Top 10 PlayStation 4 Controllers

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controllers for this list we're looking

at some of the best controllers you can

NAB for your PlayStation 4 number 10 or

e-mini wired gamepad as we'll see

throughout the list controllers can get

really expensive and if you're raising a

family your kids may find standard

controllers a little hard to use for

their small hands

luckily Sony and Hori have designed a

controller to make their gaming

experience easier the mini wired gamepad

features a more rounded structure

allowing your kids to reach buttons

easier without straining their hands

heck you may even want to try it out for

easier less intense games it may tether

you to your console but if you're trying

to introduce your kids to gaming while

saving a few bucks this is a good choice


number nine horipad FPS plus

when playing intense shooters like

overwatch or Call of Duty it's important

to keep your thumbs comfortable or you

may leave marks from your thumb sticks

if you're the kind of player that loves

playing shooters you may want to look

into the Hori pad FPS Plus while it does

look a little more bloated than most ps4

controllers the FPS plus boasts great

support in its thumb sticks making it

easier and comfortable to use on top of

that it features a button that allows

you to quickly adjust your camera

sensitivity that's pretty nifty

number eight nikon revolution pro

controller three if you're a ps4 owner

but would rather be playing first-person

shooters with an Xbox one controller

then the Nikon asymmetric controller

might be exactly what you're looking for


the major changes from the typical ps4

Dual Shock is the placement of the left

analog stick which is swapped with a

d-pad and the trigger buttons which are

larger deeper and angled off to the

sides the revolution pro 3 is one of the

most comfortable controllers we've ever

held and it comes with a long USB cable

that should satisfy most set ups number

seven Nikon asymmetric wireless

controller another nikon controller with

a similar design to the revolution in

terms of asymmetry and button placement

this wireless option comes at a

significant discount

unfortunately connecting the Nikon

asymmetric controller wirelessly isn't

as seamless as you might expect and it

comes with a USB dongle


it has a longer than average battery

life but this comes at the cost of

motion controls so only pick this guy up

if you play predominantly shooters

number six Thrustmaster I swapped pro


branded as the most versatile controller

on the market the e swap pro controller

lets gamers swap out entire modules of

the controller for variants allowing

anyone to easily create a fully

customized control system

this controller is definitely heavier

than most other ps4 controllers but

honestly we like the extra heft the

price point will also set you back more

than its competitors so only pick this

up if you expect to take full advantage

of the interchangeable parts

number five Sony DualShock for wireless

controller and this light bar has

several functions we can track the

position of this controller with

multiple folks in the room Sony hasn't

done much to change the design of their

signature DualShock controllers but when

it comes to the DualShock for the

company has put a bigger emphasis on

style than they did in the past and

precision triggers for complete control

hear more of the game and dual teammates

in addition to standard colors and

patterns blue red white camo

etc sony has launched more vibrant

styles like rose gold berry blue alpine

green and Goku uh I mean sunset orange

but if you got a little extra cash lying

around you may be on the hunt for

something a little more special like the

PlayStation 20th anniversary controller

upload screenshots and videos and live

broadcast your gameplay available in a

range of different styles number 4 Razer

ride u tournament edition



this controller is a fantastic mix of

high-end build quality and pro features

you can use the controller both wired

and wireless via bluetooth but the real

feature here is the easy-to-use button

mapping software install the Razr app on

your iOS or Android phone and you can

easily remap the button and triggers

including their sensitivity and

functionality this can be really useful

in games like fortnight or destiny to

where you have multiple abilities or

functions and want to make the ones you

use just that much more accessible

overall the Razer reiji tournament

Edition has the heft we love and is more

well suited to adults and adult sized

hands number three

Astro see 40 TR



not every game utilizes a decent control

scheme and for some players that can be

a real problem if you're one of these

players there's no need for dismay as

the folks at astral gaming have

developed the controller to make your

life easier with the c40 we wanted to

create a solution for the main stage

with pro players in mind we did that by

rethinking comfort durability and

customization the astral c4 TTR offers

plenty of options so you may control

your games better along with mapable

back paddles users can swap out

thumbsticks and D pads giving you more

ways to play with a layout that suits

you if that isn't enough to sweeten the

deal it holds a whopping 12 hour battery

life just save up a little before you go

dropping money for it

number two nikon revolution unlimited

pro controller


some players have a hard time grasping

the analog stick forcing them to use the

d-pad and D pads aren't always the most

comfortable buttons but fear not d-pad

users there's a controller for you to

behold the make on revolution unlimited



yes it's a mouthful and a bit chunky in

design but this controller is perfect

for those who can't get away from the

d-pad not only is it easy on the thumbs

but it's omnidirectional too making it

easier for players to make inputs this

might be a good option for those of you

who spend a lot of time playing fighting

games but struggle with analog sticks


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being ripped off in this game number one

scuff Vantage 2


we're not gonna sugarcoat this one boys

and girls if you want the best you got

to pay for it the scuff Vantage too has

everything you need high performance

grip customizable trigger buttons

control remapping and the highest

quality build on the market


optional rear paddles give extra access

to the main buttons if you feel the need

to keep both fingers on the analog

sticks while pulling off additional

maneuvers and this is especially good

for fighting games with complex combos

you can even open it up and take out the

vibration modules to lighten the load if

you don't use the feedback and plan on

playing for a longer session these guys

retail for about 150 to 200 us but if

you've got the coin this is our absolute



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