worth the investment for a whiter, bacteria-free smile.

So that sums up our top electric toothbrushes of 2020.

We hope you enjoyed.

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