Testing Pocket Hose - As Seen On TV

what's up guys for today's video we're

going to put to the test as seen on TV

expanding hose this tends a little

purple of and the first time come out

but I wanted to put to the test now that

they have improved them this is supposed

to be even better design because I heard

a lot of people complain overtime when

you use them to a full max potential

they staged and they don't actually sing

together as much they kind of stay stay

a little bit longer than it's supposed

to so this is what I want to see what

this model is all about and hopefully it

does shrink to its size like your first

time buying it I really like this button

if you look in the back of it you see

I'm talking about this is definitely

different expanding hose compared to

what the first time came out with so

let's open it up and see what's all

about I actually used hoses all the time

if you have a swimming pool you'll need

a whole bunch of horses there's one for

the pump there's one for the swimming

pool because you have to constantly

refill them all the time and I have here

another 50 feet hose or onion down the

mountain hi Hugo I guarantee you at some

point your horse is going to look like

this because you forgot to put it away

you're like I'll put a little quick

right here I'll put it away later and

then it's going to wait like that for a

couple of weeks still you remember to

put it away and that's a mess I use this

hose around my house to water my plants

or whatever I need the water for so this

is why I'm actually open-minded to

actually put today expendable hose and

see if it actually works because it's a

lot easier to just carry it out a

handful of a hose that is still 50 feet

versus this giant heavy bulky hose that

is a little hard to pull on so hopefully

actually works over well all right let's

find out ok let's open it up

very easy to open it as you can see just

pulls off like this

and Wow

check this out all of this is just a

handful not a big post at all a little

bit tangled up but for the most part no

tangle free what let's look at the

actual handle right here that looks

really doable to me that's very nice and

I'd here already has a nozzle so you

don't have to buy next on nozzle that's


once again if I've tied to put it all in

one hand it is very lightweight hose

okay not better all check this out very

lightweight now let's see if these coves

will stretch out to 50 feet right now

it's pretty short it's like only about I

don't know maybe 10 foot maybe a little

bit more but once you turn the water one

is supposed to expend a lot damage on

the water on the box

okay and now it's stitching out

if you look at it close up it's like a

snake stretching out how cool was that

that's pretty awesome so a see if it's

going to each the same amount of lint

once it stitched out

it's a posto stitch out to 50 feet no


okay now it's fully stitched out it

looks like a girl who's pretty awesome

under a lot of pressure right now I got

my tape measure let's see if it's

actually 50 feet once it's fully

stitched out so we'll measure it summer

from here from the beginning of close

enough okay let's pull it out all the

way I think what do we are tied now oh

yeah 27 feet now oh I think this

measuring tape only goes up to 30 feet

29 yep I'm at 30 feet boom this is 30

feet right here and look at that it's

fully extended pretty much and does it

look like 50 feet does it look like

that's another 20 feet let's find out so

I'm gonna mark the camera right here and

will not move it

I'm a lady stick so that way I'll show

you well the last time measured 42 feet

and some change and it's fully expanded

without stretching about I think what

they including this 10 more feet when

you actually pull on it because when you

pull it and that should be stretches

even more I know if I would do that that

much because I feel like it will just


50 feet actually the other who I thought

it was well anyways can we stretch it

out to 50 feet yep you can stretch it

out to even more than a little bit more

than 50 feet but I still feel like it's

misinformation because if you sketch it

out this much I feel like it's going to

hurt the who's honestly I wouldn't

recommend stage so I'm kind of

disappointed about that so I went around

the house and guess what I'm too short

to my pots that I need to water a little

one my ten feet because all I need is a

50 feet hose if there was a little bit

longer hose like 10 feet that they

actually advertised I wouldn't even have

to stretch it over hard to get my ten

more feet my 50 feet I think this is

what they mean by 50 feet you really

have to stage it but it's so

uncomfortable when you stage in it like

this look at just hanging it's almost

kind of hard to hold and then all must

make it but look at it so I think

there's a little bit of misinformation

about the 50 feet I think it's a 40 foot

hose now let's talk about the nozzle the

nozzle actually like this actually

pretty good when you turn it on it is

pretty powerful wow this is amazing and

if you don't want to knock off the dirt

you can adjust it you can make it more a

lot more boom this is the MOX this is

amazing okay the nozzle I actually like

look I can water the plants head here

from far away I can water the gas make

it like kind of a knee missed your thing

so that way I don't push off the dirt

but if I want to adjust it to even more

look how far can I heat this is amazing


so the nozzle is very good I like the

nozzle a lot this is on the MOX

so that's at least 15 feet this team can

shoot off from the nozzle that's awesome

so I can still water the plants from

here no problem all right the next test

what are we going to do is let all the

water out and let's see if it's going to

sink down to the same side oh wow

definitely sinks a lot this is awesome

look at that that's something they did

not expect to see look at that it's like

just gets together so much this is nice

so far I see some stage mark side here

not put away together all the way here

maybe it will a little bit right here is

he stretched out all the way not going

back together let's see maybe after a

while it's gonna get together in a

little bit but yeah definitely not the

same when it was burned new now after a

while it really did come to the shape

that it came into the box it looks like

burned new so you know what I like that

a lot so it does stitches out an expense

back to its normal condition I'm sure of

our time it definitely gonna stretch out

it's gonna be a little bit longer when

it's synced together the next test they

did in the commercial is kink test what

I'm gonna do is start to kink it boom oh

look at that

no way it's still running like crazy and

I'm really trying to do the kink and

here it's just still pouring a little

past that's pretty cool so this is a

kink free hose for the amazing and the

pressure is still very very high look at


so that does definitely fuss well guys

what do I think about this leo

expendable hoes I like it it's

lightweight it's looks like only 10 feet

when they drink together but when it's

expanded it's 40 feet they say 50 feet

but you really have to pull on it to get

yourself extra 10 feet and it's not easy

I don't know they kind of cheated and a

commercial in this product I don't think

it's 50 feet it's 40 feet in my opinion

because you shouldn't be stretching your

host to the maximum to get 10 more feet

it should be pretty loose so that way

it's easy to water the plants or

whatever you doing because you also do

not want to pull off or speak it out of

your house so that was disappointing

most I will likely connect us there very

doable anyways thank you for watching

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