Movie theater popcorn! The real secret revealed!

hey there I'm gonna show you products

that I used to make this awesome popcorn

now these popcorn kernels you can get at

Sam's Club it's a 50 pound bag like what

do you need a 50 pound bag for now if

you're looking for quality popcorn

kernels you can go on Amazon you're not

gonna find them in your local grocery

store I mean unless you're lucky in your

local grocery store has them but big

chains like the Chicago area Joule and

then Walmart stuff like that you're not

gonna find if you're probably fine

Orville Redenbacher and you're still

gonna probably pay 6 bucks for a little

container you can go on Amazon you can

get great northern popcorn at the movies

popcorn concession stand popcorn and

you're gonna probably pay for two pounds

at least 15 bucks maybe 30 bucks or you

can even get the oil and the popcorn

packs but tomini honestly yeah if you

just want to be easy they have oil

popcorn packs you can get on Amazon in

combination you just squeeze the oil and

throw the kernels in and I think the

salts in there - everything's already

combined I believe I think the salt

don't quote me on that but that's that's

just the easier way it costs a little

bit more obviously because it's already

prepackaged for you but if you want the

easier way for me with money and time

get to get the individual products it's

also a fun experience to kind of scoop

it all out and do everything yourself

and it's just easier that way to me in a

moment all right so here here are the

popcorn kernels medium popcorn kernels

46 to one puff expansion now I gotta say

that just popping 8 ounces there's a

little guy I need an ounce container of

it it did pretty good 50 pounds for like

23 bucks you can't beat it

at Sam's Club and they claim that you

know satisfaction guaranteed our percent

money-back guarantee if you don't like

it but man I'm telling you it is good

alright now for the oil what the

theaters use is pure coconut oil now

this one is yellow

it makes your popcorn yellow it's solid

if you get it on Amazon it is solid if

you keep it in Haider temperature it

will go you know it'll change velocity

it was really freezing so when mine came

it was really solid but when you stick

the spoon inside it comes down it's

almost like a almost like scooping out

ice cream to be honest with you that's

exactly what it's like but you can get

this along with this this is the salt

flavor call you really want that taste

it's not like regular salt like as you

see it's not supply of iodine so you can

scoop a lot of this stuff it's not gonna

be over salted but you don't want me to

much because then yeah it will get a

little bitter but you can get this on

Amazon it's a combo over 30 bucks for

the coconut oil flavor call and then you

can get two pounds of the popcorn

kernels that comes with it and it's made

by the at the movies pop com popcorn

company and I also got this shaker so

when you're done you can salt your

popcorn in the end I think this is about

five bucks on Amazon again I'll provide

the link down below and I also got this

on Amazon there's a lot of different


this one's called glaze pop and this is

for caramel corn I have not used it when

I do use it I'll put a video up um you

know reviewing it but otherwise I'm

pretty excited to try it

so it's my wife and there's a lot of

different flavors you can get by this

company this glaze pop they have all

kinds of different one you actually get

pop um you know combination packs on

Amazon this I picked up at Walmart it's

really good movie theater butter tastes

just like the movie theater butter to be

honest with you I think it's only maybe

three four bucks at Walmart you know a

little bit on your popcorn in the bottom

middle in the top shake it up real good

it's pretty good make sure you have

yourself you know what paper towel to

clean your fingers off because it does

get a little greasy

otherwise these are the products that I

use salt shaker your coconut oil even if

you don't use

even if you don't use this exact brand

use pure coconut oil the coconut oil is

the is you know that's the magic and

then this one's colored yellow you can

use regular coconut oil it doesn't give

that yellow look to the popcorn it'll

stay white so if you want yellow get the

yellow coconut oil I'll provide links

flava poll and the bag that's at Sam's

Club the kernels but this stuff's all on

Amazon including the popcorn machine

superior popcorn calm awesome popcorn

machine but $147 I believe and if you

have Amazon Prime free two-day shipping

who gives you free two-day shipping on a

big buddy like this yeah