Premier Protein Shake Weight Loss Review, Is Premier Protein Good For You??

what's going on I'm gonna scroll the

solution as in the solution to fitness

and today I'll be reviewing premier

protein on the wake of being quarantined

at home and not being able to find all

the meats that I'm looking for and they

me said I do have I don't want to keep

cooking them I don't want to eat them so

many times because I'm gonna run out and

I won't be able to find it slow down I

decided to start getting into these

these are pre-made protein drinks that

you can find at any grocery store have

them a review a premade protein shake so

this is a first I'm gonna discuss if

it's actually a healthy effective

protein shake my personal thoughts about

it basically what I recommend it to you

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let's get right into the review of

premier protein so premier protein is a

premade on-the-go protein that you can

buy at most supermarkets such as Costco

and Walmart so let's start by going over

the nutrition facts premier protein

packs 30 grams of protein an awesome

amount then you have 3 grams of fat and

only 4 grams of carbs which are both

excellent they're pretty low potassium

is at 310 milligrams which is also

pretty great cholesterol is at 25

milligrams which is another little

dosage so those looking to reduce their

cholesterol intake this would be a good

option for you and sugar is also at 1

gram premier protein also tossed

containing 24 vitamins and minerals

they're all listed here if you want to

take a look but for the sake of staying

healthy during this quarantine

I like how vitamins A C and B 6 were

included in here which all have to do

with helping build a strong immune

system but yeah a lot of excellent

vitamins and minerals here there's no

artificial colors it's gluten free and

soy free the only negative would be the

sodium which is listed at 270 milligrams

gotta have to watch that sodium intake

throughout the day for me I'm obviously

a person that prefers to make his own

protein shake but for convenience sake I

wouldn't mind drinking this every now

and then this isn't something I would

like to have post-workout though the

protein here is whey protein concentrate

but mixed with mostly milk protein

concentrate and calcium caseinate

which are slow digesting proteins and

usually post-workout you need a fast of

digesting protein so I'd love to have

this as a meal replacement throughout

the day like the best time to have this

is if maybe you're not working out that

day or too busy to make something with a

good amount of protein and you want to

make sure you hit your protein goal for

the day especially now being stuck at

home all day this will prevent you from

cooking every 10 minutes taste is okay

it's tolerable didn't have to force it

down it kind of tastes like insurer or

slimfast if you're familiar with those I

only have the vanilla flavor and they

all kind of taste like that to me to be

totally honest but you know these types

of drinks aren't always gonna taste like

a freakin banana chocolate milkshake the

price isn't bad for a premade shake when

you buy it in bulk anyway the box I got

was from Sam's Club it went for about 18

to 19 bucks for 12 11 fluid ounce

containers which would amount to around

$1 and 50 around there I have seen a box

for around $17 but $18 seems to be the

average price buying them individually

though could get a little pricey so it's

best to just buy the case but yeah that

was my quick review of premier protein

do I recommend it I don't really like

using these that much but this isn't the

best premium protein shake that I've had

in terms of the nutrition facts they all

taste the same to me like I said but I

think core power protein shakes are a

little better than this it's probably

the best ones I've had so far

I believe I think that one this one and

muscle milk are the only ones that I

would probably recommend via guys like I

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