Different Types of Quilt Batting


there are many different types of quilt

batting available either at your local

craft store or even available online and

the type of batting you choose for your

quilts can depend on what type of

culture making an art quilt versus a bed

quilt as well as the climates you're

going to be using that quilt in whether

it's going to be really cold or really

warm and how you want your overall quilt

to look whether you want it to be sort

of stiff and hold its shape or you want

it to drape well on the bed so a couple

of the most common types of batting that

you find at your local craft store or

even at some of the big-box stores is

generally a polyester or polyester blend

batting so that is what this is here

here is just a small piece that I have

left from another project that I did

polyester is very common because it is

one of the least expensive types of

batting is very easy to find and it can

be used in anything from an art quilt or

a craft size project all the way up to a

bed quilt some of the pros of using a

polyester batting again easy to find

inexpensive however it is not breathable

at all so if you are someone who maybe

sleeps and you're always usually warm

when you're sleeping if you are

underneath a quilt that is quilted with

a polyester batting you're probably

gonna find that you are sweating a lot

in the middle of night and it's it's not

going to allow any heat to escape or any

air to breathe through so there are some

benefits to polyester batting but if

that's what you're looking for the

breathability of your quilt polyester is

not something that you want to pick

polyester batting is however something I

absolutely always have on hand

in my sewing room because I use it for

things outside of quilting as well this

is just a little craft size that you can

buy of this polyester batting and I

picked this one just so you can sort of

see this fun little picture down in the

bottom they used it to make a little wig

so this kind of batting can be used for

everything from quilts to just minor

little crafts projects and sort of

everything in between so even if you

don't do a whole lot of quilting with

polyester batting it's always a good

thing to have on hand

also if you're someone who likes to

practice with little stitch outs or

practice your quilting free motion

quilting a new quilting design having

just some inexpensive polyester batting

on hand can be a perfect thing to

practice with another common type of

quilt batting one that can be found at

some crafts and fabric stores as well is

cotton batting cotton batting is one

that comes in a lot of different

thicknesses so you can get it anywhere

from really thin known as low loft to

really thick which is a higher loft this

just happens to be a a smaller size this

is a crib size and you can see by unfold

this here this is a fairly thin lower

loft cotton batting this is something

that has a little bit of breathability

to it definitely more than polyester not

as much as some of the other batting's

we're going to talk about but a good one

for warmth it's also very soft and very

comfortable and it drapes fairly well so

if you have a lower loft cotton batting

in a quilt that's not heavily quilted it

will drape nice over the edge of the bed

and look very nice aside from cotton we

have some other options here this is

silk batting set this aside silk batting

is one of the most breathable types of

batting that you'll be able to find it

is however one of the more expensive

types of batting that you're going to

find and one that isn't as readily

available in fabric stores this is

actually one that I had to order online

but again it's very very soft very

breathable a little bit thicker than

cotton batting so this one happens to be

maybe more of a low to medium loft and

it can be a little bit stiffer so it

doesn't quite drape as nice as some of

the other batting's but again if you

want to make a nice breathable quilt or

a nice lightweight quilt maybe a

summertime bed quilt silk batting is

something that you want to pick some

other options here this next one is wool

batting and if you can't pick out

batting types based off of just glancing

at it and knowing what it looks like you


absolutely be able to tell what wool

batting is just by feeling it because if

you've ever worn a scratchy wool sweater

that's kind of what this batting feels

like so it is fairly breathable not as

breathable as silk but much better than

polyester however it is very stiff so

this is a type of batting where if

you're making a project or making a

quilt and you want it to hold its shape

you want to pick a batting such as this

wall batting here one more betting that

I want to talk about which is one of my

favorite batting to actually to feel it

is these softest nicest most luxurious

feeling batting and this is bamboo

batting so it is slightly less expensive

than something like a silk batting and

in terms of breathability is right up

there with silk as well it is something

that is really soft drapes really well

has a very again soft feel to it so it's

more of a low to medium loft though I

believe you can get this in different

thicknesses and so it gives a nice

overall finish to your quilt so this one

if you can find it either in a store you

can find it online and it's in your

budget for the quilting project that

you're using I highly recommend a bamboo

batting so again we have bamboo wool

silk cotton polyester all of these are

good types of batting to use in your

quilt depending on how you want your

quilt to look how breathable you want it

to be and how warm you want it to be and

just how you want your overall quilt to

look so if you have access to very small

amounts of batting you can buy craft

size or even crib size get a little

sample of each of these batting's and

try them out quilt on them see what they

look like once they've been quilted and

get a feel for what your favorite type

of batting is and what you want to use

on your next quilt project