Top 5 iPhone 8 Plus Cases & Covers

hello and welcome to this video

showcasing five of the best cases around

for the iPhone 8 plus all of the cases

found within this video are available

globally and links will be left in the

description and comments below first up

we have the carbon fiber cardstock case

from elixir with a sleek and supremely

slim design the case creates a really

sophisticated look for your new iPhone 8

plus the combination of a carbon fiber

back and leather style pouch really

complement each other perfectly

and feel great in hand the pouch in

question looks great when not in use and

when called upon can be used to

conveniently store cards cash your

headphones and even the 3.5 millimeter

adapter internally you'll notice a

smooth microfiber finish which helps to

protect your precious a-pluses glass

back from being scratched

overall the case takes many boxes for me

it provides great style good day-to-day

protection as well as handy

functionality it even works fine with

wireless charging although if the pouch

is full but you may struggle to utilize

this charging method next up is the

notorious OtterBox Defender Series a

tough case easily one of the most rugged

cases around the defender series

continues to live up to its name by

providing your iphone with three layers

of tough protection while equipping the

case may take a bit longer than most

once on it really does guard well

against a wide variety of dangers this

is ideal for those who work in

construction or other hazardous

environments as the Defender Series has

been rigorously drop tested to ensure

that your iPhone will stay well

protected no matter what happens the

defender series also features a built-in

screen protector that keeps your display

scratch free while the screen is covered

you'll experience no loss and touch

sensitivity or clarity meaning you can

browse the web and watch videos just as

you did before all while your phone

stays well protected the case also comes

with a handy belt clip holder that makes

carrying your iphone extremely easy the

belt clip holster can even transform

into a media viewing stand so you can

watch your favorite videos anywhere

the Defender Series is also compatible

with wireless charging despite its

thickness allowing you to charge

wirelessly with

Aysen attached now we move on and take a

look at the simply mod case from the RS

design with a stunning two-tone finish

the simply mod place looks fantastic on

the genuine leather back feels great in

hand while the border frames the case

perfectly the sublime style also really

complements the iPhone 8 plus while

still providing it with some decent

protection against scratches and scrapes

while the case doesn't have any special

features of sorts what it does do it

does well the slim stylish construction

maintains the overall feel of the iPhone

and also benefits wireless charging

making it totally compatible with this

charging method the case also provides

full access to all ports and features

meaning that you can utilize your phone

without interruption all while it stays

protected but ultimately we'll be taking

a look at the ultra-thin clear case from

elixir no good roundup would be complete

without a solid clear case option and

that slot is perfectly filled by the

ultra thin from elixir it features a

100% clear design that allows your

iPhone stunning good looks to shine

through all while it's glass pack stays

protected against scratches and scrapes

this really is the best way of

showcasing your iPhone 8 plus while

still keeping it protected the slim

design also aids this and makes it feel

as if you were simply holding their

iPhone 8 plus without a case on at all

all functions and ports are completely

accessible and wireless charging also

passes through with no issues at all

making it a great option for those who

wanted to keep things simple and

show-off the iPhones beautiful styling

we finish up with demonic series now

from you AG this premium case really

does look great on the use of high

quality materials such as alloy metals

top grain leather and polycarbonate

shear plates all combine to create a

truly stunning military inspired look

that for me at least is very pleasing

these materials do add a touch more

weight than a pure plastic alternative

but this way also signifies quality and

makes it feel much more secure than it

would otherwise you AG have been famed

for their protective cases over the

years and the monarch series is no


fully drop protected your iPhone will

stay looking good in this case thanks to

the two times military drop test

certification that the case possesses it

is also fully compatible with wireless

charging just like all of the other

cases featured within its lineup

allowing you to take advantage of this

new charging method all while your phone

stays protected overall the top choice

for those who want to provide their

iPhone with top-quality protection but

who also want to keep their phone

looking stylish if any of the cases

featured within this video captured your

interest then I'll be leaving global

links for all of the cases below