The Best Sleeping Position For Pregnancy - Do You Know What It is?

hi guys it's Katie from mattress clarity

and today I'm going to talk to you about

the best sleeping position for pregnancy

so I've had two kids myself I know that

as your pregnancy progresses it gets

harder and harder to stay comfortable

but something I didn't know until I had

my first child is that about halfway

through your pregnancy around that

twenty week mark doctors and health

experts recommend that you transition to

one specific sleep position and do you

know when that is already so comment

below if you know or take your best

guess we're gonna dive into what that is

and why and ways to get comfortable and

transition your body into that position

so you're ready when you hit that

halfway mark I'm also going to talk a

little bit about my own pregnancy some

things that we're keeping me from

getting a truly comfortable night's

sleep and a lot of tips and tricks to

help keep you comfortable so whether

you're pregnant or trying to get

pregnant I know you're gonna take

something awesome away from this video

so let's go

so the American Academy of Pediatrics

and your obg way and a lot of health

experts are gonna say that around the

20-week mark which is about halfway

through an average pregnancy you're

gonna want to transition to your side to

sleep if you think about it stomach

sleepers you're kind of running out of

time anyway with your bump growing and

back sleepers it's super important for

you because as your uterus grows and as

your organs sort of shift to go in

different places when you do sleep on

your back you're going to be compressing

different things including a very

important vein called the inferior vena

cava this brings deoxygenated blood up

to your heart so if you're compressing

it you can understand why that might not

be very good for your health or the

health of your baby some other things to

think about when you are sleeping on

your back you can have issues like back

aches headaches digestive issues

constipation and overall low blood

circulation so that is one of the many

reasons are a few of the many reasons

why doctors do recommend that you sleep

on your side starting at about that 1/2

week mark so if doctors and health

experts had a choice between left or

right side sleeping they're gonna choose

the left side sleeping and that's

because when you sleep on your left side

you're pregnant the way that your organs

and everything have shifted you're gonna

get more nutrients and more blood flow

when you sleep on your left side it's

gonna go to your uterus and your kidneys

and of course you're growing baby a

little bit more easier so if you have to

sleep on your side which you is highly

suggested after the 20-week mark go

ahead and just get yourself to the left

side and I do want to say really quickly

if you're listening to this and also I'm

you're like oh my gosh I've been

sleeping on my back or you know my right

side don't panic this is all just

important information for you to have

but if you do wake up in one of these

positions that it's not your left side

just transition yourself back to that

left side sleeping position do not freak

out about it all right so we've

established that about the twenty week

mark you're gonna want to transition to

sleeping on your left side but if you're

not used to doing that and you're

already dealing with some aches and

pains I want to recommend a pillow

whether it be a bed pillow body pillow

or pregnancy pillow to help you stay

comfortable so I do definitely want

recommend pregnancy pillows because

those are the ones that are really

designed for your growing body and the

different aches and pains that you're

specifically gonna be going through but

you don't have the budget or don't have

the time to get that just go with as

many pillows as you possibly can so

pregnancy pillows like the one I have

around here come in all different shapes

and sizes you can get a wedge one a

total body one a full length one those

one with really

beanbag material that are super

supportive and there's also inflatable

options out there which are awesome for

travel because they can stay really

compact alright let's talk a little bit

about how to use them to keep you

comfortable a full-length pregnancy

pillow like the snuggle or the Pharma

doc those are ones that are curved

around your head and neck but then they

also wrap around your back or your bump

and help keep your hips elevated which

is really gonna help your body take off

extra tension in places that it's not

used to having but most of all if you

let it wrap around your back then if you

are a back sleeper and you're worried

about slipping over or rolling over onto

your back at night you're gonna have

that pillow there that's gonna stop you

from doing that plus give you extra

support so I really love it for that

reason I also want to say that if you

are hell-bent on sleeping on your back

or you really want to be able to be on

your back at some times always speak

with your ob/gyn first about that but I

have heard that some people like to get

a big wedge pillow they do have these

big wedge pillow options and that allows

you to be on your back but elevated

taking some of that pressure off of your

veins and your blood vessels and all

that stuff going on in your back so make

sure you talk to your doctor first but

that could be a nice option for you I

also want to mention that I have a list

of my favorite pregnancy pillows

definitely check that out Google

mattress clarity best pregnancy pillows

it'll be that first link that pops up

and in that video I also give you an

