Best Razer Keyboard in 2020 - Top 5 Keyboards For Gaming, Writing & More!

hello guys in today's video we're going

to check out the best Razer keyboards in

2020 I made this list based on my

personal opinion and I try to list them

based on their price quality durability

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reviews okay so let's get started with

the video at number five it's the Razer

sign no sir

chroma the Razer so no sir chroma is one

of the most popular razer keyboards in

the market and it's aimed at the budget

consumer it comes at a very affordable

price and it still manages to offer

decent gaming performance great RGB

lighting and many other great features

it has a low-profile build that looks

great and the overall build quality of

this keyboard is pretty solid so it'll

last you for years without a problem

just like all of the high-end gaming

keyboards this one too embraces the

modern RGB lights it has a pretty slick

RGB implementation which features a

hundred and four individually

customizable backlit keys which is

amazing the razor's I know so chroma has

no macro keys or any dedicated media

keys however for the price and the

quality of this item it's a thing that

we can overlook it's also worth

mentioning that this device has an

amazing build quality which makes it

extremely durable as it showed no signs

of flexing and expel proof which is an

amazing feature for a keyboard at this

price furthermore as you may know this

keyboard doesn't have mechanical

switches instead it has membrane key

switches which some gamers may think

won't perform that well the thing is

that after using this keyboard for a

while you'll see that it's great for

both gaming and typing because the keys

are pretty responsive and they have a

very deep travel distance however in

some gaming situations you may notice

some drawbacks of its membrane nature

it's worth mentioning that the Razer

cyno so chroma has a 10 key roll over

instead of n key roll over that other

high-end keyboards have but it still

doesn't let you down

something else that you should know is

that this keyboard is ideal for late

night gaming sessions because its

membrane switches are extra quiet

something else that I should mention is

that these keyboards have synapse

software which is

excellent it delivers perfect

customization for the RGB lighting and

allows you to set parameters for its

gaming modes so if you have other Razer

peripherals this keyboard will be very

useful to sum up I would say that the

cynosure chroma is a pretty great

keyboard that delivers plenty for its

price at number four it's the razer

blackwidow light moving on we have the

razer blackwidow light this one is an

excellent gaming cable that offers a

pretty good typing experience and feels

rather responsive it features the

proprietary Razer Orange switches but

the thing is that it feels too high to

type on for long periods

however if that's not a problem for you

then the black widdow light may be the

gaming keyboard you were looking for

this one is a perfect compact keyboard

for gamers it's a multi-purpose keyboard

with a very nice design and amazing

build quality it's very similar to the

Black Widow ultimate which we'll talk

about later

it has a nice all-black body with a

floating key cap design and of course

razors and mechanical key switches it

has plenty great features that even

though it looks like a normal keyboard

will deliver plenty of performance the

only thing that this keyboard is missing

is the numpad which may deter some

productivity users however it still does

a great job it measures just fourteen

point two by five point two by one point

four inches in total it weighs around

1.45 pounds it comes with a detachable

cable and it makes this keyboard easy

for transportation the Razer BlackWidow

Lite is very durable and it's razor

Orange mechanical key switches perform

similarly to Cherry MX browns and

provide nice typing experience the keys

of this keyboard are pretty responsive

and very quiet too in the box there's a

bag with almost 9000 rings and a key cap

puller these reduce the volume but you

should know that the installation of the

o-rings may take you some time after you

install them you'll notice that they are

very useful and they will improve the

performance of the keyboard in both

typing and gaming you can easily adjust

the backlighting and set up profiles

things get even better if you have other

Razer peripherals I'd highly recommend

this keyboard to anyone who is a

Productivity user that also likes gaming

number three Razer Deathstalker


one of the best Razer keyboards nowadays

is the Razer Deathstalker essential this

one is a keyboard that looks great

performs great and has plenty more

features that won't let you down this

keyboard can suit all of your gaming

needs it has very responsive keys

amazing software and attractive design

let's take a look at what this one has

to offer it comes in a box made from

cardboard which is painted glossy black

and inside the box you'll see the

keyboard simply tucked inside a

polyethylene foam wrapping because Razer

no longer uses any paint to cover the

cardboard it measures twenty point three

by ten point two inches and you can

choose between three levels of pre

impact lighting and in my opinion the

ability to choose between steady or

pulsing light is great overall the

design is great and the keyboard looks

pretty sleek the keys are very

responsive but if you've never used a

chiclet keyboard that it may take you

