Awesome Pork Roast Recipe for Crock Pot

all right we're going to do a curved pop

or crust or Oriya in the crock pot this

is one of my favorite crock pots it's a

rival crock pot it's old it's got all

kinds of stains on it from where this is

balsamic vinegar here but this is an old

crock pot I need to get another one it's

been a good one but anyways I've got

olive oil inside of the crock pot that's

what I put in the bottom I've already

turned it on low I washed my pork roast

this is a Boston butt and you can use

shoulder you can use pork loin but I

just prefer Boston but when I'm making a

crock pot or any type of pork roast so

we're going to put this let's solve this

I like mine really good and salted it's

better to use sea salt if you can try

not to get any rice Alma pepper Ryder

here place it inside let me wash my

hands get this gunk off my

all right right here we have some time

and you can put time in New England clam

chowder any type of soup or anything

like that just to give it an extra

little herb taste here's some bay leaves

and a lot of folks will use that in

their pastas as well and there's some

rosemary and we grow out in our yard

I grow thyme and rosemary I'm no bay

leaves but I do have time and rosemary

in the garden I'm going to put a little

garlic powder the system McCormick

garlic powder just sprinkle that on


and this here is about a cup of balsamic

vinegar of course this is an herb pork

roast usually I use apple cider vinegar

if I want that southern Tang to a pork

roast but we're going to pour this on

top and since it's a smaller pork roast

not gonna put the whole cup in there and

here's your time you just put the sprigs

in there with it and and here's your

rosemary let's just cut all that in

there and the bay leaves just let it all

its gonna simmer and kind of cook all

together anyway this is our honey out of

our garden put about 1/4 of a cup I'm

not going to measure it of honey but

this is our bees we actually have our

own bees and I'm gonna put just a little

bit more honey there we go it might be a

little more than 1/4 you let that cook

on low for 6 to 8 hours we'll get back

with you here is the pork roast and I

want you to know it's outstanding is

super tender and the either bottle but

you have to show me eating it but no

ma'am that is mighty excellent the Konya

to be a great job

um Wow it cooks seven to eight hours not

what I thought would have thought we've

tasted like with all the balsamic

vinaigrette but it's somehow it has very

much tenderized that it's calcium I've

never made a roast with balsamic on it

before I'm surprised it did like that

but it's really really tender where did

you find the recipe on Pinterest or

something yeah it was online

I usually don't do that though I don't

put balsamic vinegar it is outstanding

pork roast I'm going to have some of

that and cheers everyone my wife has

done a freak attack

my wife is the awesome job