Best PHOTO Editing Software for PC and MAC!

hey guys I'm Sarah Allen news leader

let's talk about my best image editing

software that you can use it CC or Mac

to edit your images so if you're unhappy

with the software that you're using for

editing images what if you want to know

about more software or if you want to

change your editing workflow I recommend

to watch the video till the end and I'm

sure it will help you so without wasting

any time let's get started so the first

software we are going to talk about is

Adobe Lightroom now Adobe Lightroom is a

very very powerful image editing

software Adobe Lightroom can be used to

edit RAW files to edit JPEGs let's see

what we are talking about so here is

it's a raw file as you can see dot nef

that's a raw file from anicon so you can

extract details you can play with the

whites and blacks you can adjust the

overall exposure you can change the

contrast and you can also play with

colors so this is the basic

post-processing that you can do in


again you have much more advanced tools

like you have curves adjustment layer

you also have graduated nd filters

remember this is not a very in-depth

video about Lightroom this is just a

video where I cover all the software's

and you get a basic idea of what this

software is about right

so in Adobe Lightroom as you can see

very quickly I'm able to transform the

image and I'm able to bring all the

details and the colors that weren't

present in the raw before

post-processing right so you can also

sharpen the images again the sharpening

algorithm that Lightroom uses is again

very good you can have tons of features

as you can see and if you're new to

Lightroom it might seem a bit confusing

but the thing is you have to practice ok

Lightroom is not very difficult the

overall user experience is very very

good and very easy to understand so if

you're new to Lightroom I have a

separate video on how to edit images in

Lightroom but the point is it's so easy

that with just one or couple of weeks of

practice you will be able to edit images

in Lightroom and you will see that you

are able to edit the MA

in a very very fluid manner the overall

workflow is very smooth and the editing

capabilities is just amazing you can see

with just couple of minutes of editing

I'm able to transform the image from

this to this so yeah it's a huge

difference you also have different

presets here available again you can use

any of these presets then you can tweak

the look according to you like the look

you want so it all depends what kind of

look do you want what kind of editing do

you require but for most of the image

editing for all the color Corrections

for extracting all the details Lightroom

is one of the best software's that in

the market right now so if you're new to

editing I would suggest use the Adobe

Lightroom because it's a very very good

software the next software that we are

going to see is Adobe Photoshop now

Adobe Photoshop is a very different

software okay

Adobe Photoshop is a very advanced image

editing software many people ask me this

question sort of what do you use do you

use Lightroom or Photoshop my answer to

them is I use both of this subject

because both are very different and I

use both the software for different

purpose let's see what I'm talking about

so if you want to open a raw file with

Adobe Photoshop it directly doesn't open

the raw file ok you will see Camera Raw

you cannot open the raw file with

Photoshop if you don't have the Camera

Raw plug-in install Camera Raw is again

similar to Lightroom it doesn't look

like Lightroom the interface of

Lightroom is much better but overall the

set of features that you have in Camera

Raw is very very similar to Adobe

Lightroom right so once you are done

with all the basic color Corrections and

exposure Corrections you can open the

image and it will open in Photoshop as

earlier okay so Photoshop as I said is a

very advanced software let's see what we

are talking about so as I said Photoshop

has tons of features be more than what

Lightroom has and Photoshop is meant for

different kind of image editing not only

for basic Corrections but also for

different things like you can also add

text okay which you can't do in Adobe

Lightroom you can maybe

select certain things with the quick

selection tool and then you can only

affect that particular layer so for

example if I want to brighten up only

the foreground and not the sky then I

can do that now I'm not going to teach

how I do all these things in this video

because that will take too much amount

of time but you get the overall idea

right it's meant for advanced image

processing like for example suppose you

want to add soft blue what you can do is

you can select a color you can just

paint it change the blending mode to

soft light and reduce the opacity and

you get that soft blue the purpose of me

showing you what adobe photoshop can do

is very different okay from image

editing perspective and obby photoshop

