Does Raspberry Ketone For Weight Loss Work (DOCTOR THOUGHTS!)

Hi everyone, if you feel like you've been lied to or at the very least misled about

the best strategies to lose weight or supplements to help your body lose weight, you are not


It's estimated that 30% of Americans are obese and 60% of Americans are overweight.

That population represents a target for some companies to go after and influence.

So we know that weight loss is a physical process, but weight loss is also an emotional


You get entangled in a web which so badly you want to lose weight and you'll do anything,

you'll spend any amount of money to lose weight.

I'm here to set the story straight on one supplement, raspberry ketones and whether,

or not it's effective for weight loss.My name is Dr. Ryan Shelton and for over a decade

I've been intimately involved in weight loss therapies, wight loss diets and creating and

formulating supplements to help with weight loss.

In fact, for a brief time I was chief medical officer for a large weight loss company based

just outside of San Diego, California.

So, I've seen just about everything when it comes to promises made for weight loss.

In fact, I can't tell you how many patients have come in with literally bags of supplements

and promises, sometimes spending hundreds, sometimes spending thousands of dollars to

help them lose weight.

And they become frustrated, because they're either not effective or very little effective

or sometimes dangerous for their health.

And so anytime that happens, I dive into the research because I want to know the truth

about the supplements that they're taking, the promises that are giving, and I want to

make sure that they're taking something effective and safe.Now, when it comes to raspberry ketones,

it started several years ago by some research that was published and then propagated by

Dr. Oz on television, promising raspberry ketones to be a miracle cure for weight loss.

And I'm not sure I agree with that.

So what the science shows is that lipolysis or fat breakdown, might be more susceptible

because of norepinephrine, a hormone, and it may increase a hormone called adiponectin,

which helps with weight loss.

It helps with blood sugar regulation and diabetes, but these studies were done on test tube bat

cells of mice, not on humans.

So raspberry ketones are somewhat responsible for the aroma, the beautiful aroma of raspberries

that we all enjoy.

And ketones is a specific word that we can get a bit in courage about because of the

ketogenic diet, it has certain indications and certain implications that ketones and

the ketone diet work hand in hand.

But that's not the case either.Now, to get the amount of ketones, a raspberry ketones

from raspberries at an adequate dose, you would have to eat 90 pounds of raspberries.

No one's going to eat raspberries at 90 pounds per day.

So, that means that the raspberry ketones found in supplements are synthetically derived,

highly, highly concentrated.

The effective compounds in raspberries, the raspberry ketones are similar to agents such

as capsaicin found in cayenne pepper and synephrin found in bitter orange.

But again, these studies have been performed on test tube fat cells of mice.

And, these studies have been performed at 100 times the recommended daily dose, so extraordinarily

high doses of raspberry ketones.

And it did in fact show that it improved lipolysis through the fat cells being more susceptible

for nor-epinephrin.

It improves adiponectin levels helping with weight loss, helping with blood sugar control.

But again, these levels are extraordinarily high.When we look at human studies, not a

single human study has shown benefit for raspberry ketones when taken alone.

Now, there has been one study that showed that a combination of raspberry ketone added

to a supplement containing things like synephrin, and caffeine, and ginseng did improve weight


In fact, after six to eight weeks, taking that supplement, improved weight loss by 7.8%

of fat mass by 7.8% compared to placebo or the control group at 2.8%.

So, there is something about raspberry ketones that may be effective, but no human studies

have shown it to be effective alone.

To put things in perspective, when we look at adiponectin and taking raspberry ketones,

it increases it maybe by again, 7.88% something like that.

Exercise, just exercise can increase adiponectin by 260% in just one week.

So, do I like raspberry ketones?

I do, when combined with other agents that have been shown effective through science

and research to help encourage weight loss.

Assuming that you're on an appropriate weight loss diet.I encourage you to ask questions.

I want to know what supplements you've taken for weight loss, what kind of diet has helped

you for weight loss?

I want to know where you're from because diets in the United States, and diets in Asia, and

diets in Europe oftentimes vary.So, I want to hear your comments and feedbacks on the

type of diet that you have found effective for weight loss and if you're taking supplements,

the type of supplements that you've found for weight loss.

I am eager to learn.

I base myself on research, but anecdotal evidence is important too.

I'm honored and impressed with your time and attention to learn about your health and wellness,

to learn more about weight loss and the facts about weight loss supplements.

Thank you so much.

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Thanks so much, I'm Dr. Ryan Shelton.