The 5 Best Nikon Portrait Lenses | BL Quick Tips

hey there i'm tom from bar lenses comm

and today we're gonna talk about our top

five portrait lenses for Nikon f-mount

cameras we've got a lot of Nikon

shooters in our office and we've come up

with this list based on what our friends

and co-workers here at BL are shooting

so if you're looking to jump into

portraiture with the right gear or just

looking to change it up on your next

shoot and try something new then this

video is for you let's jump in a quick

note if you're looking for the Canon

version of this video you can find it

right here

first up Nikon's 85 millimeter F one

point four G 85 s might just be the

perfect telephoto lenses for portraiture

in this case the 85 millimeter F one

point four is a fast relatively

affordable high-end lens from Nikon that

makes stellar portraits in a myriad of

situations studio work sure

on location work definitely next is the

70 to 200 F 2.8 g vr 2 lens 70 to 200 as

many of you probably know is the staple

lens in any event photographers bag you

can use any part of the zoom range for

portraits and because of that zoom range

you've got a lot of flexibility when

you're working if you're undertaking a

portrait shoot you could easily just

take the 70 to 200 and get the job done

well third on our list is the 58

millimeter F 1 point 4 G 58 millimeters

that's an oddball length but we've got

reasons for choosing this lens over the

regular ol 50 the 58 nudges up into that

short telephoto category without leaving

the 50 millimeter family it's kind of

look that's just hard to put your finger

on see for yourself

fourth on our list is the 35 millimeter

F one point four G if you're into primes

and you need something for environmental

portraiture the 35 millimeter is where

it's at of course that's not to say that

you can't get in close with this lens

add drama to your tighter shots with the

35 and make your images pop and last our

list is the ubiquitous 24 to 70 F 2.8 II

it's meant to be paired up with the 70

to 200 and the 2 together in tandem make

for the ultimate get it done event

photographer package even on its own the

24 to 70 gives you a great focal range

from wide to short telephoto it's great

on location in low-light situations and

in the studio but more is there to say

and that's our top 5 for Nikon but the

list wouldn't really be complete without

two honorable mentions first we'll call

out the 50 millimeter F 1 point 4 G 50

millimeter is just perfect in so many

ways it's a focal length that

approximates the human eye pretty well

and it's nice and fast whether you want

great bokeh or need to shoot in a low

light situation next I have to call out

the 85 millimeter of 1.8 G yeah we've

got the 85 1.4 on our list but if that

lands outside of your price range the 85

1.8 will satisfy it's still plenty fast

really sturdy and darn cheap there you

have it our top picks for nikon portrait

lenses what's on your list let us know

in a comment and don't forget you can

try all of these lenses and way more

atbara lenses calm thanks for watching