How to cook a Pork Roast in a Crock Pot recipe - slow cooker

with just a few simple ingredients this

absolutely mouth-watering roast dinner

takes literally just a few minutes to

prepare and then all you have to do is

set it and forget it okay so you want to

start this up on make an owl rub for the

pork so first of all we're gonna use a

better teaspoon of dried tarragon

followed by about half a teaspoon of

thyme about half a teaspoon of salt

quarter teaspoon of pepper and finally a

quarter cup of mustard and just give

that a very good mix through until it's

well combined it so I'm just gonna keep

it pretty basic I'm just going to use

some baby carrots and some red potatoes

so just chop the edges off the baby

carrots and with the potatoes just

simply cut them in half take a couple

long ways or short ways what makes no

difference and of course just make sure

you've washed the outside of them now

I'm going to leave the skin on it's

completely up to you but especially

being a slow cooker recipe it does help

to have the skin on because it just

helps keep the potatoes in shape and the

same goes with your carrots so just make

sure you give them a good wash first and

the last thing I need to carp is an

onion now I just got a brown onion so

just cut into round or sections don't

too thin but we want to just be able to

make onion rings like so

ok so now we're going to use our slow

cooker or crock-pot so at minimum you

want to use about two tablespoons worth

of chopped up garlic but I always

overestimate my garlic because well

honestly you can never have enough

garlic so just place that into the base

and then on top of our garlic our onions


now on top of the onions and the garlic

you're going to place in a lovely piece

of pork oh look at that

looks delicious doesn't it now you don't

have to worry about the crackling

because this one obviously been in a

slow cook you're not going to get that

crackling effect but I do have videos on

how to do that and I'll leave a link to

those down below so we just want to get

the rub that we've made earlier just

pour that on top and it's going to cover

the top


okay so once it's done just simply grab

your vegetables and we're going to place

them around the outside of our pork


okay so once everything is in there last

thing we do now is just pour in two cups

of beef stock or beef broth

and I want to get those vegetables in

that brought a little bit more so I'm

just going to lift this roast up


and just so the vegetables are in there

probably show up with the vegetables in

first I'll be honest okay so it's just

sitting in there nicely now now we're

just gonna let this cook away on high

for four hours they can have it on low

for eight hours but you're going to get

a more pulled pork consistency I'm after

more of the roast consistency we can

carve into it so instead of the pulled

pork version we're going to go for the

high on four hours and that's more than

enough to cook it all the way through

now would you look at that and it smells

absolutely delicious

now just cut it in half to make sure

it's cooked all the way through and it

is perfect it is nice and succulent it's

very tender but not the pulled pork

version so it's a perfect simple roast

that you can just serve forget and all

your vegetables are ready at the same

time so it literally took me just five

minutes to prepare and I set it for four

hours and it is done and how simple and

easy is that and the best thing is you

can lead go outside come back in four

hours and the house smells delicious

and dinner is ready so the porks ready

to carve up the vegetables are ready to

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