How To Negotiate A Car Deal - How to Buy a New Car

you guessed it time for a just ask dad

session today we're gonna talk about a

few simple tips and you don't need any

experience at all on how you can get the

best deal on your new car it's very

simple I'm gonna show you some things

that I've seen happen a bajillion times

and how you can trick the dealership

into giving you the best price


we're gonna try and do this in less than

three minutes so let's throw a stopwatch

on the board and let's go tip number one

confidence when you walk on to the

dealership that is the biggest moment

you have an upper hand now I want you to

do something it sounds silly put on a

nice dress shirt put on some nice pants

some nice shoes and suit up wouldn't you

go to that dealership I want you to

bring a folder with you in the folder

could be anything but ideally we've done

some research and you've got all that

research in that folder and you look

hella prepare did you feel the tension

in the air right now

before you even go on that dealership

let's make sure you're doing the

research I'm gonna put some links in the

description on exactly how you can do

this we're basically gonna do this by

looking up the VIN number on a window

sticker and seeing what the MSRP price

it it may also make sense to do a little

bit of research about what the other

dealerships are selling them for so you

kind of get a general idea because

remember a vehicle is rarely ever sold

off of MSRP now whatever you do do not

get emotionally attached to the vehicle

go for test drives try the vehicle out

but always act as if you're

non-committal as if you could walk away

at any moment do not let the salesman

know your hot buttons numbers numbers

numbers numbers number yeah did you get

that memo what's your budget forget that

question you want to know what

the final sale cost is you want to know

the final transaction price never reveal

what you've researched until they've

delivered the cards first then the card

is in your hand and you get to tell them

what you want it to be next important

part is a game I call patience biding

your time they're gonna want to play it

a little game time you do it as well

take as much time as you need

this is the one stops time freeze ray

tell your friends if a sales manager

shows up stay on your game you are now

been introduced to the most talented

salesperson in the building so let's say

you've got the deal you've negotiated

your deal they said okay now wait a

minute they're gonna go back to their

office and they

come back out saying well we couldn't

really do this deal guess what if it

doesn't work walk out the door here is

one more final tip to try to get in this

two minutes guys if a dealership asks

you what will it take today to get your

business your answer is the deal that's

closest to the number I want there you

have it guys just ask dad some car

buying tips for you if you have any

questions let me know

we will do this again we'll try to do

two minutes on the clock and boom thanks

for watching