Pocket Hose Review

hi it's parris from epicreviews and

today I am reviewing this little gem the

pocket hose this is this compact little

case is a scrunched up hose that when

you put it on the faucet and turn on the

water is supposed to stretch out to 25

feet in length so the idea is that you

can keep this little guy wrapped up

right around the faucet and then it's

not dragging across the ground right

across the driveway and so forth and

when you turn the water on you got 25 of

those you turn the water off it's

supposed to contract back up and be this

little thing you can hold in your hand

and then wrap it around your faucet or

something and it keeps all the mess away

as opposed to a course to a regular

garden hose which doesn't contract at

all and you got the surround or you got

to store it somewhere another I'm going

to test this out take it outside

hook it up to our faucet and see if it's

going to let me water my plants all

right I've got the pocket hose here

let's see what comes in the package

it is pretty compact well there's the

hose inside here an offer for stuff and

then instructions read before use

I'll read them anyway this is the hose I

don't know that I'll ever be able to get

it this rolled up again let me undo it

here and see kind of tangle

Hecht it it's not it up okay there we go

okay okay here's what we got adapters on

the end this piece has got your on/off

switch and let me back up here and show

you what it starts out at lengthwise I'm

about six feet so I'd say it's about

five feet twice so it's about ten feet

ten feet without any water time to hook

it up to the water and see what happens

we always have issues with our hoses

leaking right around the point here on

the copper thread so we have a little

bit of old plumber's tape I'm just going

to leave that here for this test let me

zoom in a little to show the hookup this

side right here it's all plastic there's

no metal

there's no washer there's no plumber's

tape or silicone or anything all right

that's reasonably tight okay I want to

simultaneously check for leaks here at

the faucet well seeing how fast it

expands the other end has that little

switch and I've turned it to close it so

I assume the water pressure should shoot

it out to its full length there pretty

quick and let's see what happens

well it's moving it's coiling oh it's

alive we do have some leak but yeah it

always leaks there at the handle well

all the accordian this has disappeared

this is now very tight and taut yeah and

it's holding the water in the seal at

that end is good let's stretch it out

see what it's going to do well let's see

if we can reach over here to get to

these flowers

note doesn't quite make it the leak is

definitely come from the handle which is

always leak

I don't however see anything leaking

from the from either the connector here

or from this connection right here it

seems to be good it's definitely not

leaking there's no water coming out it's

all right we've got it stretched out

here pretty much a straight line to its

full length I'm gonna open a little

switch on the end here and see what

happens to it

whoa yes that's nice the water pressure

there it's getting a little bit shorter

I see it pulling back a few inches but

it's not a cordoning back that's good

I'm guessing that sort of as a function

of the water pressure that you have and

it's yeah I would not more than a few

inches to three inches I would say got

shorter or longer depending on whether

that valve was closed at the end okay to

measure out the length see if it's

really 25 feet I've got the end of the

tape measure here right where the

faucets at of course the faucets about a

foot and a half up so I've got a figure

the hose is a little longer than what it

shows based on this and we'll walk along

here this is of course under pressure

with the valve closed at the end and we

come in at 25 feet four inches plus you

got to add probably 7 or 8 inches at

least to make up for the hose going up

to the faucet so probably close to 26

feet you do really get a 25 foot hose

that's true

all right time to test the cleanup and

see how much it's going to accordion

back together and how easy it's going to

be to put it away compared to my old

many other hose got a view here I think

you can see most of the hose and I'm

simply going to turn the water off here

water is off and then open the valve and

see what happens

much to my surprise it's doing what it's

supposed to okay there's still some

water in it I can feel that I've got it

folded in half here with the bottom

touching the ground and it's maybe a

couple inches longer but it's pretty

much gone back to the same height this

water out

down to just some drips now

pretty good actually went back to just

about the length that it was before in

pretty quick fashion

that's nice and small let's see if it'll

fit on the facet

like they show in the commercial

what do you know it really works well

I've taken the hose off the faucet and

brought it inside according to the

instructions you're supposed to not

leave it on the faucet but really unless

it's wintertime when you do take the

hose off and put a cover over to keep

from getting frozen pipes I would think

most people would intend to just leave

this out there all the time if you water

regularly or need the hose out front at

least once a week you're probably on

leave it up top but to preserve the life

of your product you're supposed to

disconnect it when you don't use it and

bring it in let it dry out I suppose

that probably would help so I really

can't tell you anything about it some

longevity how well it's going to hold up

whether the seams will hold up whether

they'll start to leak whether it will

mildew whether it will get kinks in it

that's supposed to be kink resistant but

I can tell you that the first impression

and the first time trying it out I

actually kind of liked it I didn't think

I would I was prepared to say yeah well

save your money you just go buy

something for the same amount down at

Lowe's at least will last you a seize or

two but no my first impression this was

actually pretty good if you want to see

what other people thought and out what

they're going rate for it is I'll put a

link down below where you can go to

click to find out more about it but them

I'm giving it a mostly thumbs up at this

point and maybe I can compare it to some

other hoses maybe I can give it some

more time and see how it holds up and

I'll report back and let you