Best iPhone XR Cases

today we're covering some of the best

cases including some of my favorite

clear cases for the iPhone XR yes I said

X because I refuse to say 10 so let's

check it out let's start off with my

favorite sponsor or not the Rhino shield

salt suitcase has been my daily driver

for any phone I carry they come in

multiple black finishes I've got the

fancy black leather option here and they

have improved the texture on the edge to

it it's still fairly smooth so it's not

the creepiest case out there but it's

got this send you like texture now which

definitely helps in keeping the fingers

attached the real value is on the inside

though they call it shocks by technology

I call it honeycomb cereal it's line

throughout the case and designed for the


unfortunately if you did get the iPhone

XR to show off your true colors it only

peeks through the camera hole it's a

nice accident but definitely not the

most colourful the buttons are covered

and clicky and plenty of coverage for

the lens around back as much as I love

the leather they've got multiple

material options including a soft

microfiber finish this industrial

brushed metal look real oakwood if you

like camouflaging your phone on dinner

tables and of course the bad-boy carbon

fiber are all just as tough and still

fits in a fairly slim package if

choosing a back pattern isn't enough

you're also able to customize button

colors too like this festive green and

red finish you can essentially have a

new case design on the daily and it's

one you can trust with the thick front

lip but to ensure full 360 degrees of

protection I highly recommend you care

with her impact screen protector which

I've smashed with a hammer without an

issue and add on a drop test we've

previously done for this old suit they

speak for themselves


that's not all they also sell a lens

mount for several devices the XR being

one of them as well and even if you

don't want their lenses it just makes

for a great cage to protect your

existing camera but with it you are able

to utilize their new wide-angle lenses

to get some pretty epic shots of your

instant noodles now this is my full

setup with the solid suit a pop wallet

and a pop socket attached on top paired

with the lens adapter and lens it makes

shooting my masterpieces of breeze now

if that's all too much though go with my

slim case of choice a no-frills speaking

thin fit a hardshell case that's super

slim but it's a soft matte finish that

takes the cake for me I've said it

before but you really have to feel it

yourself to understand now it's not a

tough case or even meant to protect your

phone all that much I mean there's

cutouts for everything and even along

the top and bottom I personally love the

cookie feel of the actual buttons so

still being able to feel out the actual

buttons emphasizes this case is not

getting in your way honestly the case is

really just for anyone that hates the

glossy glass finish and just wants to

add some grip without bulking up

whatsoever it's super thin you'll barely

remember it's there and it's reasonably

priced for a case that almost doesn't

exist a slight lip around the front but

again don't expect it to save your phone

from hydrops I do recommend you pair

with a screen protector though like the

impact 1/4 mile overall it just feels

great to hold and the perfect option

from the minimum is out there but if

you're super serious about never

dropping your phone the speck presidio

grip is my best grippy case the whole

backside is lined with a rubber pattern

you can actually feel and boy does it

feel good to hold it's wrapped around

the edges and your fingers and palm rest

perfectly along it so your phone never

does the slip and slide you actually

just feel confident holding your phone

for once as a case it does everything

right - it's got a decent lip around the

camera covered and very clicky buttons

and it's got what I call preventive drop

protection because it's so grippy you

won't be dropping your phone in the

first place but we all can't be perfect

even if you do manage to let it go

there's a thick lip around the front

screen they'll prevent it from making

out with your table

combine that with their impacting

material which is the rubber infused

into a hard plastic shell and the air

pockets throughout the inside of the

case to disperse impact it's got the

whole package grip protection and at

least for me a pretty cool Tron looking

design but I get you're not all cool

like I am and may want something a

little more sophisticated so my best

leather case goes to the Mojo faux

leather and as the name suggests is just

nothing but leather not just any leather

full grain leather some of the best of

the best and this little guy is softer

than a tushy plus if that wasn't enough

they claim the microfiber lining is the

finest Japanese microfiber so if you're

into pampering inanimate objects this is

how it's done

buttons stick out and are molded out

from the leather cookie and they don't

kill the look of the case it's thick

enough to cover the camera too

and like the classic Apple leather case