idea of what to think about before just

going to the store and grabbing a

pregnancy pillow so make sure you think

about your spouse how big your bed is

where your aches and pains really are

and maybe like if you're like me I had

really bad tailbone pain I need like a

little compact wedge pillow you know

there's lots of different things there's

different options there's different

price tags lots of things think about

before getting a pregnancy pillow but I

guarantee you hands-down you'll be so

grateful you have one of these during

your pregnancy so know two pregnancies

are the same and I am NOT a doctor but I

have had two babies I have come through

pregnancy twice and I did pick up a few

things based on my own experiences some

tips and tricks that I wanted to share

with you because frankly we all have to

look out for each other so hopefully

some things here resonate with you and

you can take them with you on your

pregnancy journey so the first one is

those frequent trips to the bathroom who

hasn't had them your bladder is getting

a lot of pressure on and of course

that's going to change over different

trimesters I will say though so you want

to stay hydrated so I'm not recommending

that you don't drink water but if you do

go ahead and front-load that at the

beginning of the day because the less

water you can drink towards the end the

night the less frequent trips you're

going to have to go

the bathroom you're probably gonna have

to go no matter what but why don't we

just lessen the amount of trips you have

to take definitely try to ease up on the

water at the end of the night but if

you're thirsty or need more hydration of

course that's the priority all right

nausea so Naja is something that can get

you out of bed it can bring you to your

knees it can be terrible and morning

sickness is a joke it's all times of the

day including at night when you're

trying to sleep one thing that I found

to be really handy was that I had some

bland crackers on my nightstand so if I

woke up during the night or even early

in the morning before everyone else was

up just grabbed a couple crackers ate

those let it settle my stomach and in

some cases I was able to go back to

sleep for a little while which was

awesome the other thing that I went

through is heartburn especially at the

end I had the worst heartburn I was

driving through McDonald's eating ice

cream cones every two seconds just to

cool that burn so if you've been there

it stinks one thing you can do is to

elevate your body so that's when an ice

wedge pillow comes in handy keeping your

body upright helps from all of this

pressure and all of this you know your

organs are being squished and if your

digestive system is all messed up and

that's part of the reason you're having

the heartburn so two things one stay

elevated with the pillow and also try to

avoid having a super-heavy huge meal

three hours before bed you can eat

earlier it's gonna allow your body to

digest and leave less room for heartburn

at the end back pain with another issue

I personally really struggled with and

tailbone pain especially at the end when

muscles are being pulled in all

different directions it's so hard to

stay comfortable and stay asleep at

night that's where pregnancy pillows

really came in handy they help me

support areas that I was really in a lot

of pain with that were pulling in weird

directions you know what I'm talking

about if you're pregnant especially at

the end it's a mess and so I cannot

recommend pregnancy pillows enough for

that reason if you're not sure which one

to get I have reviewed a ton of them

leave a comment below I'm happy to make

a recommendation for you and a restless

leg syndrome is another thing that a lot

of women go through it's where you're

trying to go to sleep at night but your

legs kind of want to go for a walk or

they feel like they need to move I would

recommend talking to your doctor for

that one you may need to add some more

calcium to your diet but they're the

ones who need to make a call on that and

last but not least for all pregnancy

stages I would recommend practicing some

deep breathing techniques learning how

to relax your body because pre-baby

nerves are no joke it can keep you up at

night worrying about how this is all

going to go and if you can learn how to

your body it will help you ease you into

sleep and stay asleep there's no way

around it pregnancy is tough on a woman

it's tough on you physically mentally

emotionally and at a time when you

really want to get as much sleep as you

possibly can it can make your sleep

interrupted and that is such a pain but

it doesn't have to destroy it so first

of all knowing that halfway through your

pregnancy you're gonna want to

transition to sleeping on your side and

on your left side as possible definitely

know that but if you start having a lot

of aches and pains things that are

keeping you up at night definitely

consider looking into a pregnancy pillow

support all the areas of your body that

you can and will let you sleep as long

as you can of course if you have

anything you want to talk about aches

and pain wise or things that are keeping

you up at night check with your ob/gyn

with their healthcare professional they

are the ones to definitely talk to you

they're the priority but of course if

you have any questions about pregnancy

pillows comment below because I'm happy

to make a personal recommendation and

Matt just clearly we do more than just

review pregnancy pillows we review all

different types of things that have a

ton of content so like or subscribe for

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