What is the best brand of Class A Gas Motorhome?

in this video I'm gonna be reviewing all

the different brands of class a gas


and answer that very common question

which one is the best

is it a Winnebago is it a Tiffin is it a

Thor if this question has been on your

mind then stick around because today I'm

gonna give you my in-depth review and

we're starting in three two everybody

welcome back to another video my name is

Matt from Matt's RV reviews the world's

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unbiased review on everything about RVs

and again today we're tackling that

tough question about which brand of RB

class a gas Motorhome reign superior you

know when you go to an RV dealership you

have one salesman telling you it's this

brand and another one telling you it's

this brand are they lying or are they

both being truthful well to get down to

this you have to understand that there

is four different levels of class a gas

Motorhome like comparing an f-150 to a

Chevy 1500 and a Ford Mustang to a Chevy

Corvette just different classes of

motorhomes follow me and I'll show you

the way so understanding that there's

four different levels of class a gas

Motorhome here's what I'm going to do at

the end of the video I'm gonna go over

every manufacturer and tell you where

every single one of their brands how

they fall into an order but for right

now we have to identify what's the level

one motorhome and what's a level four so

with that right here I have a Thor ace

and a Thor challenger and I'm going to

show you all the exterior features which

makes this challenger a level four and

which makes this ace a level one so

first if we can pan over here Michael an

entry-level class one motorhome is gonna

have stickers and decals it's fiberglass


sometimes they'll have high gloss or

whatever but this is what it is

it's stickers and decals and you can

feel it just like that whereas on a

level four motorhome you're going to

have full body paint this is beautiful

this is nice and full body paint run

somewhere around ten thousand dollars

for the manufacturers to do so they only

put this on their high-end stuff not

their lower end stuff next when it comes

to the exterior it's going to be the

chassis size so

the chassis size can be the wheelbase

can be 178 inches to 192 208 and it

keeps going farther the farther the

wheelbase the longer the motorhome the

better the ride and not only that the

big indicator between a high end and the

low end is the tire size now on a

low-end motorhome you're gonna have

these tires that are nineteen point five

inch not as nice as over here on a

higher-end motorhome this right here you

can see that they're 20 2.5 inch tires

bigger tires means it's a better ride

not only that it's an indication that

you're getting a bigger chassis and what

the bigger chassis does is two things

one it makes it able so you're able to

have more weights more slide outs which

I'll touch it on the inside but exterior

storage right here on a level one

motorhome you don't get really great its

hang on you get great exterior storage

but you just get even better exterior

storage there but here's what some of

your exterior storage is and this is the

door as you can see here it's a

fiberglass door that shuts it

whereas over here on a high-end

motorhome you get these great big slam

latch aluminum doors you know you're

getting a lot more storage touching on

it again because a bigger chassis longer

motorhome and then this is just built a

lot better and when these shut you know

it slam latch aluminum doors but those

are just some of the key factors on the

outside for level ones and level fours

and again a level two to level three is

going to have some features mixed in all

together but oh we're actually gonna go

this way and now we're going to show you

some interior differences on two other

different motorhomes follow me great so

now we're checking out the inside this

is what your typical level one motorhome

looks like you have a single slide out

sometimes you'll have a slide out in the

bed area your furniture over here in the

upholstery it's you know it's nice it's

comfortable don't get me wrong you're

dropping 80 something $100,000 you're

getting nice stuff but it's not as plush

as when we look on over to the level

floor motorhome your countertop over

here this is a laminate

here's your sink and your appliances you

have an oven a small microwave you know

you get your RV style refrigerator again

all of these are great it's just

different levels and then another beat

big factor here is the AC units Oh level

one motorhomes a lot of times they'll be

30 amp so you can only have one AC unit

whereas all of the level 2 motorhomes

they'll all be 50 amp and then checking

out the bathroom area you want to

prepare Michael so here's your shower

you're gonna have a plastic shower and

then if you can somehow Michael show

this this is normal and it's supposed to

be like this

but I have a lot of customers comment on

it but nothing's wrong with this it's

just not as fancy as the other one

neither is the toilet sorry Michael

neither's the toilet the toilet in here

is going to be a plastic toilet where as

we're about to take a look at the other

one everything right

great so here we are in a tier 4

motorhome and as you can tell you can

just see the difference the furniture is

going to be enough a lot nicer more

