Best Pregnancy Pillows 2020 - Our Top 6 Maternity Pillows!

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happy to help alright before we get into

this review I just want to say that I

myself am not pregnant so I've enlisted

the help of two lovely ladies one at the

end of her first trimester and one in

her third trimester and they're gonna

help me out with this demonstration now

keep in mind that I am NOT a doctor and

if you have any medical questions

throughout the course of your pregnancy

or if you want a pregnancy pillow

recommendation from your doctor be sure

to reach out to your health care

provider all right first up on my list

is the Queen Rose pregnancy pillow and

the reason I love it is because it's

soft yet supportive and you can use it

in so many different ways throughout all

stages of your pregnancy now first of

all it's got a removable Jersey cotton

cover the Jersey cotton cover feels

really soft and breathable which I love

but I also love that you can easily

remove it and throw it in the washer

dryer makes wash care pretty easy

now it's amply stuffed full of polyester

fiber which like I said is giving it

sort of this soft yet supportive feel

but what's really cool about it is you

can actually open the pillow reach in

and sort of adjust or manipulate the

internal stuffing in order to make

certain areas softer or firmer what I

really love about this u-shape is that

you can use it in several different ways

and still enjoy full body support so for

example if you're in your first or

second trimester and can still

comfortably sleep on your back you can

just go ahead and lay right in the

center of the pillow and allow the lofty

sides to sort of cradle you or you can

actually prop it up and sort of enjoy

some nice back support when you're

watching TV or reading a book but of

course if you're in your third trimester

or your Strictly side sleeping you never

have to reposition the pillow in order

to enjoy that side support you can just

sort of roll from side to side you can

between your legs to relieve pressure at

your hips or lower back

of course cradle it under your arm and

also still enjoy the top part of the

pillow for your head and neck support so

essentially this pillow is kind of like

having five pillows in one all right

next up on my list is the leachco

smoogle and I picked it specifically for

folks looking for a c-shaped pillow

because the C shaped design is meant to

follow the natural contours of your body

from head to toe so it has a curved top

where you can rest your head an

extra-long midsection area to support

your back or belly depending on which

way you position the pillow and a

slightly straighter end that you can

tuck between your legs or knees to ease

hip pressure or lower back pain now

similar to the Queen Rose that we just

saw it does offer this sort of plush yet

really supportive feel because it's

really amply stuffed full of polyester

fiber now one thing that does change

depending on the style that you choose

is the cover fabric so it comes in

either 100% cotton a cotton polyester

blend or Jersey cotton I'm testing the

100% cotton but sleepers who run high or

maybe you're looking for something a

little more light and breathable might

want to go with the cotton Jersey and

another thing that folks might like

about the c-shaped design is that it

does take up a little less real estate

than a u-shaped pillow

all right next up on my list is the

farmer doc pregnancy pillow and I have

to say it is very comfortable even for

those of us who are not pregnant it's C

shaped design and lofty build really

keep your whole body comfortably cradled

that said I have a feeling that those

who are settling into their third

trimester and really starting to

experience some pressure on the hips and

knees are going to be most compatible

with this one so it's got a Jersey

cotton cover fabric which again feels

really soft light and breathable but

luckily it is easily machine wash and

dryable all you have to do is remove it

and throw it on a cool gentle cycle

it's amply stuffed full of polyester

fiber but in my experience this one's a

little bit more firmly supportive than

some of the other pillows that we're

looking at here so those of you looking

for something with a little bit more

support might be most compatible here

and again because it's got a c-shape

design you can choose between back or

belly support depending on how you

position the pillow but something I

really love about this pillow is again

you can use it in a bunch of different

ways so you can sort of curl it up and

put it under your feet or tuck it under

your knees to relieve a little pressure

in your lower back or you can tuck it

behind your back for extra back support

so feel free to get creative with this

pillow and it comes with a cute little

carrying case which makes it great for

moms on the go

speaking of moms on the go up next is

