Top 5 Best Protective iPhone 5 & 5S Cases - Review - Otterbox, Griffin, Incipio, Incase ....


hey here now figures calm this video is

going to show you the top 5 best rugged

cases for the iPhone 5 so what we mean

by rugged is that this is going to give

you a good drop protection gonna protect

the screen just really protective type

cases so that you're gonna be able to

you know if you're gonna drop your case

anywhere it's gonna be protected people

may say hey where's lifeproof lifeproof

more of a waterproof type case and we're

actually going to be doing a top 5

waterproof cases video there's a few

other cases coming out for example

Griffin makes a survivor or thereabout

two that is fully waterproof in a new

case and we're kind of waiting for a few

different cases to be able to make that

video we feel like the the rugged type

cases have been out long enough for

iPhone 5 that we can make this it's kind

of hard to make a video as new cases are

coming out but we most the cases are out

now so we feel like these are the top

five I'm going to start with the fifth

and move to our number one case and just

go through each one very quickly we've

done full video reviews on this so I

know people are gonna say hey why aren't

you putting them in the case you're

putting your iPhone 5 in the case that's

because you just want to quickly run

through each case and then you can hop

into the full video review on either the

product page or by hitting that link so

anyway the number 5 case this is the

OtterBox Defender it's a classic it's

been around longer than any of these

cases I believe retails for 49.95 it's

just a great all-around case it's kind

of a simple design but still is very

protective gives you good drop

protection has a built-in screen

protector it is not waterproof or dust

proof but really it's gonna give you all

the necessary protection that you need

you know if you're gonna be in a

situation where you are gonna be able to

need the waterproof protection you're

gonna want some of these other cases but

for most needs this is definitely more

than enough we actually discourage

people often from getting rugged type

cases because you know you have your

iPhone it's slim it's pretty you want

something usually more slim and that's

why we've done videos for the best slim

cases and for the best

slim / protective type cases but anyway

OtterBox Defender just a great

all-around case something that

love about this case screen protectors

not or the built-in screen protectors

not super responsive and that's just

kind of a give-and-take that's what

you're gonna find generally with these

built-in screen protectors with the

exception of the number one case that

we'll show you but good case it's also

very difficult to remove and to put on

so if that's something you're doing

often with your case probably don't

recommend that

another case this the system biased

system is actually a protection brand

made by encase cool thing about this

case is that it's a dual layer case it's

a lot easier to take off so very similar

to the otterbox defender in case was

obviously targeting that same type of

case same type of customer looking for a

similar case this does not have the

built-in screen protector which really

actually isn't bad you could use a

screen protector or you know if you're

not worried about your screen this

getting scratched as far as drops go all

these cases come up over the front so

that you know if it lands on its face in

a drop in less you have a rocked rooting

or something it's not going to be even

touching your screen so that's the case

with this also you can use the slimmer

case inside so that's kind of nice but

so if you're gonna be removing your case

often and you're looking at these two

different cases go with the system wise

it's the same price it's a great case

they're about the exact same as far as

weight and bulk just very similar type

cases next up this is the griffin

survivor it's 49.95 so same price as

these previous two it's dust proof its

splash resistant so no it is not

waterproof but it is splash resistant so

you know if you're on the rain or for

any of everyday work up and then you

know if you're swimming or whatnot

you're gonna be totally fine with this

case very very protective like that it

has the tab so it can still have the

splash resistant and whatnot but still

have easy access obviously it's not

splash resistant when the tabs are

opened up but you do have quick access

pretty good spilt in screen protector

but again you're gonna be losing just a

tad bit of functionality with that but

you know it's a good case and that's


next up this is the otterbox armor this

is the beefiest of all the cases it's by

far the heaviest at four ounces but

really well-made case it's crushproof

it's dust proof waterproof you name it

drop proof you can drop this up to ten

feet and it's gonna protect your phone

you can see inside that's got tons of

built-in protection inside with this

built-in rubber but it is gonna add a

ton of bulk you can see that it really

adds some width and some depth to your

iPhone if you're using this it's heavy

but you know it's gonna protect it so if

that's what you're looking for then

great it is going to definitely protect

it for anything and you can even drive

your car over this so if that's what

you're looking for then great this is

your case it's the otterbox armor now

for our number one case this is the

incipio atlas it's a brand new case it's

not the very best on drop protection but

it's still gonna definitely protect you

and you know everyday situations of

dropping it even if you're gonna drop

this on the road it may make up the case

a little bit but it's definitely gonna

protect your iphone inside it's got a

rubber interior so that has some good

give to it and it has this hard plastic

this case is fully waterproof and

dustproof and it's just a great case

also the best feature of this case is it

has a glass built-in screen protector by

far the best built-in screen protector

that we've seen so it's very responsive

works great it's fully waterproof it's a

lot more lightweight it's actually more

lightweight than all of these cases and

but still gives you that drop protection

it gives you everything that you need

and this retails for eighty nine ninety

five so that's the incipio atlas anyway

these are our top 5 best rugged cases

for the iphone 5 let us know what you

think let us know if there's any other

brands also feel free to contact us you

can give us a call use our site chat or

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