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right at number one we have the

Samsonite Omni PC hard side suitcase the

packing dimensions of the suitcase are

twenty-eight point five by twenty point

five by 13.5 inches whereas the overall

dimensions are thirty point five by 21.5

by 13.5 inches and it weighs ten point

three five pounds the 28 inch spinner

luggage is intended to maximize your

packing power making this a good choice

even for longer trips the exterior of

the suitcase has a micro Dimond

polycarbonate texture and is

particularly resistant to scratches in

other words rest assured that it will

remain as beautiful as when you first

got it there are multiple options to fit

your own personal preferences it also

has four multi-directional oversized

spinner wheels making mobility

effortless the entire suitcase is very

lightweight and it has side mounted TSA

locks to prevent theft the suitcase is

also equipped with expansion and

compression features making it easy to

pack more clothes while also keeping

them neatly pressed the locking handle

has a push button and it's easy to

extend at number 2 we have the Kenneth

Cole 28 inch check size suitcase when it

comes to its production specs the

suitcases internal packing dimensions

are 28 by 19 by 10.25 inches the overall

dimensions are 29 point 5 by 20 point

five by eleven point seven five inches

and it has a two-stage trolley handle

that retracts to be 41 inches tall the

product is both lightweight and rather

durable it weighs around nine point six

pounds and it's made of a lightweight

and water-resistant hardshell not only

does it look sleek but it's also very

easy to maintain it has molded corner

guard reinforcements that are intended

to provide maximum impact resistance its

inner compartments are very organized

there are two spacious and fully lined

compartments that allow for double-sided

packing there's also a large interior

organizer zipper pocket if you want to

store smaller items its equipped with

four multi-directional wheel spinners

for 360 degree movement on any terrain

the product comes with a 10 year limited

warranty backed by the manufacturer

next at number three we have the Amazon

basic soft side spinner luggage suitcase

the outer dimensions including the

wheels of this suitcase are 17.5 by 12

point 9 by 30 point 9 inches while the

interior dimensions are sixteen point

five by ten point six by 26 point seven

inches and it weighs seven point eight

seven pounds with an interior capacity

of 77 liters it's a very convenient

check size luggage suitcase unlike the

previous two suitcases this one follows

a soft side design that can collapse a

bit in order to fit more easily into

tight spaces this isn't really possible

with hard side suitcases it comes with a

fabric lining for increased protection

from snags and scratches there's a 150 D

polyester interior organizer that has

three different zippered pockets this

allows for the convenient storage of

smaller items you can also expand it to

increase the packing capacity by as much

as 25% the zippers are strong enough and

solid so you won't have to worry about

them breaking the suitcase is easily

maneuverable and the short handle is

securely mounted at number four we have

the Samsonite Winfield hard side

expandable luggage suitcase starting

with the production specs the suitcases

overall dimensions are 31 by twenty by

twelve point seven five inches it's

packing dimensions on the other hand are

28 by 19 point 7 5 by 12.5 inches and it

weighs 11.5 pounds it's a bit heavier

but that's easily understandable given

its sturdy hard side design it has four

multi-directional spinner wheels making

mobility a breeze despite being a bit

heavier you won't feel it one bit it has

a side mounted TSA lock that's going to

prevent theft the overall design of the

suitcase is very slick thanks to the

unified brush pattern it gives a sense

of certain custom appeal while also

being sturdy enough to resist scratches

the 1.5 inch expansion makes it possible

to pack more items while the compression

keeps your clothes stacked very neatly

last at number five we have the travel

select Amsterdam rolling suitcase this

soft side suitcase has overall

dimensions of 29 by 17 by 10 inches but

the depth can expand at 12 inches

it weighs nine point five pounds and is

relatively lightweight the interior is

fully imprinted and elegant it has

elastic tie-down straps as well as

zippered mesh lid pocket and dual

shoe pockets in other words you'd be

able to pack quite a lot of things

making it appropriate for longer trips

it has a retractable handle system as

well as an added bag strap and clasp so

you can easily taut an additional bag to

it it's made of 1200 d two-tone

polyester and PVC backing making the

exterior very durable despite the fact

that it's a soft side suitcase so that

sums up the top check luggage options we

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