has tons of features you have Camera Raw

where you can edit the raw files and you

can do a lot of things ok there are

great Photoshop channels on YouTube you

can do a lot of things on Photoshop like

image manipulation you can remove

objects you can add objects you can add

layers so it depends on what kind of

image editing do you want ok if you only

want color Corrections if you only want

to extract the details from a raw file

use Adobe Lightroom I don't think you

need Adobe Photoshop but if you want to

add watermark

if so I have a watermark so if you want

to add watermark you can do it in

Lightroom ok so all these things like

it's very difficult to do them in

Photoshop or sorry I meant Lightroom but

it's very easy to do it in Photoshop

right Photoshop is a very advanced

software again as I said and it will do

the job but Photoshop takes time ok

Photoshop is not an easy software to

learn you will need practice if you're

new again Lightroom will be a very easy

software to learn but Photoshop will

take some practice and you have to spend

some time learning all these different

features all these different tool sets

that's present here so yes if you are

willing to spend the time learn

Photoshop also because Photoshop is

again one of the best image editing

software the next

after that we are going to talk about is

Google Lick so Google Lick I'm not using

it as a completely different software

but but I'm using it as a plugin in

Adobe Photoshop Google Inc was a paid

software but now it is free and the link

will be in the description you can

download it from there

so for using Google Nick you have to

install it in Photoshop and use it as a

plugin you can also use different

software's and use that as a plugin but

I use Adobe Photoshop so Google Nick has

again various features like you have

defined - defined - is used for

sharpening in this video I will show you

color Efex Pro for because that's what I

use most of the times but you have lot

of things you have HDR Efex Pro for

making HDR images you have Silver Efex

Pro that's a very very good software for

making black and white images if you

want to sharpen your images and if you

want more control sharpener Pro is a

great tool so it has tons of tools let

me show what color Efex Pro 4 does so

once you open the Google Nick I mean the

color F Explorer you will see there are

certain tabs and there are lot and lots

of features so let's talk about the

favorite features I have you can select

any favorite feature by just clicking on

the start button and those features will

be visible in the favorite Tab pro

contrast in Google Nick is very very

effective tool for giving different

types of contrast ok you not only have a

single contrast slider like you had in

Photoshop and Lightroom I mean in Camera

Raw and Lightroom but here you can do a

lot of things with Pro contrast you can

again use classical soft focus for just

giving it a soft look so I'm not

explaining you all the features about

the software but I'm telling you what

are things you can do for what purpose

can you use this softwares google nick

is not used for editing RAW files but

once you are done with basic color

correction of RAW files you can then use

google lick to add all these different

kind of effects to add different kind of

contrast right to give that look which

you can't do with Adobe Photoshop and

Lightroom ok

it's very very advanced when compared to

Photoshop and Lightroom to produce all

these effects Google Nick now has been

stopped developing from the Google team

and that's sad but still Google Nick is

one of the best software that I found in

the market right now it's very helpful

to again quickly give it a very dramatic

look with just certain clicks we can

transform the image to something very

very amazing so Google Nick yes it's a

very good tool and if you're not using

it I don't know why you're not you

should use it so if you're not using

Google Nick go ahead and download

because Google Nick has very again

amazing features like color Efex Pro and

HDR effects as I said in the video

before and with just simple clicks you

can transform the image so just see with

one single plug-in that's color if

explore for look at it inside the Google

Nick I'm able to bring out much more

details and make the image look more

natural so I hope you understood what

Photoshop is capable of what Google Nick

is capable of and what Lightroom is

capable of now let's see the next

software in the list that is the capture

one Pro now capture one Pro is again a

very very similar software to Adobe

Lightroom it is also software which will

help you to extract details which will

help you to extract the colors and edit

your RAW files and JPEGs but sometimes I

feel capture one Pro is slightly faster

and better in terms of quality as

compared to Lightroom okay because

Lightroom has not been updated since a

long time

and I personally have shifted to capture

and Pro from Lightroom now and I feel

capture one Pro is able to produce

