Top 5 BEST RC Cars & Trucks 2019 for RC BASHING!! - TheRcSaylors

I think it's pretty safe to say that

this year has been the craziest year for

bashing on our channel but by far

especially especially this last couple

of weeks

flip the big stuff on the channel okay

but having said that it has been an

amazing year of bashing we have had some

really cool stuff on the channel my only

goal so this is our top five lens of RC

cars and trucks just good old-fashioned

bashers just too well-rounded vehicles

you can take to the track if you wanted

to you can go ramp up a mountain if you

want to really if you want to bashers so

the first thing on the list is actually

not on the list because it's just kind

of a bonus thing if you don't own one

really you've like you've done something

wrong okay so we're gonna just the one

two for two mate WL 20 2014 it's linked

in the description box below

if you're in this hobby in any way shape

or form or you're just getting into it

buy that thing

thank us later and then come back and

watch this video the only reason we're

mentioning that is because we wanted to

put it on our list but it's like three

or four years old like we love this


so we just wanted to throw it out

because it's an amazing budget option

and it's such a popular truck right now

you can find parts you can buy upgrade

part oh yeah I mean it's a good truck

everybody has one yes okay so having

said that everybody has one wink-wink

nudge-nudge if you don't have one buy it

and then keep watching this video now

let's get into our real list so the

first one on our list comes in around

$150 maybe a little a bit more maybe a

little bit less depending on the time of

year I love it

it's the axial Yeti junior can and we

drive this back at the caves and we just

had a great time

you know axial has been a tried-and-true

very good name through the years I've

always liked I've always liked it my

very first well you know my second

vehicle that I ever purchased you got

for me was an axial and here we are

seven years later still on YouTube still

doing our thing the can and was

release to be paired with the Yeti Yeti

Excel suicide that's going by the way

and the can-am is just awesome it comes

in at a really good price its four-wheel

drive it can get around and scoot really

nicely and it just looks really cool

because you don't see RC vehicles styled

like that like ever no it's something

what what the can-am is in real life is

something that Abby and I was so when

we're out driving that thing we're just

kind of daydreaming like and this would

be so cool if we were actually sitting

down there and driving that around how

cool would that be

it's scale you can add some lights and

have a really good time with it and the

best thing is it's ready to run it comes

with a charger and battery at that price

and you really don't see that ever when

you're getting into big name-brand hobby

great stuff I mean you do but at that

price that's very very impressive and

that's why it's the very first thing on

our list the next RC on our list is

going way up in price as with all these

others they're gonna be high on the

price you can't let someone go sorry

yeah because when you get a basher you

really don't want I mean there are some

good things that are in that $200 price

range but it's very rare to find if you

go bashing you generally go breaking

even if you don't mean to I mean they're

just powerful vehicles and you want to

find something that both has product

spare part veil ability or it's less

likely to break and it's going to last

longer and you're probably looking for

10 scale you're looking for four-wheel

drive you're brushless mm-hmm okay the

next RC on our list is the dhk Hobby

Maximus this thing has been out for a

while now but we got it on the channel

this year very while it's durable we

took it to the paragraph and that place

is a death trap for RC bashers but the

Maximus survived it's also survived some

crazy ramping that we've done like crazy

ramping for us for us it has proven to

be I think one of the no maybe we've got

lucky I don't know but it is super tough

it will not break I've not broken

anything on it yet other than like

bending the body I think I've cracked

the body a little bit

yeah you were kind of real fun yeah but

the that's the death trap of RC vehicles

I mean that place we're not we're not

going back there because it's breaking

too many of our vehicles but that one

has come out unscathed it still runs

we've we've broken a couple things but

wow that is a top top truck and we've

talked to people in local hobby shops

and stuff when we go in and we're just

talking shop about everything other

people have bought that thing based on

our video and loved it if you want to

buy something that's tough as nails

dan I'm talking to you it's time to

upgrade yes from your dhk zombie that's

right the H came actually I think he

knows that he doesn't it they put out

some good stuff if you're if you want a

very very very high performing kind of

like me to that's the one for you I mean

it's a good price too we'll have the

best price that we can find on it linked

in the description box below

hopefully they still have some in stock

cuz it's an amazing vehicle yeah

definitely a very good badger the next

RC basher we're gonna put on our list

sadly was Nathan's I picked the one that

is not on the list

it's the j lb j 3 speed fastest ground

vehicles on our channel to date yep and

it's funny to hear you say that we went

with mine because hobby had no it's just

well it wasn't just assassin

it was a lot of fun too but yours just

had that something extra about it oh

that's because we launched it off of the



that's what was something extra about it

it's amazing you guys what we'll do

although we've linked the products down

there we also link one at least one of

our videos we'll link that one after you

watch this video go watch that because

we took it on the hill the amazing big

help and literally used our giant Hill

as our ramp we should have done that

with our fifth scale vehicles but I

think we just weren't ready to break

them yet maybe one day we'll take our

fifth sales back to the hill this thing

was a bullet on the ground and it was

just so like wow when you drove it I

mean that's that's what I felt like it's

so much fun it's still our peak speed

with it because like it was going so

fast like I got kind of scared

especially while we were driving in it

in a smaller parking lot we should have

taken it to the mall and I would have

done it but like where we had it at like

you definitely kicked my butt on my

street test that was fun that was just

one of my favorite experiences this year

that was an early experience for ground

vehicles we did that earlier in the year

and I had a great time with it and I

