Best Pillows 2020 - Our Top 10 List Revealed!

hey guys it's Katie from mattress

clarity and yeah I'm surrounded by

pillows but not just any ones these are

my 10 favorite pillows this is our best

picks mattress clarity's favorite

pillows so I reviewed pillows from

probably three years now I know more

than anyone should about pillows put

these together into 10 different

categories to help guide you towards the

right fit so we're gonna go over all the

details including who each pillow is

gonna be a good fit for a base on your

sleep position so if you're ready to

find out which pillow is right for you

stick around because the review is about

to start right now


before we dive into the list if any of

the clothes I talked about today sound

interesting to you we've got full

reviews of them all you're gonna do is

go to mattress Clary Khan to check them

out and of course you gotta talk about

the categories we're gonna cover so we

got most luxurious most eco-friendly

best personalized pillow best for side

sleepers best for combination sleepers

best for stomach sleepers best for back

sleepers best pillows for heavy sleepers

best cooling pillow and last but not

least the best value pillow so stay

tuned so we're gonna go over all of

those and at the end of this comment

below and tell me which one you think is

gonna be the best fit for you or if you

want a personal recommendation I'm happy

to give you one all right if you're

ready let's dive into these pillows

alright the first up on the list is the

most luxurious pillow and this is the

tempered down precise support this is

from tempur-pedic so it's a beautiful

beautiful pillow from the outside it

looks just like a gorgeous down pillow

and it certainly does have down in here

but because it's made by tempur-pedic

you know it's gonna have some temper

material in here as well so what you're

looking at is a gorgeous 500 thread

count hundreds and cotton cover really

nice quilted gusset on this side because

it's a fairly elegant look and then

underneath right within the cover is

white duck down so very soft very

beautiful feel to it but you can unzip

that cover and you're gonna get a core

in the core is shredded Tempur material

which is basically memory foam so you're

getting all those benefits as well the

pressure relief the support this pillow

will definitely not go flat on you but

you're also going to really feel like

it's a down pillow so I love the

combination of both of those I love the

way it looks it's very elegant and of

course very luxurious now in terms of

price is $149 at full price keeping in

mind that price is always fluctuating

sales happen but it is $149 and it's

just over 7 inches tall

so your heads going to sink down quite a

bit I would say average size back in

some occurs you're probably gonna like

this pillow but petite side sleepers it

can work for you as well all right now

pick four most eco-friendly pillow is

the birch pillow from birch living this

is all about natural organic and

sustainable materials this pillow has

all of it

there's outer cover is 100% organic

cotton so is that very classic cotton

feel to it but the inside is a real star

of the show it's a mix of New Zealand a

birch wall so wool from sheep and

Talalay latex pieces from Southeast Asia

this combination while seams may be

weird or out of place is such a cool

best of both worlds feel because you're

going to get some really nice resilience

and bounce and support from the latex

pieces but that wool comes in and has a

smoothness to it has a sort of just a

way of combining to make the pillow feel

cozy and comfortable and not too lumpy

or bumpy now this is my first experience

using wool inside the pillow and I was

pleasantly surprised I love the

combination of sustainable materials and

natural materials used here as well just

come in two different sizes the standard

size is $99 and you get a hundred nights

to try it out I will say stomach

sleepers and back sleepers this going to

be the best fit for you but if you're on

the smaller side and a side sleeper

you're probably going to enjoy it too so

next up on our list is the best

personalized pillow and that pick goes

to Pluto pillow so if you're not

familiar your personalized pillows are

basically companies that will take your

sleep information and your basic health

information and create a pillow that's

again personalized for you that's why

they call it a personalized pillow so

there's a lot of companies out there

that do that but my pick is for Pluto

pillow for a couple of reasons

first of all I know a lot about pillows

but I'm also a certified sleep science

coach so I know a lot about sleep as

well and I really loved how detailed

their survey questions were so you fill

out a bunch of information about

yourself not only your height and weight

but your general sleep preferences and

they narrow down a lot of details as

well all that information is perfect for

them to create a pillow just for you so