better quality results let's see what we

are talking about so this is again an

unedited image and this is how it looks

in Lightroom so if you compare the

original look of the raw file in

Lightroom and in capture one Pro you can

see the colors are bit more saturated

and it looks a bit better in capture one

straight out of the camera again

you can achieve the similar looks with

both these software's don't get mistaken


out of the camera the raw files look

better in capture one true so again in

capture one pro you have all these

shadow sliders you have all the

highlights sliders you have contrast

saturation you have the same curves

adjustment layer I mean curves layer you

have a lot of things in capture one Pro

like you had in Adobe Photoshop you have

sharpening tools you have again Hallows

operation that's not present in

Lightroom so I really like the Hallows

operation that's present in capture one

Pro and that's not present in Adobe

Photoshop as well and not in Lightroom

you also have color balance so you can

change the colors as you want I'm not

doing that of course but I'm just saying

you have color balance and you have all

these options that you don't have in

Adobe Lightroom okay color correction is

very very superior in capture one Pro as

compared to Adobe Lightroom now this is

my personal preference okay you might

like Lightroom better than capture one

Pro but I still feel for professional

use capture one Pro is slightly better

than Adobe Lightroom okay as I said

capture one Pro is a similar software to

Lightroom but Lightroom is a software

which is very easy to understand because

the UI the user interface is very very

easy and very very nice so whereas in

capture one Pro it might seem a bit

overwhelming because the settings are

the same but the UI is a bit different

so if you're new to editing I would

suggest directly don't go to capture one

Pro learn Adobe Lightroom and if you

feel Adobe Lightroom is not giving you

the results you can try capture one Pro

to the next software that we are going

to talk about is Lumina Lumina was

exclusive for Mac but now the beta

version for Windows has been released

and soon the full version will be out

and I have tried luminaire for the last

week and I think it's a very powerful

software although it's a very new

software comparatively when you compare

it to Lightroom or Photoshop but I think

the features might excite you let's see

what we are talking about so when you

open luminol you get this particular

screen what you see in the right hand

side is very similar to Lightroom or

Camera Raw or capture one Pro

you have all the similar sliders as you

would get with any other image editing

software okay this is nothing new it's

the same thing that you saw in the other

softwares but this software has certain

different set of features which again

you might like because it might make

your image editing workflow a bit more

smoother and bit more quicker so why I

am saying this is because you also have

different kind of presets so for example

if you want more presets you can click

here and it will take your link so from

there you can download more presets and

you can also use presets like for

example if I like the look of sky

enhancer I can then again tweak the

plug-in so you can use a plug-in you can

tweak it settings if you want the amount

to be less you can dial the amount to

the amount that you want and you will

get a preset look but with your

adjustments on it so this is a software

which can be used for raw editing as

well I'm not saying that this is as good

as capture one Pro or Lightroom for

editing RAW files but it is

comparatively a very good software

because not only it has roiled eating

capabilities but also you get different

presets so if you're a fan of presets if

you want something quicker if you want

something faster and easier

try luminar ok lumina is again a very

powerful software and if you feel you're

not happy with the software that you're

using right now switch to Lumina and see

if it's helping out

so all these softwares are great and

what is the best depends on what kind of

image editing do you need what are you

comfortable with what do I do is I take

the raw files in capture one Pro or

Adobe Lightroom I slightly prefer

capture went pro now then I color

corrected I correct the contrast the

exposure and then I bring it into

Photoshop if I want to add some

watermark or want to do more advanced

manipulation more advanced editing I use

Google Lick a lot for getting those

local contrast for getting that dramatic

look and that's it probably I do not use

any other softwares most probably I feel

these are the software's that are

very good right now for editing and I

hope this video will help you to select

the D software that you need for your

image editing so I hope this video

helped you to decide what software

should you use for your image editing

and if this video helped you and if you

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