hey guys today we're going to be looking

at green coffee bean extract and

raspberry ketone yesterday September 10

2012 dr. oz opened his new season

featuring green coffee bean and

marketers retailers and online

advertisers that were using his name

logo or image to market products he

features on his show this video is about

my personal experience with these

products and I'm not endorsing

advertising or marketing these

particular products or their vendors

what piqued my interest in these

products was that they didn't have any

significant side effects I typically

don't take dieting products and the last

time I tried a fad diet product was in

the mid-90s when korte slim was a new

founded diet product going into this I

didn't have any expectations my typical

weight loss process involves reducing my

portions and exercising when it comes to

weight loss or even wait we have a

tendency now to associate weight with

fat weight by definition is the amount

or quantity of heaviness or mass so wait

is going to encompass our entire body

mass versus just fat the product you see

on the far left is a standard coffee

bean extract not necessarily what is

recommended when it comes to getting a

pure coffee bean product as you see in

the middle and on the right a certified

raspberry ketone product since there

wasn't any particular expectations I

didn't necessarily feel less hungry or

that I felt full sooner upon finishing a

meal this effect may vary by individual

however there didn't appear to be any

kind of placebo effect worth noting my

first week on the standard product which

was 200 milligrams per pill and the

recommended dosage is 400 milligrams I

went through these in about six days

during those six days I actually added

an additional 1,400 calories to kind of

compensate for what I thought would be a

200 calorie weight loss a day burned I

also reduced my workouts to just one day

of moderate free weights for an hour and

one day of 45 min

light cardio when I weighed in on the

seventh day my weight had dropped about

three pounds needless to say I was

surprised even compensating for what I

thought I'd lose I was actually able to

drop weight despite adding calories and

decreasing my physical activity I

wouldn't consider that typical for

anyone it's just what I experienced I'd

like to mention that during the course

of this experiment I never experienced

any type of side effects no jitteriness

excitability heart racing or any

stimulate type effects week 2 after

taking all the standard product I moved

into the next week with the suggested

pure green coffee bean the second we got

decreased my additional calories to 1200

with two days of moderate heavy free

weights and when I weighed in on the

seventh day I maintained my weight so I

neither gained nor lost keep in mind of

course muscle weighs more than fat and

despite what the scale said I was in

fact losing fat the third week I

continued with the green coffee beans

and introduced the raspberry ketone in

that third week i reduced my additional

calories to just 800 I didn't do any

kind of work out when I weighed in on

the seventh day I had lost an additional

pound so four total for that week at

this point I was starting to notice a

loss in fat which is what most of us are

really looking for despite the small

step weight loss I was losing fat and

that is our objective the final week

which I just completed as of this video

taping I maintained the four-pound

weight loss during my last week I did

return to two days of moderate free

weights and one day of 45 minute cardio

workout as well as returning to my

typical reduced portion calorie intake

for the week of 1,200 calories a day I'm

not suggesting you try any of these

particular methods or level of portion

control speak with your doctor before

you start any weight loss program or a

dietary program this project was purely

to see the product didn't have any kind

of side effects and whether or not it

would work based upon my outline and

experience I'd say

the product can help in reducing fat but

isn't exclusive to losing weight as a

lot of you know if you want to lose

weight you have to reduce your portions

eat healthy and exercise you guys know

this so it's not a matter of more

awareness or education it's about

developing a plan and practicing the

method just from my experience I have to

say I am surprised by the result they

will vary by individual but for me I was

able to see some level of results from

an expense perspective and based upon

your budget you may want to consider the

cost the standard product that's on the

left was significantly cheaper than the

recommended and just in my experience

they seemed to work about the same the

certified raspberry ketone was the most

expensive product and if you have the

budget for it i'd say give it a try but

nothing is as effective as the old

standard of reducing your portions and

exercising when I've approached my

doctor about products I take for these

types of projects he always says so what

happens after you stop taking them

that's a very poignant response and one

that you have to consider particularly

when it comes to weight loss are you

going to be willing to continue

purchasing a product to help you lose

and or maintain your weight overall I'd

say consider your budget consider your

health consult your doctor do your

research and see if this product would

be something you'd be willing to try in

my own opinion I may consider to

purchase the products to help me get

past the plateau but once i do then i

know it's going to be a matter of

maintaining my weight i know i didn't go

into a lot of detail concerning my

workout regiment or dietary choices as

this was mainly focusing on these

products and their claims if you guys

have any particular questions or

concerns you're welcome to comment below

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