that isn't available for the XR the

bottom is fully cut out so if you're

trying to fill the void of apples

missing leather case this simple minimal

all the other case is the one to get

there's a slight lip around the screen

good enough to set it face down but in

general the case isn't designed to be

super tough it's a looker and one that

will get better as a patinas over time

finally I think if you do get the iPhone

XR in a rad color you just have to show

it off so here are my top three clear

cases all of these allowing that neon

yellow to shine through the speak and

ultra hybrid for its price the exterior

defense shield for that color shift and

the callous impact for well it's impact

protection sorry off with the affordable

spigen ultra hybrid this one doesn't

offer anything special except that whole

clear vacuum the edges do come in a

variety of color but I like the black on

yellow look popularized back in 2011 by

Wiz Khalifa it's a simple case that does

everything right clicky buttons camera

protected and all in a slim package to

show off that glorious minion design the

edges have a smooth matte finish which

is great for anyone with sweaty fingers

to grip on to what's a clear case if I

can't stay clear so let's test that out

the scratches our parents are wouldn't

share pockets with keys but it looks

like the heavy yellow color covers up

most of it thankfully it's got a decent

lip to keep your screen lifted and even

mini air pockets on each corner first

slightly better draw protection but by

no means is this a tough case so if you

are the type to drop everything and can

spend a bit more there's a catalyst

impact protection case especially in

this all clear model the whole case

feels solid the buttons aren't raised or

separated just a small textured area

although still clicky there's signature

round I'll mute rocker switch that's

just fun to fidget with and just enough

clearance for the camera lens all

can be mildly concerning but really you

want it for this all clear back combined

with a flat edge matte finish which

makes holding the whole phone fairly

comfortable and if you're extra worried

they do offer your lanyard hole to which

would remove any possibility of dropping

your phone at all but if you did the

case is called impact protection for a

reason they clip around the screen and

I've tested this in a dedicated review

and can confidently say it's one of my

favorite clear tough cases of course if

you're diligent enough just use the

lanyard and you never have to worry

about dropping your phone ever again but

it's key test time while it's

surprisingly indeed alright

scratches aren't super evident and again

the bright yellow covers up the rest

element the catalyst impact protection

case is my favorite clear case of the

bunch lastly this one's special thanks

to the rim around back the X Toria

defence shield made of an anodized

aluminum I've got the iridescent

colorway which honestly looks the Radice

but as you can tell the whole case is

structured and stiff all around still

fairly slim but you'll definitely feel

the added weight but this clear combo

come out the shifting colors of the case

come on the buttons are flat all on the

edges I'm not the biggest fan of them

but they do the job the camera is

covered with a thick lip and the bottom

speaker is redirected to the front - it

kind of helps but isn't game-changing

the case looks premium it feels like an

industrial tool in the hand but can also

take a beating like one - thanks to the

front lip combination of rubber and

aluminum around back with the bubble

pattern along the interior to absorb

drops it can handle light drops without

an issue it's hard as a rock

or the rock let's see how it handles

against other metal again I don't

recommend sharing pockets with keys the

metal does scratch up but I kind of like


it gives it a beat-up fighter look so if

you want something unique the exterior

defense shield is for you or maybe the

affordable speaking ultra hybrid and

tough catalyst impact protection there's

also less stylish and sophisticated all

leather module case the grip on Krypton

grip spec presidio grip a case you won't

even remember is there with speaking

thin fit and a tougher than bones Rhino

shield salt suitcase with its many many

options of customization - if you've got

the new iPhone XR there's a case here

for whatever style you like links to

everything I mentioned and any coupon

codes can be found down below and if you

were asked me which one is my favorite

my daily driver is usually the speak in

thin fit just because I prefer thin

cases and this matte finish you really

have to feel it to believe it

but for my full fledge set up sponsored

or not it's the Rhino shield solitude

for the trust

gen pop wallet pop socket and their lens

mount with the 4k HD lens that easily

goes on like this Jing just like that

Instagram stories any photos on the go

I've got everything set up just like

this and super easy to grip anyways

that's it like and subscribe if you want

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rest my case is