some time to get used to it

chiclet keyboards are nice for those who

are looking for keyboards that are

almost silent and zippy for example

Apple whose use chiclet keys for years

now because they fit with the Apple

aesthetic however this one has a nice

key travel and it has 65 grams to

actuate and 3.8 millimeters between the

key caps the only thing you should know

about the keys though is that they are

pretty fast

furthermore this keyboard runs on the

Razer synapse 2.0 software which allows

you to set parameters for its gaming

mode program macros and control its

illumination something else that you can

do with this keyboard is to set up

individual profiles and link them with

titles as you may know the gaming mode

is pretty common when it comes to gaming

keyboards which allows you to deactivate

alt f4 alt tab and the windows key while

you're in game this keyboard also allows

you to make macros and assign them

easily but you should know that there

are no extra buttons for them and the

process is a bit annoying I'm convinced

that the performance of this gaming

keyboard is amazing

I ran through modern warfare 2

remastered pop G Counter Strike global

Offensive and thanks to the quick

response of the keys I had no trouble

gunning down my enemies if you want a

keyboard that'll suit all of your gaming

needs make sure to check out this one

number 2 Razer BlackWidow Ultimate one

of the best Razer gaming keyboards in

the market right now is the Black Widow


this one is an incredibly responsive

gaming keyboard with a very nice-looking

design great build quality and many more

premium features the best thing however

is that it doesn't cost as much as other

high-end gaming keyboards the only

missing feature of this one is that it

doesn't have RGB lighting this keyboard

has amazing mechanical switches green

LED lights and an intuitive design it's

not that flashy but it still brings

tremendous Fanny for its price it has

recieved some drops in its price since

it was released a while ago but don't

think that this is a budget keyboard as

the Black Widow ultimate is one of the

hardest performance in the market it has

a nice no frills and utilitarian design

that makes this keyboard look very

unique and classy it's a very durable

keyboard and can withstand spills and

all the rage while gaming which is great

unfortunately it doesn't have RGB

lighting however it is equipped with

raises homegrown green switches which

offer an amazing tactile response and

are very clicky this one 2 runs on the

Razer synapse software but you should

know that it runs on the 2.0 version

rather than the 3.0 it's a great gaming

keyboard and I didn't feel any kind of

discomfort while using it I tested this

one while playing half-life Alex destiny

2 and apex legends and I must say that

it delivered an amazing performance I

also tested this keyboard in typing nice

I wrote a three thousand word essay I

realized that the keyboard feels very

comfortable and the keys are pretty

responsive it has every feature that a

gamer needs from durability to

responsiveness if you want a gaming

keyboard that has an amazing performance

looks great and has plenty of features

make sure to check out this one because

it's one of the best keyboards from

Razer and number one it's the Razer

Huntsman elite as our topic we have the

Razer Huntsman elite this one has an

amazing performance novel hybrid

switches smart design great build

quality and many more excellent features

the only thing you should worry about is

the price because this gaming keyboard

is a little bit expensive anyway if the

price is not a big deal for you then you

should definitely check this one out and

see if this is the gaming keyboard you

were looking for it employs octo

mechanical switches that deliver amazing

comfort and are very durable that

it for about 100 million presses which

is great it has an excellent wrist rest

that further raises its value and

overall the design is pretty minimal

with keys that are elevated and an

aluminium body just like me most of the

users are impressed by its and looks and

it can work great as an office keyboard

- it has plenty of great features like

the distinct media controls which are

nicely implemented in the design in my

opinion the best thing about this

keyboard is the wrist rest as it has an

amazing size build quality and flush

foam on top the optomechanical switches

are one of the easiest to game with the

difference between optomechanical

switches and other machines is that this

uses an infrared light instead of

electric contact I tested this keyboard

with some games and I didn't feel any

discomfort actually the keyboard feel

great I was very responsive it has many

more great features that make this one

one of the best in the market this one

utilizes the Razer synapse 3 software

for personalization and customization

and I must say that it takes great

advantage of the software and its

features as you may know the

optomechanical switches are new to the

market and that's why users are very

skeptical about buying them right away

some think they're better than

mechanical switches and some don't

however the only thing that you should

know is that the performance of this

gaming keyboard was amazing it's a very

comfortable keyboard has plenty of

features and the build quality is

top-notch if you want the best then you

should definitely check out the Razer

Huntsman elite and see if this is the

gaming keyboard you were looking for

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