Best Luggage in 2019 | Top 5 Suitcases To Make Traveling Easier

in today's video we're gonna check out

the top 5 best luggage sets in 2019 I

made this list based on my personal

opinion and I try to listen based on

their quality price durability and more

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let's get started with a video at number


it's the Delsea helium Aero the Delsea

helium Aero is the best luggage for

those making the transition from cheap

semi disposable luggage to a decent

quality it's not expensive but it's not

cheap either it's somewhere in the

middle and everything is balanced and

provides great value it's equally sturdy

and stylish with various colors to

choose from to suit your style it's

built from a 100% polycarbonate hard

shell given its sturdiness while also

keeping it lightweight the polycarbonate

is extremely durable and can withstand

countless trips it's guaranteed to last

you for years and take lots of beating

in the process the double spinner wheels

are very pleasant making the luggage fly

with the lightest push of the fingers

drag in the luggage won't be torture


moreover the addition of double wheels

on each spinner allows for smoother

maneuverability rolling and added

durability the Delsea helium Aero also

has a TSA approved lock that has a three

dial combination that you choose and is

instantly set up this is a great

addition for those that are traveling

within the USA because the TSA has the

Tennessee not to care about locks but

this is TSA friendly and it's a great

bonus for you the aluminium comfort

handles feel pretty luxury and they're

soft to the touch they're very sturdy in

high quality the securely attached to

the luggage with no Bend and wiggle

space the side handles are equally built

as well the most interesting feature

about the helium Aero the carry on

version at least is that it has an

outside compartment with a sleeve that

can carry a 15.6 inch laptop it has two

zippered mesh pockets on the compartment

that you can put things that you might

need during your trip the luggage is

also very forgiving if you decide to buy

souvenirs on your trip

as is expandable by two inches you can

easily do that by opening the side

zippers and you're ready to go

to conclude the Delsea helium arrow is a

great piece of luggage with a cute

design it comes available in four sizes

and multiple colors so you can choose

the one that suits your needs it leaves

no space for disappointment

at number 4 it's the Timbuktu quest

duffel Timbuktu a SAN francisco-based

brand found in 1989 has always designed

quality backpacks packs and accessories

with urban mobility and individuality in

mind inspired thinking and creativity

combined with passion has made the

company an icon in its market the

Timbuktu quest duffel is a duffle bag

that strives to make travel easier and

let you enjoy your trips it's always a

very convenient for your sports gear if

you're one that likes your sports this

is a duffle bag for those that don't

want to carry duffle bags it does

everything a duffle bag should do it

duffels it rolls but also has wheels and

a great handle making it double as a

suitcase the bag looks very streamlined

and contemporary but also carries on

that classic look it's easily possible

there's a style piece in most situations

if you're going to the gym or for sports

this will look good and if you're going

to the airport combined with a leather

jacket and dark wash jeans it's

guaranteed to turn heads

the Timbuktu quest duffel also has

multiple external pockets of various

sizes to accommodate your accessories or

your tech devices it has a large

floating pocket compartment that's meant

for storing shoes but not necessarily

just shoes you can store toiletries or

other stuff in there too it has a 9 inch

tablet pocket a side pocket for your

phone and a padded 13 inch laptop sleeve

inside it is just plain bucket style

with no compartments giving you the

freedom to sort things out the body of

the bag is manufactured with lightweight

rips nylon that can be compressed with

the compression straps meaning you can

only carry on your things and not the

weight of the bag aside from the weight

the material makes it also

water-resistant a duffel bag for an

active person the faces various

challenges it has 2 side handles for

carrying a removable shoulder strap that

could it have done a little better with

some padding and there are also backpack


which is a nice feature and they're

fairly comfortable this is a solid

choice for active people it can be very

convenient for longer trips for people

who pack lighter at number three it's

the Briggs & Riley baseline Briggs &

Riley baseline is your best high-end

option when it comes to luggage with its

durability classic looks tons of

features storage compartments and ease

of use

it's a champion but it comes at a

premium price which is way out of the

price range of most however the Briggs &

Riley baseline is a product that will

last a lifetime so if you buy it once

you don't have to worry about luggage

for the rest of your life Briggs & Riley

baseline is the best suitcase ever

manufactured it has all the features

that are imaginable for a suitcase

however it's pretty heavy as well Briggs

& Riley offer a lifetime warranty for

the baseline they want to make baseline

your last ever luggage far from that you

can get spare parts for your luggage for

free paying just a shipping fee they've

used an ultra durable to 520d ballistic

nylon over the hybrid fiberglass frame

