Goa Tourism | Famous 10 Places to Visit in Goa Tour

beaches sunsets and crazy night is what

people love about coop if you think go

is all about beaches then you're in for

a major surprise because from jumbo trax

to world famous churches boa has

everything to offer today I'm going to

show you 15 most amazing places to see

in Goa the most famous place to visit in

Goa is agonda beach so if you are a

nature lover if you check this place out

as it offers the most beautiful sights

it captures students attractions

primarily because of the food that

stands and cliff that faces the whole


second fellow Long Beach this Beach is

one of the most beautiful beaches of the

city but at least it used to be for

commercialization happy new nonetheless

it has a very calm sea and node of tides

if it easily walked 100 meters into the

sea enjoy the feeling of moving water

running to your face you can also get

away the massage while you're there


third-best nikka of pom genius

one of the most prominent places to see

in goa it is an important place for

catholics in power and the incorrupt

body of st. francis is kept here this

church was made in 1605 and is one of

the best examples of barbecue style of

architecture in the country at number

four fourth Aguada

food water is a heritage from the bodies

the sport faces the arabian sea and was

basically made to provide defense

against touch and Murata's at present it

stands as a landmark that divides the

Centurion beach and the candalyn beach

numb up with tooth solder Falls this

waterfall is situated on the Karnataka

border and is one of the India's best

sites to visit it is the largest

waterfall in the country with water

cascading down from height of 1017 feets


6c Cathedral it is one of the largest

churches in Asia and it took around

eight years to get this church fully

constructed this church is located in

Old Goa and has 14 altars inside with

each beam very beautifully carved seven

old go up or go off is the final

colonial capital of four full of mystery

if today is home to beautiful churches

and convents bit of well-maintained and

worth of assets other than C Cathedral

and basilica of bom jesus you should

also visit cent of the steam tire and

Mount Mary Church act number eight baga

beach and a Goa trip if you haven't been

to bother Beach you haven't been to

co-locate it is not war

this place has a chap line of motor

boats and paragliders you in today and

when you are done with the Sun night is

the time when the beach watch becomes

available from great party options to

amazing music Bala is a party heaven for

every night

9 go a state museum who our state museum

is known for its rich culture and

history it is the state at logic Museum

this place has a well preserved

collection of 8,000 relics in anjuna

market we will associate the name of


with its pyrite life and train seems but

this is just one aspect it has a very

famous meaty minister flea market which

is an ideal place for all shopping

lovers hippies from all around the world

flock here to sell their belongings to

fund their state it is also famous for

the lip-smacking sweet fruit it offals

it happened

Marko's up friday bazaar it is a local

farmers market held every friday people

said a variety of fresh food items here

if you are on a go to visit this place

then don't forget to carry the famous

gone down rate on your way back 112

Saturday night market the Saturday night

market on at pura Hill is an addition to

your amazing wardrobe it is often

considered to be one of the most crowded

places of the city and is definitely a

shopper's paradise thirteen Bua Science

Center it provides a perfect environment

for science enthusiasts would score

signs and learn a lot in science the



at number 14 václav white life century

good news will all nature lovers spot

different species of animals and in

Germany is beauty only at Warner

wildlife sanctuaries spot animals like

sambar for while born amongst other

animals elephants have also been spotted

ill last but not the least fifteen

talented beach commonly known as a plane

of leeches this beef is among the top

ten beaches to see in the world with

lots of options to choose from

this place is something you cannot

afford to miss before


so these are the best businesses to see

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