they're going to use their own algorithm

and their own set of materials and

constructions Pluto pillow does a good

job they basically have one design but

they have more than twenty-five

variations of it so they have a cushion

outer cover and a solid foam core but

you're not just getting one or two

options that they make they again they

do over 25 different variations using

different fabrics and materials and

overall designs so I give them my

information and I got my pillow

in the mail it's cool to touch so I told

him I was a hot sleeper and it's the

perfect loft and firmness for a back

sleeping and I love the box that it came

with it came with a little bit of

information and tell them why they

picked the different things for me to

help me understand how it's gonna help

me sleep better I also think it is great

customer support you also get a hundred

nights to try your pillow out which is a

great way to assess whether or not it's

the right fit for you and the standard

sized pillow is about eighty-five

dollars next up on my list is my

favorite pillow for side sleepers and

this is the e lyin elm organic cotton

pillow for side sleepers it has such an

interesting design I'm gonna hold up so

you can see there's this curvature here

so it's the curvature and the fill that

make it my pick for best side sleepers

so the curvature is actually leaving

space for your shoulder so if you're a

side sleeper you know that it's very

easy for your shoulder to press into a

pillow that's either pushing the pillow

down and costing it to flatten out or

adding more pressure to your own

shoulder because you don't need that

pillow there this really eliminates that

you're just getting that pure beautiful

support and loft for your head and neck

which is exactly where you need it so

the fill is a really interesting mix

it's 75 percent engineered latex and 25

percent polyester fibers so that latex

is giving you a lot of resiliency a lot

of bounds and of course a lot of support

because it's that foam and then it's

mixed in with these fibers and these

fibers kind of create a really nice

cohesive uniform feel of the whole

pillow not a lot of lumps and bumps

going on I really like the overall feel

to it and of course the added bonus here

is that is adjustable so you can unzip

and remove as much of the filling as you

want so if you're more petite individual

you feel like this pillow is too full

just remove some of that filling make

sure to keep it in case you want it

later but I love it's adjustable nature

comes in just one size and at full price

right now it's $99 but you do get 45

days to try it out so our pick for best

pillow for combination sleepers goes to

the leyla pillow combination of sleepers

you guys are tricky because you're

always in different sleep positions when

you wake up no two nights of the same

for you sometimes you're on your stomach

sometimes you're on your back and as a

result you need to Pelops me very

versatile that's gonna work for nearly

all sleep positions and allow you to

adjust as you sleep and in comes Aleli

for that reason it's got a lot going on

starting with the outer cover it's a mix

of viscose polyester and copper infused

performance fibers so that helps with

breathability and has antimicrobial

properties so side sleepers and stomach

sleepers people who rest their face

directly on the pillowcase this could be

a really nice

for you it's also an adjustable pillow

which means that there's a zipper on the

side that lets you open up an access to

filling you can add or remove as much of

that filling as you want the filling is

really beautiful it's a mix of chunks of

memory foam so a lot of support there a

lot of pressure relief and kapok fibers

kpop fibers are the seed pod fluff from

our rainforest tree so they're natural

also has a really nice downy down

alternative feel to it so smoothing out

the pillow creating some lightness some

fluffiness and not letting it get too

chunky or too bulky inside so how to

remove as much of that filling as you

want based on your particular

combination of sleeping positions so it

comes in queen and king size queen is a

$99 at full price and you get a hundred

and twenty nice to test out this pillow

for yourself alright next up on our list

is the best pillow for stomach sleepers

and that goes to the sleep grande pillow

stomach sleepers you all know yourselves

you know that you don't need a pill that

super firm or super tall you need

something that's gonna gradually support

your head and neck and keep the rest of

your body in neutral alignment and then

comes the sleep grande pillow so what

you're actually looking at it's an outer

pillow when we unzip we'll reveal two

baby pillows and they're all color coded

because they each have different

firmness levels so you basically have

three small pillows to make an any

combination you want that best suits to

you as you sleep on your stomach now all

these pillows have a crisp cotton

