How to Choose Hardside Luggage

airline baggage handlers either damage

or break seven out of every thousand

pieces of luggage they handle in

addition to its reliable protection

hardside luggage is an outstanding

choice for other reasons it's very often

lightweight and it is water and stain

resistant to clean you can just wipe it

down with a cloth and window cleaner

hardside luggage also comes in a variety

of fashion colors and prints materials

include ABS aluminum polypropylene and

polycarbonate if ultimate protection is

your goal look for hard side luggage

made from 100% poly carbonate for

unparalleled durability and strength

hardside luggage made from ABS is lower

cost alternative to polycarbonate and

allows the luggage to expand and

contract without denting and ding some

manufacturers make expandable pieces

within their hardside collection it's

important to check the product

description on the website of the item

you're considering in order to see if

it's expandable or not most hard sided

pieces are also spinners spinners allow

you to glide to the airports with these

hardside luggage is also about

simplifying packing most bags contain

two compartments with a divider between

the two sides

remember airline baggage handler is

either damaged or break 7 out of every

1000 pieces of luggage they handle so to

avoid baggage handler damage shop

hardside luggage a tea bags calm