plush nicer finishes more electronic

components check this out over here you

have all the lights your slide-out

controls you able to control everything

like this also it does have solar the

higher-end motorhomes are going to be

the first ones to have these solar

features in the kitchen area you can see

your great quality cabinetry high gloss

solid surface countertop throughout I

don't know this brand doesn't look like

it's quarry on sometimes they use quarry

on but Corey Knox is really just a name

brand it's all gonna be the same really

nice high-end feature

oops you'll start getting into induction

in the nice stuff no ovens some people

don't like that but you are getting the

real big microwave convection ovens 2 AC

units throughout 50 amp always and then

this level is where you're starting to

see the very nice residential

refrigerators this has the icemaker and

it has the a water thing and what's

great about these fridges they don't run

off propane they have a 2000 watt

inverter dedicated just to run the

refrigerator so this is a level 4

bathroom you know you're gonna get a

nice countertop check out this toilet

here you have a nice porcelain toilet

and then this shower area is what I'm

talking about

this has a one-piece fiberglass shower

which you can see down there there's no

seams this is very very expensive for

the manufacturers to do that so this is

why typically you will only see these on

a level 4 Motorhome

great so now we just identify what

features make a motor home a level one

in what features make a motor home a

level four whoop-dee-doo what does it

all mean Vasil it means there's no one

best brand of class a gas Motorhome

going back to the salesman reference

again the one salesman telling you it's

this brand and the other salesman's

telling you it's this brand they're not

lying because they are showing you the

best brands that they represent at their

dealership so for class a gas Motorhome

there's 11 different manufacturers and

there's four different levels of class a

gas Motorhome it doesn't matter who the

manufacturer is if it's a tier 4

motorhome you're buying a great quality

Motorhome period it doesn't matter if

it's a Tiffin or Winnebago or a numark

it's kind of like it's opinionated it's

just like when somebody is a die-hard

Ford person and they say I will never

buy Chevy I'm only buying a Ford or that

Chevy person saying I'm only gonna buy a

Chevy Ford to pieces crap it's all

opinionated because once it's a Tier

four and it has all those tier 4

features or at least most of them then

you know you're buying a great quality

Motorhome let me go over all the

manufacturers in all the tier 4

motorhomes just so you have them as a

reference point for tiffin you have the

Allegro Newmar the canyon star Fleetwood

you have the bounder slash south wing

that one's a little confusing I'll

explain that in another video and I'll

have that video in the description below

for Thor

it's your Challenger for your Forest

River it's your Georgetown XL coachman

it's the Murata select Jayco is your

precept prestige Integra coach you have

the emblem for Winnebago you have your

sightseer in for your at ASCO you have

your Sun Nova now a couple little

asterisks there notice how for the

forest rivers and the coach mints and

the J Coast it's not a Georgetown into

Georgetown XL or it's not a Marauder

it's a Marauder select or it's not a j

co precept it's a preset prestige

unlike glarb manufacturers the RV

Manufacturers a lot of times when they

have a good name brand for example

Forest River Georgetown was the number

one selling um Class A for forever and

it did really well so for their luxury

level they called it a Georgetown XL

because the Georgetown names sold very

well little fun fact for coachmen

coachman's tier-4 used to be called an

encounter and there morado it was like a

tier 2 but the Mehran is sold very well

so now they're Tier four they called

Amerada select uh and finally for

Winnebago the reason why there's an

asterisk by the sightseer

and the a task of sub Nova is because

for 2019

they have stopped producing those brands

but don't worry just like how the

coachmen encounter got changed the

Murata select Winnebago will be coming

out with another tier 4 motorhome and

it's gonna be called something else so

those are all the high-end class gas a

motorhomes for 2019 but more importantly

than the manufacturer or the brand

honestly it's the dealership that you're

buying it from because if you buy a

high-end class a gas Motorhome from a

crappy dealership that has a crummy

service department it doesn't matter

really what you really want to look for

when you're looking for I'll clap any

type of RV especially a high-end class a

gas you want to look for which floor

plan fits you the best

which interior decor you're the most

happy with and which dealership you're

buying it from if at the end of the day

it's a Thor Challenger or Georgetown

Excel or coachmen mirada select get that

one don't get a Tiffin Allegro or

a new more basestar or a Winnebago

sightseer just because the manufacturer

has a great name carry out new more

Tiffin Winnebago they all make great RVs

what I'm saying is all eight of those

brands that are tier fours you're

getting that same quality class a gas

Motorhome well that's my two cents

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