Best iPhone 11 Protective Cases

hello and welcome to today's video we

will be showing you our top five

recommended protective cases for the

iPhone 11 from tough wearing cases to

practical design elements these cases

will cover your new iphone 11 from front

to back with that little extra

protection for the more adventurous type

first up we have the armored ring finger

loop tough case from Alexa this tough

case provides extreme protection that

utilizes an inbuilt finger loop on the

back to keep your phone securely in hand

made from a durable lightweight material

the case combines rubbery soft edges

with a hard dual layered backing that

covers your phone from all angles

although it doesn't add any additional

bulk to the phone it does feel a little

weighty towards the back but I quite

like the weighted element to it it feels

nicely balanced in my hand and with the

addition of the loop on the back I'm

sure that the phone won't accidentally

slip or fall the rubbery button covers

are very responsive on both sides which

is nice for a protective case there's a

slight raised lip around the screen and

the camera cutout keeping your phone

slightly raised from rough surfaces to

avoid any potential annoying scuffs and

scratches the cutout on the bottom is

pretty decent in size leaving a good

opening tax as the Lightning port

without any fumbling over all I really

like the design and simple colouring of

this case it even comes in rose gold if

you're looking for a splash of color

it's a brilliant long-lasting durable

case that covers your new handset

without hindering its performance for

complete clear coverage we have the

Aries bumper case and screen protector

from my blazer covering the phone from

front to back

this brilliant two-part clip-on case is

designed to shield your phone from

anything that life throws at it on a

day-to-day basis made from a thin clear

flexible material imbued with anti

rainbow technology you can be rest

assured in knowing that your phone is

safe from damage while maintaining the

clean iphone look the iPhone 11 comes in

a range of bright colors so this case is

perfect for the iphone user that wants

to show off their color choice while

keeping the phone well-protected

installing the case consists of placing

the phone inside the front panel before

clipping it onto the back securing the

phone so tight into the casing that it

doesn't come off easily the surrounding

bumper is made from a silicon light

material there's been military drop

tested cushioning the most vulnerable

parts of the phone from impacts the

buttons are covered in a flexible

material maintaining that perfect

functionality it utilizes the soft

material to cover the cutouts to keep

out dirt and

from the ports and switches there's a

nice raised bezel edge around the screen

in the camera cutout so even with the

added back and screen covering you won't

get any additional scratches or scuffs

on the glass when placed on rough

surfaces so for a great protective clear

case that shows off the iPhone Elevens

look this is a great option next up we

have the X range a survival case from

elixir from the outside it looks like

your average protective cover but if you

look a little closer you can find a

hidden compartment in the bottom

concealing a handy multi tools they are

always prepared for whatever situation

that arises it's a hard-wearing secure

case designed for everyday use and

outdoor pursuits safeguarding your phone

from whatever life throws at it the

rubbery material offers a great grip but

also doubles up as a bumper for drops

and impacts

I like the black stylized brush metal

design and texture and the slimline

construction really complements the

iPhone Elevens clean look the

compartments on the back can be used as

a secure hold for your multi-tool but

also for important cards and even

doubles up as a little kickstand to prop

up your phone in the vertical or

horizontal position where needed the

buttons and ports are surrounded by a

soft rubbery material that is highly

responsive and open to easy access again

the screen is exposed but the slightly

raised rubber edging offers a great

surface wear protection when placed

facedown which is always a bonus in the

back cover case overall this is a

perfect tactical case for the adventurer

that shields your new phone from the

harshness of the outdoors as well as

looking stylish if you're looking for a

more robust glare case then we have the

ghost tech atomic slim 3 clear case it's

thick TPU bumper combined with a clear

scratch resistant polycarbonate back

makes the case a perfect choice for the

safety-conscious those who bought the

iPhone 11 on release and want to save

their new phone from nasty bumps and

dents without covering at all the

necessary option along the edges you'll

find the buttons are nicely encased in a

contrasting silver cover that does take

a little bit of pressure and push down

but it just responded quite well the

cutout for the Lightning port is quite

thin but it's relatively deep and gives

ample coverage for the most vulnerable

opening on the phone the thickness of

the bumper allows for a decent sized

bezel edge around the screen so even

though the screen is not covered your

frame will be raised from rough surfaces

when placed facedown to avoid

unnecessary scuffs the back covering may

not hold in the anti rainbow tech to

stop moisture imperfections but it does

use two small holes on the

to stop any moisture getting trapped

underneath for a clear view into the

colored back of your choice the case

works in harmony with the wireless

charging feature on the iPhone 11 so you

have perfect access to this feature

we're sporting the black case today but

this case is also available in red and

pink edging if you fancy a little splash

of color so for a great mid-range

protective case this is a great option

finally we have the UAG

plasma case in is this frosty design

gives tough protection to the back and

edges of your phone while sporting the

striking design the back is constructed

from a strong TPU casing with a rugged

textured design for improved grip with

the custom fit of this case you'll still

retain the iPhone 11 shape size and

functionality while offering reinforced

impact protection the flexible button

covers means there's no loss of function

to the most used features and the

slightly recessed lightning port cutout

offers the perfect access for connecting

the power supply though the edges are

covered in a tough matte black bumper

the clear back shows the coloring quite

clearly which is something I quite like

about this case the raised bezel edge

around the screen and double lens camera

gives me peace of mind that the delicate

glass won't be exposed to surface

scratches which is a nice bonus of

course for a trusted brand known for

their protective cases it's a little

pricier than the thin cases on offer but

it's a brilliant case for the outgoing

type that need that added protection

without compromising on the iPhone look

so that's it for our protective case

recommendations for the iPhone 11 if

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