How to Get the Best Purchase Price on Any Car EVERYTIME-- No BS!!!!!!!!!!!!

okay so today I am going to tell you

guys right here right now how to get the

best absolute deal on a car that you

want to purchase okay now not at least

I'm talking to purchase we want to talk

about leasing then watch my other video

okay so in regards to purchasing a car

let me just give you a quick story okay

so my sister calls me up and she's like

hey I want this 2015 Toyota whatever and

she negotiated with the salespeople and

their deal was two thousand dollars down

that she would put down she's gonna pay

two hundred twenty two dollars a month

and she said that it started off at like

$260 a month and she brought it down to

two hundred twenty two dollars a month

and she thought that she did a great job

well they were really taking advantage

of my sister okay when it was all said

and done she ended up doing the same

exact thing putting two thousand dollars

down you know tax tag title out the door

everything our monthly fee was like 168

two hundred twenty two dollars to one

hundred sixty eight dollars and that's

she did the five years sixty five years

60 month plan how do you do that or what

did I do

very simple okay first of all you know

she's asking me hey this is a good deal

okay I'm like look send me the make the

model the year the car do want and the

options now you know options you know if

you guys want like an app now this is

just an example here this is this is a

toy something else a different vehicle

but if you want a navigation system if

you want like bigger wheels you want

like a Support Package you want like a

moonroof you know all those are going to

jacked up the price for example I mean

this here is the Lexus but you can see

the MSRP here first of all is a $37,000

and then once all the options are set

and done it comes down to like forty

four thousand one hundred dollars now

the invoice for this is I mean the MSRP

is thirty seven thousand but the invoice

was like 32,000 to get the invoice of a

car you just go - choo-choo car calm or

mmm calm or consumer report calm and it

gives you good ideas not exact eyes and

also you know and invoices basically the

the price that menu that the dealer

manufacturer for these vehicles you know

it's actually a lot of times it's less

than the invoice value because they get

like rebates other discounts incentives

they get like whole backs and stuff like

that and there's a lot of times where

they have incentive where they have to

push so many cars out in particular like

a month so there are a lot of times

where you will get it for less you know

I got my dad his his truck and he paid a

little bit less than like invoice but he

paid cash for everything and even with

him I did the same I did the same thing

I'm about to tell you with my sister she

sent me to make the model exactly what

she wanted you know she wanted a little

sunroof she want the little navigation

system and she wanted a premium sound so

what I did was she sent me information

and then what I did I contact to the

toilet dealerships in her area also the

one that she was working with and I

contacted two Auto brokers and what I

basically do is I get a text message or

I get a mobile number from all the

salespeople and I set them the same

thing I'm in the market to buy a Toyota

whatever I'm going to put $2,000 down

I'm shopping around you got to say that

what is the best price you can give me

like out the door period so in Auto

Brokers you guys want to look at Auto

Brook in your area just any lunch and

there are times where you auto broker

will offer you a better deal than the

dealership guys so you know don't count

two Auto Brokers out the final Auto

broker Google auto broker and I'll show

it to lists in your area you can go to

Yelp com type in Auto broker put in your

zip code and you can see Auto brokerage

in your local area what I typically do

is like redo the reviews of one

particular auto broker and I see a sales

guy that has good reviews and then I

just call them up and hey you know let

me talk to Joe and Joe hey can I get

your mobile number I'm going to send you

something and then you're giving his

mobile number

then I'll text them you know I want you

know this make model I want to put

$2,000 $2,000 down what is the best

price you can give me monthly payment

you know including taxes everything so

as soon as I sent these like four text

messages out I mean I got like response

that I actually it took about like a

a for them to get back to me all of them

and you know like I said my sister was

off or she was willing to go with like

two thousand down at 222 dollars a month

well after it was all said and done it

went down a $2,000 down and 168 per

month including tax everything out the

door at five years 60 months so and you

know the auto brokers came back you know

I mean every as soon as I sent that that

message out they all came back they were

all below $180 in that same and the 168

that I got was from the toy dealership

that was going to give her it for the

two hundred twenty two dollars per month

you know if you guys do it this way this

is going to save you the hassle of like

going to the dealer all right and then

you know going through all their sales

pitch and them going back and forth

they're freaking finance manager you

know can you bring a price up you know

what do we think this option off all

this is a great card is better than the

other car you know the other you know

the other other car you looking at you

know all that free can be as a car sales

people do this you do it this way you

can save your cut yourself like hassle

time and you know if you go into a

dealership a lot of times they want you

to they want to close you right there

and then they want to sell you a car

they don't want you to leave you know

and then you do that and then you leave

and you have like buyer's remorse like I

could have got I could have got it like

a lot cheaper like why was it stupid

don't do that guys you know if you go

into it if you go to a dealer I mean if

you don't know what car you want guys go

to dealership test drive their vehicles

and then if you can take a photo exactly

what you want and then tell them what is

your best price and tell them I'm not

going to I'm not going to commit to buy

today I have to tell them you have to

confirm with your mom or dad or brother

or spouse or whatever you know just do

not commit you know let them give your

best price get their mobile number and

then go back and then find it all our

brokers the other dealership and send

them and see what the best price they

can do then go back to the other

original dealers show that you're

talking to and be like hey look the best

price I'm getting now is like $160 per

month can you do better than that and

just like go from there so that's pretty

much it if you guys have questions or

need assistance like in your area just

let me know and I can you know I do this

for my sister I live in Los Angeles

this in California she lives in Florida

so I did everything in a day and a half

and I mean from two to 22 hours so when

I was fifty three dollars I saved her

like fifty dollars per month so that's

fifty times ten I mean that's almost

like that's like $2,000 on this vehicle

that I saved her just for like a little

bit of texting and stuff like that so

it's pretty much it hope you guys like

the video bye