the hiccup off wedge and I picked it

specifically for folks looking for a

pregnancy pillow that's easy to travel

with it's got a small compact design

that makes it really easy to throw in a

suitcase or even tuck behind your back

when you are sitting on a train or a

plane but don't be deterred by its small

size because there's a lot of great

support in this little pillow

okay so firstly it's covered in this

super soft velour cover fabric that

feels really really soothing on the skin

and it's filled with a dual sided foam

wherein one side of the foam is a little

more firmly supportive and the other

side is softer so it kind of gives you a

little option there and like I said it's

great for lower lumbar support when

you're seated in an upright position

but it's great for when you're sleeping

- so first of all you can just sort of

tuck it beneath your bump to give you a

little belly support you can tuck it

behind your back to prevent you from

rolling over you can sort of wedge it

between your knees to help align the

spine and relieve a little hip pressure

so again lots of uses for this pillow so

if you're looking for a versatile

pregnancy pillow that's super easy to

travel with this might be right up your


alright next up is the poppy side

sleeper and there's so much to like

about this pillow but I did pick it

specifically for folks on a budget

because it comes in at a great value at

around 25 to 30 bucks

but first let's start with the cover

fabric it's this really soft knit

material that again is easily removable

and machine washable in fact the entire

pillow is easily machine washable and

it's filled with polyester fiber for

really soft and cushy feel but what I

really love about it is it features this

unique design that provides really

special support for both your belly and

your back but because it's so small it

really doesn't take up a whole lot of

space which is of course ideal for those

of you who sleep in a smaller bed or

share a bed with a partner I think this

design is also great for those in the

early stages of pregnancy who are trying

to sort of train themselves to sleep on

their sides but what I also really love

about it is the middle panel areas this

really stretchy material so basically

the pillow kind of grows with you

last but not least on my list is the

today's mom cozy comfort u-shaped

pregnancy pillow ideal for folks looking

to be totally surrounded in pillow so

it's 56 inches tall about 30 inches wide

so again it's really gonna be ideal for

those looking for full body support so

it's covered in 100% cotton which in my

opinion has more of a crisp percale feel

as compared to sort of the soft Jersey

cotton we've been mainly looking at and

then it's filled with 100% polyester

fiber which really offers that nice

cushy feel but again because this pillow

is so big you can use it in so many

different ways of course you can sort of

flip from side to side and enjoy that

under the leg support you can hug it you

can also prop it up and joy some back

support but what I really like about

this pillow is it sort of doubles as a

nursing pillow so if you sort of flip it

upside down and cross the sort of legs

of the pillow behind you you'll notice

that you've got this perfect shelf to

nurse your baby while enjoying some back

support at the same time alright before

we wrap up this review allow me to

address some frequently asked questions

about pregnancy pillows in general the

first of which is when should I start

using a pregnancy pillow well at around

20 weeks or in your second trimester is

when the womb really starts to grow your

belly starts to get bigger and you might

find that you need to relieve some

pressure with a maternity pillow that

said you should feel free to start using

your maternity pillow as soon as you

want in fact first trimester moms might

want to take those first 12 weeks to

really get used to their new maternity

pillow next question is why do you put a

pillow between your legs during

pregnancy well toward the later stages

of pregnancy women are encouraged to

strictly sleep on their sides and

wedging a pillow between your legs and

or under your bump can relieve pressure

throughout your whole body help you

sleep more comfortably and also serve to

align the spine lastly how do you sleep

with a body pillow when you're pregnant

well the truth is there are a lot of

moms who don't want to sleep with a


or u-shaped maternity pillow and would

prefer a standard body pillow that said

those who are in their third trimester

might find that a standard body pillow

it doesn't offer quite enough contort

support for their belly however those

who are in their first and second

trimester can feel free to hold it

between their arms between their legs in

order to relieve lower back pain hip

pressure and again serve to align the

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