percale we have on the outside and

polyester microfibers on the inside

they're gorgeous allergen resistant down

alternative feel to them they're all

entirely machine washable and dryable

which i love and a standard size comes

in at just fifty dollars our pick for

best back sleepers goes to the coop home

goods edan pillow coop home goods is a

brand that we like a lot we love their

original pillow as well for a big fans

of the eatin option for a back sleeper

so that's because it just gives you that

perfect amount of firmness and loft for

back sleepers who don't need too much or

too little you're right in the middle in

terms of that need and that's where the

coop home gets eaten pillow will meet

you it's got this gorgeous outer cover

it's a mix of polyester and rayon

derived from bamboo so it's extra soft

and extra breathable the inside filling

is a cool mix and we're really into

different hybrid mixes in this list

because it really brings in the best of

both worlds so here you've got gel

infused cross cut memory foam pieces so

just imagine uniform pieces of cross cut

gel memory foam and polyester fibers so

adding in the down the smoothness with

the support of the memory

Foam bringing all together to give you

that gorgeous feel when you rest your

head especially for back sleepers now it

is an adjustable pillow which means that

you have a zipper here that will allow

you to add or remove as much as you want

and I love this because if you're a

heavier back sleeper or a petite back

sleeper you have control of how much

firmness how much loft you never really

have and they'll give you extra in your

packaging or you can always buy more if

you need more so you do get a hundred

nights to try out the pillow comes in

three different sizes standard queen and

king and a standard size is right around

$70 our choice for best pillow for heavy

sleepers goes to the tempered cloud

cooling Pro pillow from tempur-pedic now

Martin my colleague is 6 7 and 230

pounds is about a foot taller than me

and naturally larger than me so he

helped me decide on this pick and we

both think it's a great option it comes

in two different sizes and two different

lofts which are two different height

profiles so you get a five-inch one or a

six and a half inch tall pillow and

that's the significant pillow because of

how it's designed

now as outer cover is polyester and

elastane which means it's very soft knit

but it also is a little bit of stretch

to it and the inside is the real star of

the show it's a solid piece of temper

material so it's basically a solid piece

of foam with dual sided Gela panels so

there's gel panels on the inside of both

sides of the foam which really gives it

a glorious cooling feature to it not too

much but enough to keep you sleeping

cool especially when you've got a solid

foam pillow so the Tempur material

itself is on the plus your side your

head will sink through a little bit but

still is a great amount of support

all right have your sleepers you guys

are the ones that broader shoulders

you're probably gonna want to go with

the higher profile this 6.5 inch now

there's no returns or trial periods with

tempur-pedic pillows and this one's in

this expensive on our list it's a

hundred and sixty nine dollars for

you're getting great quality materials

and durable materials I guarantee you

this pillow should last three to five

years all right our pick for the best

cooling pillow goes to the gel memory

foam ghost pillow from ghost bed ghost

bed it's a well known mattress company

who makes ghost pillows now their ghost

pillow especially their gel memory foam

has so much innovation to help you stay

cool both in the outer cover and the

inside filling so this outer cover is

their ghost ice fabric which is a mix of

polyester and polyethylene which are two

fabrics that are really create this a

nice soft but also moisture wicking and

it's sort of athletic performance feel

to it it's absolutely cool to the touch

which will definitely be nice for side

sleepers or stomach sleeper

your face is pressed right against it

now the under filling is a solid piece

of aerated gel memory foam so it's got

that beautiful slow response that

contouring feel to it but one side is

covered in something called phase change

material now that is if technology that

basically absorbs your body heat at

night and then releases it at a constant

state so you're not spiking getting

super hot or super cold it's helping you

stay comfortable and then stay asleep

longer all night so I love that they

have that both in the core and the

cooling ice fabric on the outside it

very much is very cool to the touch now

the plush feel of the pillow allows you

stomach sleepers and back sleepers to

get a memory foam pillow that's not

gonna be too firm and too supportive now

if you're on the smaller side I think

side sleepers this pillow will work for

you as well comes in one size right now

that's $85 at full price and you get a

hundred and one nights to try it out