it has an extra dense weave resulting in

an amazingly durable outer layer storage

wise on the outside of the bag there are

two accessory pockets one extra large

and one small inside the front panel

there's the suit folding pocket and a

mesh accessory bag suitcase has a very

good blank space for you to fill and it

has some extra room thanks to the

collapsible handle mounted on the

outside of the bag it's large double

wheels placed very close to the back of

the reason for the basslines

maneuverability and ease of use since

spinner mode despite its heavy weight

and big size it was relatively easy to

pull and push Briggs and Riley have

packed numerous features for the

baseline there's the smart link strap

for strapping it bag to the top receiver

easily the collapsible handle extends to

four positions to ensure your comfort

and secure grip on the bag the suit

folder packs your suit wrinkle free and

the cinch down mesh panel keeps clothes

steady moreover with just a pull of a

lever with its c.x compression system

the base line increases its storage

capacity by 25% if you choose to pay the

premium price the Briggs & Riley base

line will definitely be the last luggage

you buy

but number two it's the travel Promax

light for travel pro for over 25 years

has been the leader in innovation design

and durability in the Department of

making high quality luggage for people

who have won the lust Travel Pro has

revolutionized the way we travel today

when it invented the luggage with wheels

and the rest is history

today we have the travel Pro MaxLite

full and it's on the high end of the

Travel Pro line it provides lots of

storage and no weight while keeping the

prices very low compared to competition

selling the premium product for budget

prices is just amazing the luggage has

been simply designed with a subtle style

durability and weight in mind

it simply blends in with a travel

setting and doesn't stand out it lives

up to its name and it's really one of

the lightest suitcases in the market and

it does so with large storage and great

performance although not as durable as

its hard case counterparts the travel

pro MaxLite 4 is surprisingly durable

you'll have to be a little careful with

the outer fabric it's the only weak part

of the body but the wheels are pretty

good and the handles are high quality

but of course with regular use as with

most things they may fall apart the

travel Promax like fall rolls very

easily on smoother surfaces but it faces

some resistance when there are cracks on

the surface on sidewalks and on stairs

but of course this is a problem with

most spinners the MaxLite 4 has a great

storage capacity you can easily pack for

longer trips and can even use the

expansion zipper if you need more there

are exterior front pockets to keep

accessories or a jacket in case the

weather gets cold

there are also interior options like the

toiletry compartment suitcase expands

only to the bottom half the bag to

prevent any imbalances when rolling on

spinner mode the folded clothes

compartment was pretty nice and spacious

and you can even fit a carefully folded

suit in there it's a kind of suitcase

that every home will need travel pro max

like 4 is a piece of excellent luggage

with great value and at number one it's

the Samsonite Omni PC Samsonite is a

company that's been manufacturing

suitcases and other travel accessories

since 1910 these people know the ins and

outs of this business and always provide

high quality designs it also creates


tractive products in the aesthetic

Department a Samsonite Omni PC is one of

the most durable suitcases you can find

out there while providing attractive

prices the Omni PC has horizontal ribs

for support and it blends with a modern

design to the luggage the contemporary

and professional look is perfect for

your business travels but the right

color range will add a touch of

personality to your look

Samsonite has covered Omni PC with a

micro diamond texture making the luggage

extremely scratch resistant it's a

problem in many hard cases also another

benefit of the hard case is the added

durability and water resistance it has

four multi-directional spinning wheels

that roll extremely smoothly compared to

the double wheeled spinners the

Samsonite omni PC is not as stable but

it can hold itself off in the majority

of situations it may be the wheel

placement and weight distribution that

make the wheels feel very close to the

jewel spinner wheels the collapsible

handle is very sturdy and it doesn't

wiggle and there are side and top

handles as well it comes included with a

tsa approved lock adding to its safety

aspect it comes in five colors and three

different sizes the colors are very

attractive and beautiful and in

personality and flair to the heart case

it's available in 20 inch 24 inch and 28

inch sizes and you can bind the one you

like but you could also bind them all as

a set a Samsonite Omni PC has a very

standard no frills interior without any

pockets which is very nice for people

like me we tend to forget where things

are its bucket shaped down you can fill

it to your liking although there is a

small pocket on the side for toiletries

or valuables there are elastic

compression bands to keep everything in

check there are really no cons to the

Samsonite Omni PC it's a truly amazing

suitcase that's in the middle of the

price range it offers not a lot of

features but provides durability style

and space thanks for watching I hope you

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