love that you picked up one that was

like very similar to mine we were just

having a blast with them together yours

did the better burnouts I remember maybe

we'll link that one too because it was

really at least Lincoln video so people

can see it because it's hard to choose

it's so hard to choose really in this

honey it just what it's whatever brings

you the most joy whether you're you like

a specific brand better than the other

or whether you're just looking for a

basher or if you're looking for

something fast it all just depends on

what you like yeah what makes you happy

that's and that's what we're base our

lives off of what makes us happiest and

also keep in mind that our list scales

in price so do not think please that

these expensive vehicles make us happier

than the cheaper vehicles so please

don't think that more money means more



our seat on our list is the armored

Creighton for s yes very cool I think

debatably could be very strongly

debatably could be the best basher on

the market I think however a lot of

people will say the 6s this guys it goes

the 4s is tenth scale the success is 1/8

scale so you're going up in size you're

going up in speed you're going up in

price so kind of on this number 4 on the

list those two were there yeah I know it

just depends on your budget and what

you're looking for that's right

I've seen a lot of people get behind the

name Creighton as the best basher okay

with ARMA being there you've got spare

part availability customer service and

they make them bring it up out of the

box too so you can go out and have a

really good time without much worry if

you break something there's parts out

just don't call it a Kratt and people

get a little angry when you do that

yeah ARMA cratan Garmin Ratan ARMA

well anyway the ARMA Creighton

has been a very cool bathroom on our

channel and I think I know we're talking

about this kind of shortly here but

that's a good segue into our next pick

the lot are seized up on our list yes

is the armored crane 8's or the Traxxas


yeah and I think a lot of you would be

surprised to hear us have both of those

on the list now first and foremost there

are very expensive vehicles there are

premium vehicles at a premium price okay

and they're huge and we do we get that

we've been in this hobby for a long time

now and this is the most we've spent on

ground vehicles we totally get that

we're very aware of the price tag we're

very grateful for the fact that they're

on our channel through our supporters

and our own funds together we were able

to pull this off to get them on the

channel to have that content for you

guys because of the height because of

the big news we wanted to be there for


these two our seas are like dream our

seas yeah it's basically something to

work your way up to I would never say

this should be your first RC in any way

shape or form you absolutely should

spend 200 bucks or less for your first

RC ground vehicle to make sure you enjoy

it maybe 250 or so basher and if you

love that step up to maybe like it how

he was saying the crazy success or

something you're attracts is people

whatever you know whatever floats your

boat and then end up with one of these

they're both amazing for different

reasons we've loved our xmax has a

general basher you got some rolling

hills and grassy dirty kind of area that

you just openly bashing probably the

xmax taking it to the hill I think we

had more fun with the x-men I had more

fun I just watched you at the hill and I

had a blast that was fun

now granted some people when they watch

tower bashing video of the craziness

they said that that was a better basher

at the hill it's all a matter of opinion

we've kind of ranted and raved over the

fact that the Creighton 8 US has a metal

chassis and for the way that we drive in

bash that's probably gonna hold up much

longer for us they are both so much fun

yep and it really just depends what

you're looking for in the Hobby and what

style I mean they're calling the

Creighton 8's a monster truck in my

opinion that's a craggy a monster try me


and the xmax has that more tradition

allows your truck so just what you want

they both go about the same top speed

and all that matters out of the box and

all that matters is at the end of the

day when you're driving these it makes

you happy yeah now just a word of advice

a small word of advice especially around

this time of the year because we've seen

it a lot since we got into these fifth

scalars there have been a lot of

negative nancies out there just scouring

the internet trying to bring other

people down for having fun if you're

having a good time just leave it at that

and let other people have a good time

too there's no need to be nasty about it

just get behind whatever you enjoy and

go with it the Creighton and the xmax

Creighton 8s are both very awesome

vehicles and that's coming from people

that have had some issues with Traxxas

in the past their vehicle is a good

company not so much that's exactly right

so I think that this is a very

well-versed well-rounded bashing video

for you guys if you're just getting into

bashing or you're super into it these

were our best experiences we've had all

year and I think that you'd be happy

with any of them no matter what your

budget is we've got something on this

list for you and if you disagree with

our list

tell us your top pick and why in the

description below we'd love to hear from

you and maybe we'll pick them up and

show them on the channel next year we we

gotta get some cool stuff coming for

twenty twenty twenty it's gonna be a

crazy big year at something else I still

think ten years ago was 1990s so the

fact that 2020 is coming is just like

mind-blowing I know and what they've

come out with this year just makes me

think how are they gonna top it next

year but for the time being I am very

happy with the stuff that we've gotten

the drive it's been it's been just an

awesome year you thank you guys for

being there with us all the good stuff

will be linked in the description box

below the cars the batteries accessories

whatever it's all down there could you

imagine Christmas morning or whatever

holiday you celebrate you know waking up

that you get that what if you had the

xmax with the Creighton

I would freak out oh my gosh I mean

that's crazy but even take my word for

it even the one 242 day that we

mentioned briefly at the beginning of

this video that will bring just as much

happiness to you especially if you you

know if you've had a fits killer before

I don't know maybe you've been spoiled

if you're just kind of getting into

bashing I'll 1 to 4 to 8 that's gonna

stay in the collection even if you

snapped in half

memories have been made on that thing

all of our friends have it go buy one go

buy one

thanks for watching we'll see in the

next video