πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ₯‡ Best Luggage For Traveling 2020 | Buying Guide

suitcases have graduated from purely

functional items designed to carry

clothing to bonafide fashion statements

within themselves whether you're

shopping around the globe for work or

play a chic functional piece of luggage

should be at the top of your list

however finding the right suitcase to

suit your individual travel needs and

personal style can be a tricky task


number one travel pro MaxLite 529 inch

expandable spinner ideal for

long-distance travelers and extended

trips the travel pro Mac slide 5 is a

durable and lightweight option that can

handle the airport's toughest treatment

this 29 inch spinner suitcase is made

from super-strong polyester with

duraguard coating that has stain and

water resistant and unlike hardshell

suitcases won't scratch or crack the

bottom of the case is reinforced with a

rubber tray for an extra layer of crash

protection and the zipper pulls

typically a suitcases weak point are

high-tensile for increased durability as

for size the travel pro MaxLite 5 is 13

by 21 by 31 inches with the ability to

expand another 2 inches for increased

capacity it also has an interior front

compartment full length interior lid

pocket and side pocket to hold

everything you need for your trip for

360 degrees spinner wheels and a

retractable power scope light handle

make this suitcase a breeze to transport

and the whole thing is astoundingly

light at less than 9 pounds the travel

pro max light 5 is available in neutral

black brown and grey as well as light

pink and as your blue

number two

Samsonite okto light 75 centimetres

spinner whether you're heading on a

relaxing holiday or off on a business

trip Samsonite sock delight case has you

covered featuring an innovative design

this impressive suitcase is ideal for

the modern traveler with every curve and

groove perfectly sculpted the Aqua light

is ultra lightweight and incredibly

durable however its unique and practical

shape isn't the only benefit of this

handy travel companion the case also

boosts a variety of impressive features

including a TSA combination lock and 360

degree multi-directional spinner wheels

for maneuverability number three

American Tourister for good quality at

lower to mid price ranges American

Tourister could be considered to be the

best luggage brand for practical

vacationers who may not travel

frequently enough to demand extremely

durable or luxurious luggage owned by

Samsonite this widely available and

dependable brand includes soft side and

hard side luggage in a variety of bold

colors and finishes including bags for

kids and adults featuring favorite

Disney and Marvel Comics characters

number four the paul paris original

plume 25 and spinner

if you require a second bag that's

larger than a carry-on but don't want a

tote around a gigantic check back the

original plume 25 inch spinner baila

paul paris may be just the right fit

designed in france the bag is a step up

in size from standard carry-on luggage

and measures seven by nine point three

by twenty five point three inches made

from sturdy but lightweight nylon the

bag weighs just 5.7 pounds and it's

nylon construction also means that

unexpected spills can be easily wiped

off the material spinner wheels help to

coast through the airport in three

pockets two on the inside and one on the

outside will keep items organized the

bag is available in purple or red

number-5 Victorinox lexicon hardside

large the Victorinox lexicon large heart

side case is part of the esteemed France

most technically advanced collection of

hard side luggage to date sturdy

spacious and innovative this case boasts

the latest in molding technology and

functionality featuring super recessed

wheels and long handles that case offers

travelers greater packing capacity than

any other case in its class

additionally the smart design is

incredibly reliable with a 100% virgin

polygon edge cell and an integrated

combination lock number six away compare

ibly new to the luggage game a way has

surged in popularity with savvy

travelers since its launch in 2015 the

brand signature polycarbonate luggage

comes in an array of colors and sizes

from kids carry-on to large check and is

sold direct to consumer to be able to

offer high-quality materials at an

approachable price point even the

brand's high-end aluminum edition line

is priced competitively with both

carry-on sizes under $500 plus with a

generous no-questions-asked return

policy you can try any suitcase for a

hundred days once you decide to keep it

away also offers a lifetime guaranteed

or fixer replace damaged bags number 7

Samsonite silhouette hardside spinner if

you're looking to make a worthwhile

investment in a well-constructed check

luggage that is stylish and extremely

durable the Samsonite silhouette

hardside spinner is a justifiable

splurge the bag measures twelve by

seventeen by twenty five and a half

inches and is made from strong

polycarbonate with smooth lining wheels

and a comfortable adjustable handle at

just 11 pounds the bag is one of the

lighter hard side options on the market

the suitcase has TSA approved locks

attached to the zippers mesh interior

dividers to separate clothes as well as

a built-in toiletry bag available in

blue or black the exterior of the

luggage can withstand wear and tear

without showing scuffs and marks


number eight to me v3 worldwide trip

packing case while yes the price tag on

this bag is no joke Jimmie's v3

worldwide trip packing case delivers on

features the bag is crafted from an

ultra specialized multi-layer

polycarbonate alloy that deems at both

lightweight and durable on top of that

the smooth rolling wheels are pretty

sophisticated with a 360 degree rotation

system that ensures you won't get caught

up on any terrain inside there's a

spacious 130 litre main compartment a

hanger bracket four pockets and tie-down

straps the worldwide trip packing case

also boasts an integrated TSA lock for

additional security purposes toting this

bag through the airport is a total

breeze due to the two-stage telescoping

handle retractable molded top and side

carry handles available in gleaming

black the case is amply sized at 34 by

22 by 12 and a half inches and weighs

twelve point three pounds number nine

Kenneth Cole reaction out of bounds 20

inch 4-wheel upright this case is

durability alone is good enough reason

to buy it but when you consider its

sleek appearance functionality and

affordability it is hard to go past it

the Kenneth Cole reaction out of bounds

20 inch molded upright spinner will keep

your travel essentials protected and

your arms free of strain while looking

stylish this lightweight carry-on

features molded details and it is

designed to absorb impact this means it

will flex while under stress and then

pop back into its original shape without

any dents it is spacious and has a fully

lined luxurious interior complete with

restraints pockets and lid compartment

meaning you won't have to do the dreaded

opening of your entire bag to retrieve

your things in the middle of the airport

number ten amazonbasics soft side

spinner luggage if you're searching for

a well-made checked bag at a reasonable

price the amazonbasics

soft side spinner luggage is an easy

choice available in a twenty five inch

size ideal for three to five day trips

or twenty nine inches for longer haunts

this suitcase covers all the basics and

glides along with the ease on for

spinner wheels the well-executed design

features a wider and deeper bottom so

that the bag doesn't tip over while

waiting in line there's also a polyester

lined interior with three pockets for

organizing on the 25 inch bag and a

telescoping handle the one drawback is

the suitcase is only available on

standard navy blue or black without any

distinctive features so easily - spot-on