last but not least our pick for the best

value pillow goes to the purple plush

pillow this pillow comes from purple

which is a well-known mattress brand and

their purple plush pillow I think is

that perfect combination of great

quality innovative design and the right

price making it a good good value so

just so you know the pillow comes in two

different sizes standard in King the

standard is $49 and you get a hundred

nights to try it out this outer cover is

super soft to the touch and it's a mix

of nylon and lifestyle now lyocell is

known for being in synthetic fiber

that's not only soft but also very

breathable and the inside fill is

something they call their smart fluff so

it's interlocking poly fiber balls so

imagine polyester fiber is down

alternative but in the construction in a

way that doesn't fall flat on you and

it's not also not overstuffed it's just

the right amount of filling it's a good

support but you're still getting that

lots of fluffy down alternative feel to

it a very traditional pillow like feel

if you will now that's not where the fun

ends there's two zippers on the sides

that help you control the overall

firmness of the pillow the pillow has

both sides zipped it's that it's firmest

when it's completely unzipped that's

when it's at its softest so no messy

filling to take out or mess around with

you can be able to control everything

with these two zippers the whole thing

is machine washable and dryable so it's

super easy to care for and I do think

for average size back and side sleepers

or heavier back and side sleepers is

gonna be the perfect pillow for you

we're always being asked what is the

best pillow what's the most comfortable

pillow which of the pillow should I

choose the thing is that there is no one

Universal best pillow for everyone we're

all different we all have different

needs and preferences

and desires and of course we all sleep

in different sleep positions so I'm

gonna try to guide you towards picking

the right pillow for you and there's two

things that you definitely want to do

the first one is to assess your primary

sleep position so that's the sleep

position that you wake up in most often

so for me I usually wake up on my side I

consider myself primarily a side sleeper

and sometimes I roll into my back so I

like the pillow that also works for back

sleepers so generally speaking the

taller more supportive more firm pillows

gonna be the better it's gonna be for

side sleepers and stomach sleepers the

better fit for you is definitely gonna

be the flatter or softer pillows and if

you think about why this might be try to

picture yourself laying on your bed in

your primary sleep position you want

your head your nose your neck your chin

all this area to be in a straight line

when you sleep on your side so in order

to support your head and neck while

you're sleeping on your side you need a

good solid pillow to help support that

gap from where your shoulder is to where

your head and neck are so that's why

you're gonna need a bigger pillow but if

you're on your stomach you're already

pretty much in a flat line you do need

something to support your head and neck

slightly but not overdo it and cause

strain if you're waking up at night and

you've got stiff necks sore neck that

could be a sign that your pillow isn't

working for you and you might want to

try something else

and the only thing comes down to just

true personal preference some of us are

hot sleeper than we need a cooling

pillow some of us are allergic to down

and you need a hypoallergenic option

some of us are really focused on

sustainable organic materials and you

want to look sort of the thing that's

more natural that's why there's a pillow

in here for everyone because we all have

personal preferences and priorities and

that's why there's a different pillow

for everybody so let your primary sleep

position and your sleep priorities and

needs help steer you towards the right

pillows now if you're not sure what they

are maybe you're just diving into the

world of pillows you've been sleeping on

the same thing for years try to look for

pillow options and brands that offer

generous trial periods a lot of the ones

in this list offer a hundred night

forty-five nights to try out a pillow

about a month is a great amount of time

to decide whether or not this is gonna

be a good fit for you and those also

mitigate the risk of an investment so if

you're gonna spend a hundred dollars on

the pillow but you've got 13 plus nights

to try it out it does make you feel

better about that investment all right

that's a wrap

those are my ten favorite pillows I hope

you found something in this list that's

speaking to you comment below and let me

know which one it is and I've linked the

individual reviews of every single one

of these pillows in the description

below so make sure to check those out

for more information of course I'm

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